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How to Properly Wash Your Windbreaker

Do you need to know how to wash a windbreaker? Don’t worry! I’ve broken it down into a handy list of steps below: Now your windbreaker should be fresh and clean! If you’d like more detail on some of these steps, tips on products to avoid using on your windbreaker, and instructions on how to ...

How to Make Ice Without a Freezer

If you are looking to make some ice without the assistance of an electric freezer, then I have a few methods that may work for you. Maybe you're looking to make ice off-grid, or just need some ice and don't have a functioning freezer. Ice is an essential method for preserving perishable food, ...

12 Free Printable PDF Chore Charts

Having an easy-to-follow chore chart is a great way to organize the chores you would like your children to complete throughout the week. With all of the resources available to us, it's easy for us to create a chore chart that helps our children to see these accomplishments. Not only are chore ...

5 Ways to Have a Happy Married Life

Our life is filled with relationships. Every relationship in our life needs care and effort to make it strong. Marriage is no different. If you are looking to create a strong marriage, then there are steps that you can take to build a solid foundation. I've been married for 16 years, ...

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