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Ice Cream Ball Review

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The other day, I was doing some research on cool ideas for our upcoming camping adventure, and I came across the novel concept of the ice cream ball.

If you’re not familiar with how ice cream balls work, you add an ice cream mixture to a plastic ball, and then tell your kids to kick it around for 20 minutes. After they’re done playing, you’re going to have a delicious bowl of ice cream.

Ice cream ball is great for camping

So, does it work? The answer is yes. It does work. The concept is the same as any ice cream maker; only you are the one that’s doing the work. As the cream mixture moves around the ball, it begins to get thick, and after 20 minutes of kicking it around, the ice cream will be thick enough to serve.

These Ice cream balls are popular for camping, boating, picnics, parties, travel, and more. You can make ice cream in any sensible location; all you need is ice to begin.

Is this practical? It’s not supposed to be practical. It’s easier to go down to McDonald’s and get an ice cream cone if we are trying to be practical. We are talking about a novelty item that’s great for outdoor activity. If you are trying to get your kids to play outside more, then this may be an excellent product to try. It’s also an excellent activity for a kid’s birthday party, or to give away as a gift. 


Let’s begin with the PROS of purchasing an ice cream ball for your family. 

It’s Fun

It’s fun, educational, and is going to bring a lot of laughs. This isn’t something that you would purchase for yourself; it only makes sense to purchase an ice cream ball if you have a lot of people gathering together and want to share the experience. It’s a good activity for kids. I found that even adults joined in. 

You Can Make Ice Cream Anywhere

Another plus for purchasing an ice cream ball is that you can make ice cream no matter where you’re located. All you need is some ice. We have a portable ice maker, and so we always have ice available. You can learn more about purchasing a portable ice maker here.

These novelty items are perfect for BBQs, camping trips, or any other outdoor activity. I found it ideal for our family reunion, and it brought a lot of laughs with the adults as well.  


There are a few cons that you should consider before you make the purchase. 

It Can Be Messy

The first con that I found with using an ice cream ball is that they can be a little messy. Sometimes they leak before the ice cream begins to get thick, and this can cause dirt and junk to stick to it. It’s best to use this on the grass.

They’re Heavy

the ice cream ball is a little heavy

You also have to remember that these things are not light, and younger kids may have a difficult time trying to move it. An ice cream ball filled with ice cream mixture may weigh almost 10 pounds. This may make the kids bored after a while because it’s so heavy to move around.

I found that if you created a game with the ice cream ball and the winner gets to get ice cream first, makes the whole event more exciting.

You Need to Keep Mixing

In order for you to get the ice cream all out when you’re finished playing, you need to stop every five or so minutes and stir the ice cream around and take it off the sides. This isn’t an easy task, and I find the kids get impatient while it’s being done. You have to do this, or the ice cream will stick fast to the sides, and it’s going to be a nightmare getting it all off. 


Well, if you’re looking for a cheap way of making ice cream, then no. This isn’t a normal way of making homemade ice cream. This is designed for a fun summer activity with kids to share a laugh and enjoy the outdoors. 

It has some flaws, but at the end of the day, it’s a lot of fun. As I mentioned above, make it a game or competition, and this will keep the kids engaged and moving it around more. Tell the winner gets to taste the ice cream first – that’s going to be fun. 

It’s a great novelty item that makes a great gift or game for outdoor activities. At the end of the day, that’s all it’s suitable for. So to recap, if you want only to make ice cream, then purchase a real ice cream maker. If you are looking for a fun summer activity, then give an ice cream ball a try. 


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