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10 Benefits of Manscaping: Why I Have a Manscaping Routine

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There are plenty of reasons why a man should be manscaping. For me it just makes sense. But for those who are still not convinced it’s right for them, I selected ten reasons why you need to start manscaping today!

In case you’re not completely clear on what manscaping is, it’s when you trim your downstairs, your baggage department. Using a trimmer specifically designed for your balls is where it begins, and then carefully trimming and washing the area is going to make a big difference.

I’ve been manscaping for years, and I’ve discovered a whole bunch of reasons why manscaping is a big deal, and why you should be doing it too.


This is the Trimmer I Use For My Daily Manscaping Routine

I discovered the safest trimmer for your balls, which gives you an incredible close trim. This trimmer is a part of my daily routine. Use my coupon code to save 10% on your entire order.

Whether you’re manscaping or womanscaping, it’s always a good idea. Below are the top ten benefits I have discovered when it comes to keeping the downstairs trimmed.


It’s Better For You

It’s no secret that manscaping is a lot better for you.

Keeping everything trimmed allows you to give the groin area a deeper clean. I’m a big fan of clean, and if you are too, then manscaping is where it begins.

You’d be surprised how many dead cells, molecules, sweat, urine, and dirt can collect where there’s a lot of hair. This type of environment is also the perfect breeding place for odors, grim, yeast, and bacteria – especially on a sizzling day.

The solution to all of these disgusting problems is to keep all of the hairs trimmed short so that you can thoroughly clean the area.

By the way, that’s why I love all of the Happy Nuts products. It’s because they don’t put any “bad-for-you” ingredients in their products like aluminum, parabens, or even sulfates.

Happy Nuts delivers a clean product that focuses on keeping your downstairs clean.


It Makes You Feel A lot More Confident

It’s a proven fact that those who take pride in their appearance are more confident in business and life.

It may be just in your head, but a trimmed front yard does give you the confidence you need to take a step forward. It’s not just taking a step forward, but your best step forward. Think about it – trimmed, clean, and confident will be your new slogan.

Personally, I find myself more confident while being manscaped. It’s just that feeling of being the best person that you can be, and taking pride in yourself, even if it’s the part that not a lot of people see.

I remember what Steve Jobs said when it came to the computers that he built. He had an obsession with the unseen.

“For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.”

It makes sense to me. Even though it’s not on display to the world, it’s still a part of who you are. Keeping the unseen clean and neat boosts your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself.

So go ahead, and trim them up.


It Makes You Feel Like a Sex Machine

Manscaping also adds a little flair to your love life.

There’s just something about having everything all clean and trimmed that makes sex a whole lot better. I’m not pulling your nuts here.

I personally found that having my downstairs trimmed and clean not only added to the pleasure factor, but it also made me want to have sex even more. I guess it’s the confident element all over again.

Especially when I jump out of the shower having used the Happy Nuts body wash and comfort cream, it’s like a testosterone booster in body wash form.

It’s accelerating! If you gave it a try, you’ll actually see for yourself that I’m telling you the absolute truth – manscaping makes you horny, and that’s the bottom line.


It Looks So Much Better

If you ask anyone, manscaping looks far better than leaving it all grown out. Having it all trimmed and clean is far more appealing than not. No woman wants to find a stray strand of floss in their mouth after going downstairs.

I know my wife says so, and I am sure it’s the same with those closest to you.

When a man is trimmed, there is a higher chance of him getting lucky, I guess, when you’re manscaped it’s not really luck at all. A trimmed groin makes your package look bigger and more inviting.

A manscaped man is far better to look at, cleaner, and more appealing for a partner to get down there, which adds to an overall sexier experience.

It’s a no-brainer for me!


Less Chafing, More Smiling

It’s what I always say, the smoother the skin the less it rubs – or something like that anyway.

It’s true though.

When you manscape downstairs and then use the Happy Nuts Comfort Cream, it really helps stop unwanted chafing. Wait! Isn’t all chafing unwanted? I think so.

I had terrible chafing until I started manscaping and using a comfort cream for the groin area. It’s a true story, and now I am enjoying my happy ending.

If chafing is a problem you’re experiencing, then you probably should check out my manscaping routine here.


Cleaner, Nay! Healthier Skin

Personally, I found that manscaping helped clean up acne and give me overall healthier skin. Whether it was on my back, groin area, or even my bottom, healthier skin begins with a proper manscaping routine.

When all the hair is trimmed up nicely, you can properly clean the area with a nice body wash, and treat the area with a refreshing comfort cream.

If body acne frustrates you, then maybe manscaping is a place to begin.


Your Overall Health in Sight

Manscaping gives you a better view of potentially dangerous skin conditions or cancers.

By manscaping your boys, you’re able to survey the area and see if anything should be looked at by a doctor.

Take your time and make sure everything is okay. Catching cancer early will have a positive effect on your recovery.


Zip It Up

If you let your pubic hair grow out of control, then there is always a chance that it can get caught up in your zipper. Ouch!

If you have ever gotten pubic hair caught in your zipper and then gave it a quick yank up, you know exactly the pain I am talking about. It’s not the best way to manscape, but you’ll have less hair down there when it’s all done. It’s probably better to use the Ballber by Happy Nuts.

Keep everything trimmed, and you won’t have to deal with this terrible experience.


Cooler Nights

Another important benefit of keeping your downstairs trimmed is it’s cooler during hot summer days. It only makes sense not to have thick hair during warm days, isn’t that why men get brush cuts in the summer? Isn’t that why you shave your dog?

Less hair equals more comfort. It’s simple math.

A trimmed downstairs is going to be much cleaner and cooler, and easier to manage in summer, winter, spring, and fall.


It’s the Latest Trend

If you don’t want to manscape because you think it’s weird, well you’re absolutely wrong. Manscaping is the new trend, and everyone seems to be jumping on the hairless wagon.

The latest numbers suggest that 70% of men trim their groin area. What do these numbers tell us? It says that you’re weird if you don’t trim your boys.


There you have it, friend. Manscaping is the new shaggy.

If you’re not manscaping, then you should be purchasing a trimmer now. Seriously.

I have been manscaping for several years now, and I absolutely love it. There are so many great benefits to keeping things trimmed and neat that every man (or woman) should be doing it.

Having the right tools are important, and that’s why I highly recommend the Ballber by Happy Nuts. You can learn more below.


This is the Trimmer I Use For My Daily Manscaping Routine

I discovered the safest trimmer for your balls, which gives you an incredible close trim. This trimmer is a part of my daily routine. Use my coupon code to save 10% on your entire order.


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