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Okay, I am just going to come out and say it. It’s better when our private parts are nice and clean. Yet, we’re talking about a really sensitive issue here, literally. It’s not just about getting a trimmer that will keep everything neat, but also a trimmer that’s going to be portable, safe to use, does a good job, and is easy to operate.

I have actually been using the Philips Bodygroomer, and I’m not a huge fan. I found that it cut, gave me nicks, and tugged on my ball hair far too many times.

4 ball trimmers

I decided it was time for me to look for a replacement for my outdated trimmer. I list the best trimmers for men’s balls below.

Why should you trust this review? It’s simple.


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I actually handled the products that are recommended in this review, and I always give my honest opinion.

I also added pros and cons from my perspective after handling and trying out each product.


The Lawn Mower 4.0

The MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 4.0 is our top trimmer for your balls. It comes with soft ceramic blades and SkinSafe Technology. This trimmer comes with some great features: wireless charging and it’s waterproof.

Balls Trimmer

The Balls Trimmer provides you ease and comfort with a powerful motor and ceramic blades that do not cut or nick you. Get a LED guide light, cradle stand, and cutting guide.

The Ballber™

The Ballber™ by Happy Nuts has two cutting blades which makes it easy to cut in both directions. Use code BETTERHOMELIVING to save 10% on your order.

MANGROOMER 2.0 Professional Body Groomer

A double-headed shaver that makes trimming below the belt comfortable and safe. This trimmer is waterproof and comes with 3 trimmer guides.

MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

The Manspot men’s trimmer offers you an anti-cut blade and a high-powered motor for a more comfortable cut. The battery for this trimmer will last for about 90 mins, it’s waterproof, and it comes with two guides.

The Trimmer by Meridian

This super powerful trimmer for men comes with a 90-minute battery, is waterproof, and is safe below the belt.

Life is filled with important questions, we understand that at Better Home Living. There is no bigger question than which trimmer should you use on your balls? We’re here to give you some important insight.

What Makes the Perfect Trimmer for Balls

We’ve done the work, and only the best trimmers we’ve found have made the cut (pun was intended). We scanned the internet and found five trimmers that have really gotten our attention. We’re going to share all our research with you in this article.

But first, some information about why trimming down there is a good idea.

Why Should You Keep Your Privates Trimmed

Let’s begin by discussing the elephant in the room. Why would anyone want to have their balls trimmed? Your balls are an important part of your overall well-being. The word “testicle” is a Latin word that means witness. It’s been said that in Roman times when a man gave witness in court, he would grab his family jewels and swear by the most important part of his body.

Men are now taking their razor and trimmers to every part of their body.

Your balls are that important. We want to help you protect that important part of your body with some products that will keep you clean and at the same time not hurt anything dangling.

By the way, more and more men are shaving and trimming almost every part of their bodies.

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There are several reasons why keeping your family jewels trimmed is a good thing.

According to Manscaped, having clean balls gives you more confidence, better hygiene, and is more attractive for women. In fact, they say that 96% of partners admit that bad grooming is a real turn-off, 85% of partners preferred a man that’s groomed, and 91% of men believe that good grooming is connected with personal success. You can’t argue with those numbers.

Keeping things neat down below isn’t just good hygiene; it’s also good for your attitude. When everything is nice and trimmed, you have a swagger in your step.

Advice When Trimming Your Balls

What I’m about to tell you is extremely important when it comes to trimming below the belt.

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All of the shavers that I listed above are all quality trimmers; these shavers will all do a good job keeping your balls neatly manscaped. I’ve tested a lot of trimmers over these last several weeks, and I found out something very important – if you’re not careful, all of the trimmers could potentially nick you. No matter how many guards or how good the technology is, if you rush the manscaping process, you’re going to cut your package.

You cannot just take these trimmers out of the box and just go nuts (pun intended again) down below. These trimmers are designed to be safe on your balls, but everything is within reason. Just slow down, my friend; it’s sensitive down there.

Pull Your Skin Tight

A great hack for shaving those difficult places is to pull your skin tight so that you can get a closer trim. When your skin is loose, it’s easier to cut and harder to get all the hair. Pulling your skin tight with one hand and trimming with the other is safe and practical.

