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The Best Tools for Manscaping

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The latest trend for men’s grooming is keeping things nice and trimmed below the belt. It’s called manscaping. Now manscaping isn’t only about being neat and tidy; there is also an element of cleanliness that goes into it. This is why over 60% of men manscape downstairs.

It’s why you’re reading this article, isn’t it? You dig the trimmed groin look and want to know the best tools for getting the job done right. I will give you better advice than just the best tools someone searched for on the internet. I will give you the tools I use for my manscaping routine.

  • Ballber Trimmer by Happy Nuts | Save 10% on your order using the coupon code BETTERHOMELIVING. This is a great trimmer that gives you a fantastic close trim.
  • Manscaped Weed Whacker | This painless nose and ear trimmer helps trim hairs above the belt. It’s easy to use and trims unwanted nose and ear hairs without tugging.
  • Happy Nuts Comfort Cream | You must treat that freshly manscaped area with a soothing cream. The Comfort Cream by Happy Nuts is my absolute fav! You can save 10% on your order using the coupon code BETTERHOMELIVING.
  • Nut and Body Wash | I like to give everything a nice wash-down after I am done manscaping; the body wash I love is the Nut and Body Wash from Happy Nuts. You can save 10% on your order using the coupon code BETTERHOMELIVING.

Like most things in life, you must ensure that you have the proper tools to do a complete and correct job.

In this article, I will show you the exact tools I use for manscaping and some helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Let’s begin.

The Right Trimmer

It begins with the right trimmer. Tons of trimmers are available on the market, but not all of them are created equal. You want to make sure you choose a trimmer designed to be used over your groin area. You can’t use a face trimmer because they will cut you all to pieces, and so will a generic cheap trimmer. These trimmers don’t have the necessary protection needed for properly manscaping. You don’t want to learn this the hard way!

I suggest you use the Ballber trimmer by Happy Nuts.

The Ballber Trimmer

I have been using this trimmer for months and absolutely love it. I’ve tested tons of ball trimmers, and this trimmer was the closet trim; I cut myself the least amount of times, and it was easy to use.

Most trimmers for your balls will claim that they won’t cut or nick you, but I found that all groin trimmers could potentially cut you if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s important to take your time when trimming that “sensitive” area. You want to pull the skin tight and take your time while manscaping below the belt. I like to splash some cold water on the groin area to begin, which will help protect you from ingrown hairs, and then some warm water when you’re all done.

Using a trimmer with a skin shield helps. It doesn’t mean you’ll never cut yourself, but you’ll cut yourself less. Cheap trimmers don’t have this shield, so it’s open season for your dangling bits.

Did I like everything with the Ballber Trimmer by Happy Nuts? No.

I wish the Ballber had wireless charging and a better grip, but I’m just being picky. It’s a great trimmer and cleans up everything nicely. It’s worth your investment.

Again, I tried lots of trimmers when writing about the best trimmer for your balls, and the Ballber trimmer was the closest trim by far. The Manscaped Trimmer had more features like wireless trimming, a light, and a better grip, but the Ballber was the closest trim by far.

Nose and Ears Trimmer

While you trim below the belt, why not take the time to trim your ears and nose? You’ll need a specific trimmer for this job, and I like using the Weed Whacker by Manscaped.

There are many reasons why I love this trimmer, but the most important is that I can trim my ear and nose hairs without any tugging. I’ve used a lot of different nose trimmers, and they are all the same – they hurt.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

The Weed Whacker by Manscaped doesn’t pluck the hairs; it cuts them with its patented design and sharp blades. I know this is a big deal for all of us; we didn’t want an epilator.

Trimming your nose and ears should be a part of your daily manscaping routine, and the Weed Whacker is the best tool for the job.

Body Wash

The manscaping process wouldn’t be complete without a body wash. After I trim downstairs, I always jump into the shower and use a moisturizing body wash to clean up the area and treat the skin.

You and I both know that trimming pubic hair is hard on your skin. Dry skin isn’t any fun! This is why I use the Nut and Body Wash by Happy Nuts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Happy Nuts products, they offer a chemical-free experience. Their sandalwood body wash smells awesome, and I love their Man Slab, my favorite being their cedarwood sent.

Nut Creams

To wrap everything up, I dry off from the shower, and then add my comfort creat to tackle the day.

Manscaping is trimming up the hairs around the groin area, but it is more than just getting a trim. It’s taking care of the groin area, which includes trimming the hair and treating the skin, and has several benefits.

I could not go without my Comfort Cream by Happy Nuts. This groin deodorant is mess-free and dries like a powder. It absorbs sweat and fights against chaffing.

I put this Comfort Cream to the test when I recently went to an amusement park and walked around for 12 hours in the burning heat. Yep, the groin was as fresh as ever, and I didn’t have any chaffing along the way.

Best product ever!

Several different types of comfort creams are available today, but I find that the Comfort Cream by Happy Nuts is my Favorite.

You really have to add this cream to your Manscaping toolbox.


Manscaping is the next big thing! It’s a good way to find some extra confidence and live a better, healthier life. I learned the hard way that having the right tools for manscaping protects you from injury but also does a better job.

Check out the links I provided for the best manscaping tools. These tools are what I use each day for my personal manscaping routine.


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