Shave in the Shower

Some men find that trimming their balls is easier when they’re wet. A great way to accomplish this is to use your ball trimmer in the shower. It’s probably a good idea to use a hair guard on your shower drain, so you don’t clog it. I found that using my trimmer in the shower worked well for me. If you’re looking for the best place to trim your balls, or find that using water is a better technique, then a shower may be your answer.

Slow and Steady

My advice (no matter which trimer you decide to purchase) is just to take your time. This cannot be overstated. Don’t press too hard against your skin; shave lightly repeatedly over the same places to ensure you get all the hair and don’t rush the process.

Use a Comfort Cream When You’re Done

After trimming your balls, things can become dry. I like to use a moisturizer after the cutting is done. There are several brands that you can choose from, the most popular being Happy Nuts Perfect Package, and MANSCAPED The Crop Preserver.

For Happy Nuts, you can use the promo code: BETTERHOMELIVING to save 10% on your order.

Happy Nuts bundle, really good trimmer and groin products

I absolutely love the soaps, body wash, and comfort cream available with Happy Nuts. I also thought that Manscaped offered a great product as well.

The Top 6 Ball Trimmers Reviewed

We’ve tested the top 6 trimmers that are available on the market today.

We tested these trimmers and rated them based on their ease of use, comfort, functionality, and power. Below you’ll notice our findings.

MANSCAPED™ Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, The Lawn Mower™ 4.0

We recently received the Lawn Mower 4.0 to perform some manscaping and really liked the results. Before I get into the review, I want to mention that a portion of the sales from the Lawn Mower 4.0 goes toward research and prevention of testicular cancer – a great cause.

What attracted me to the Lawn Mower 4.0 was its skin-safe ceramic blades. I was pretty excited to be able to shave below without the danger of injuring myself.

The Lawn Mower™ 4.0

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is a really nice and compact unit. I found that it was comfortable to hold (soft rubber handle) and really light in the hand. At first, it felt cheap to hold because it was so light, but after using it for a while, I changed my opinion.

This trimmer is also really quiet. In fact, you can barely hear it.

Holding Manscaped trimmer

It’s a powerful beast too. The Lawn Mower has a 7,000 RPM motor, and I found it didn’t take much effort to clean everything up down below. This trimmer is waterproof which is great for using in the shower. It also comes with a wireless charger which means it’s always charged and ready to go.

I found that the LED light mounted on the front of the trimmer was very helpful as well as practical. You can’t have too much light trimming that area, that’s for sure.

Holding the Lawnmower 4.0

Inside the box, you’ll find the trimmer, the wireless charging system, the adapter, the USB Type-C cable, a cleaning brush, and the instruction manual.

I do have to say that the wireless charging cradle is nice. You just place the trimmer in the cradle and that’s all. I wish that the wireless charger was cross-compatible with both The Weed Wacker and The Lawn Mower – but you can’t have everything.

Manscaped Lawn Mower on the Wireless Charger.

I also want to mention that when I purchased The Lawn Mover 4.0, I received The Weed Wacker. You want to make sure that you show your nose and ears some love. It seems the older we get the more hair leaves the top of our head and goes into our nose and ears – this is a great trimmer to solve that problem.

The Weed Wacker Trimmer

I used this trimmer several times, and it works well. It comes with their Skin-Safe Technology (the same as The Lawn Mower), which reduces cuts and nicks. This ear and nose trimmer is waterproof, so it can be used in and out of the shower – which is nice.


  • Skin Guard Technology
  • Powerful 7,000 RPM Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Very Powerful
  • Easy to Operate
  • Wireless Charger


  • Not a Super Close Shave
  • You Can Get Cut If You’re Not Careful

Operating The Lawn Mower 4.0 was easy.

There is one multi-function on/off switch on the top of the unit that pretty much controls the entire trimmer. Press this button once for on and again to turn the trimmer off.

If you want to lock the trimmer so that it doesn’t turn on when you’re traveling, just rapid press the button three times. You will notice that the light on the front of the unit will scroll up every time you touch a button – it’s now locked. Pressing the button three times once again will turn the travel lock off, you’ll notice the light will scroll in the opposite direction and you’ll be able to turn the trimmer on once again.

If you want to turn the LED light off on the front of The Lawn Mower 4.0, all you have to do is hold down the top button for three seconds and the light will turn off. If you want to turn the light back on, just hold the main button down for three more seconds. That’s all you’ll need to know about this trimmer.

I have to say that I really enjoyed using The Lawn Mower 4.0 by Manscaped. It’s not going to trim hair totally bare and smooth, but it does a good job of keeping everything nice and trimmed. It’s so easy to use – just hit the button, and you’re in business. I used the larger guard and trimmed my eyebrows, which worked well. I used the Weed Wacker to trim up my nose and ear hair. The whole system worked very well together.

Overall, gentlemen, it’s a great ball trimmer.

Balls Trimmer

The Balls Trimmer is very similar in design to the Lawn Mower 4.0, but with fewer features.

This trimmer comes with a comfortable handle that gives you a great grip when it’s wet, USB-C charging, and a powerful motor.

I used this trimmer for over a month and it worked fantastically. It offered a really close trim and I didn’t get any ingrown hairs. I paired this trimmer with their wash and found that they complimented each other well. The wash has an amazing smell, and I felt so refreshed after using it.


  • Great Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Fewer Cuts and Snags
  • Great Quality


  • No Wireless Charging
  • Cradle Has Little Purpose

I would trim downstairs and then jump into the shower. Another great feature of this trimmer is that it’s waterproof. You can trim inside your shower with no issues at all.

Overall, I really liked the quality and function of this trimmer. This is definitely one of the best-valued trimmer on the market today.

The Ballber™ by Happy Nuts

To begin this review, I have to talk about a really good cause – cancer research and prevention. For everyone who purchases The Ballber trimmer, a portion of the sale will go to both research and prevention of prostate cancer. This is such an important cause, and good on ya, Happy Nuts, for doing your part.

Ballber Ball Trimmer

This trimmer is different from the Lawn Mower 4.0 I reviewed above.

The Ballber™ allows you to trim while moving forward and backward. It comes with a head that pivots back and forth; this allows you to get to those hard-to-reach places without cutting yourself. As you push or pull the razer over your dangling bits, the nut-safe blades will rub the skin, making it harder to nick or cut.

It is by far the closest trim you’ll ever find from a ball trimmer. I was silky smooth after using it. I did knick myself once or twice around the package, but it’s a lot safer and closer than any ball trimmer I have used.


  • Donates to Research Prostate Cancer
  • Powerful 7,000 RPM Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Cuts Both Directions
  • Extremely Close Trim
  • Very Easy to Operate


  • No Wireless Charging
  • No Dock
  • You Can Get Nicked if You’re Not Careful

You’ll still want to take your time while crossing over the sensitive areas, but this is true for any trimmer you purchase.

I had to move the trimmer around in different positions in order to get all of the hair, and the pivoting head was pretty stiff and didn’t really pivot that much.

Yet, once you got the hang of it, it really did do a super job.

The Ballber trimmer in the shower

As far as specifications are concerned, this doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Manscaped trimmer. No dock, no LED light, no locking feature, and no wireless charging.

It has one single button on the front of the unit, a light that turns green when it’s on and turns red when it’s charging (the light will turn green when it’s fully charged).

Happy Nuts Trimmer with chord

It comes with a 7000 RPM motor that’s both quiet (a quiet buzz) and powerful. This ball shaver is also waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower or wash it out in your sink. If you have a lot of trimming to do, the battery for this unit will last for about 150 minutes on a single charge.

Overall, I found this trimmer worked well with a small exception. Even though I took my time, it still nicked me a couple of times. The Ballber™ is really easy to operate, feels nice in your hand, and offers the closest trim of all the ball trimmers I have tested.

Before I leave Happy Nuts, I do want to speak a little about their other products. I really enjoyed using their soap, body wash, and comfort cream. It’s so important after a good trim, to add some moisturizer to the area to protect against burns, rashes, and irritation. Their comfort cream was really nice, and their soaps smelled amazing!

Happy Nuts Washing Products

I also loved their cedar holder for the shower. All those scents in the air just made the whole experience a pleasure.

You can check out all their products here.

MANGROOMER 2.0 Professional Body Groomer

The Mangroomer 2.0 professional Body Groomer is a 100% waterproof men’s groomer with a Propivot pivoting flex head, three trimmer attachment guards, and an ergonomic design that ensures comfort and safety.


  • Pivoting Head
  • Powerful Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Cuts Both Directions
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Foldable Dock
  • Very Close Trim


  • No Wireless Charging
  • Larger Trimmer
  • You Can Get Nicked if You’re Not Careful

This trimmer allows you to trim all areas of your body. The double-sided stainless steel blades or the foil blade will remove all the hair safely from the skin. The Hypoallergenic over-sized stainless steel blades are designed for your sensitive skin.

I found that the trimmer gave a really close trim – bare to the skin. I did get a couple of cuts from the blades. You’ll want to make sure that you take your time.

Mangroomer Professional Trimmer

The trimmer was easy to handle with its rubberized grip; it felt comfortable in the hand. This trimmer also had a charger stand that folds for storage. The charge indicator light will tell you when the trimmer is charging and when it’s fully charged.

Mangroomer Professional Trimmer in the Shower

The Mangroomer Professional also comes with a charging dock, making charging this trimmer very easy.

MANSPOT Groin Hair Trimmer for Men

The MANSPOT Groin Trimmer is another great choice for trimming up below the belt. It has all the features that you’d want a hair trimmer to have, with a skin guard for when you reach those sensitive areas.

Manspot Trimmer

This trimmer comes with a high-powered motor (6000rpm), soft ceramic blades that are designed not to cut or nick your skin, and a battery that’s going to last 90 minutes on a single charge.


  • Soft ceramic blades
  • Powerful Motor (6,000 rpm)
  • Waterproof
  • 90 Minute Battery
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 4 Detachable Blades
  • LED Charging Indicator


  • No Wireless Charging
  • No Dock
  • You Can Get Nicked if You’re Not Careful

Another great feature of the MANSPOT is that this trimmer is waterproof. This makes it easy to trim in the shower as the water softens the skin and helps with dry skin. The trimmer comes with 4 detachable blades for trimming your mustache, beard, or eyebrows.

I found that the trimmer was lightweight, with a nice feel. There is one single button on the face of the trimmer, which is used to turn the unit on or off. On the back, you’ll also notice a LED charging indicator.

Manspot Trimmer in the Shower

I did find that the trimmer was a little louder than the others on this list. The top head does open up, so cleaning the trimmer was extremely easy. It also allows you to purchase replaceable blades when the original ones become dull. I also found that it did make a close cut, but when you’re using it on your balls, you’ll want to pull the skin tight and take your time. No sudden movements, that’s for sure.

Overall, this trimmer was just a cheaper version of the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 without any of the good features. It doesn’t have the front led light, and it doesn’t come with the travel lock and wireless charging.

The Trimmer by Meridian

This below-the-belt trimmer is a nice compact, powerful trimmer that’s both easy to use and high-quality. The Horizon Manscaper comes with a non-slip grip made from a rubberized material and feels nice to hold; I never felt like I would drop it.


  • Rubberized Handle
  • Powerful Motor (6,000 rpm)
  • Waterproof
  • 90 Minute Battery
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • 2 Detachable Blades
  • LED Charging Indicator


  • No Wireless Charging
  • No Dock
  • You Can Get Nicked if You’re Not Careful

It comes with two trim guards, a small cleaning brush, and a USB cable. It does not come with a dock like the others. The battery on this trimmer is also great – 90 minutes on a full charge.

The Trimmer by Meridian

The Meridian Manscaper will pretty much trim it all – from head to toe. I found that it did a great job on my arms and chest, but like all the trimmers, you want to slow down when you go to the groin area. It does come with its sensitive trimmer tech, but it could bite if you’re not careful. This trimmer has lots of power, providing a motor that gives you 6000 strokes a minute.

The trimmer is also waterproof and very durable. You can also choose from two different colors – green and black.

Overall, it’s a workable product that will get the job done.


Manscaping is a great way to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle and build your confidence as well.

The ball trimmers above have all been tested, and the list at the top of this article is our top picks. We did add links to the best prices that we could find, and it will also give you more information about the product.

Have a great day and happy manscaping.


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