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What is A Dry Ice Machine? All About Dry Ice, and Best Units Available

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Dry ice has many uses in our world today. Commercially, dry ice is used for preserving food using non-cyclic refrigeration. Dry Ice can be used for flash-freezing food, making ice cream, and solidifying oil spills. For industrial purposes, dry ice is used for cleaning and maintaining industrial equipment.

Many bars, restaurants, and even homes take advantage of dry ice almost every day.

What is A Dry Ice Machine

Dry ice is even used for creating fog (in a fog machine) for entertainment purposes. Scare friends and family this Halloween with a simple fog machine from Amazon.

There are so many uses for dry ice in everyday life that’s it’s tough for us to list all the purposes here. We wanted to give you some insight on how you can get your hands on dry ice for your home and business.


Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. We listed all the uses above in a general way, but the most practical use of dry ice is for preserving food, especially items that are being transported. Dry ice is used in transporting food around this country every day.

Dry ice is better than regular water ice because it can reach lower temperatures, and it doesn’t leave a residue. It’s important that dry ice gets extremely cold, but it can be dangerous if handled wrong. If you do not use the correct equipment while touching dry ice, it can leave you with ice burns or frostbite.

Dry ice is not toxic, but if you use it in a confined area, it can cause hypercapnia. It’s always important to use dry ice for the intended purpose, and follow all the safety precautions associated with dry ice.


A dry ice machine is a unit that’s been developed to help you with the dry ice making process. There are several products are on the market today that do this very well, and we wanted to highlight the best ones.

Some dry ice machines will produce a block of dry ice and others will create dry ice flakes or snow which are used to pack around irregular items. Every dry ice maker has different features, price tags and uses.

Now that you know what a dry ice machine is and why you should have one, let’s look at the best ones on the market.

Dry Ice Maker Machine by Innoveco

This dry ice maker by Innoveco creates dry ice quickly and efficiently. Within minutes (2 minutes to be exact) you’re going to have your very first block of dry ice.

Dry Ice Maker Machine by Innoveco

This dry ice maker is compact and easy to transort. You can use it in kitchens, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Not only is this dry ice maker compact, but it’s also efficient. It consumes about 1.8lbs of Carbon dioxide and produces .41lbs of dry ice (this is an industry-record for high transforming rate).

Not only is this dry ice maker compact and efficient, but it’s also effortless to operate. Just one press of a button and in two minutes you’re going to have dry ice ready to be used.

The dry ice that this ice maker produces gives you a wide variety of applications for the ice. Use it for dry ice smoke for food, frozen meats and seafood, and preservation of food while being shipped. This dry ice machine can also be used as a co2 beer froster to chill your beer and wine glasses, and because this dry ice maker is so compact, it’s also been used for classroom presentations and demonstrations.

Dry Ice Maker Machine by Innoveco

According to reviews, this product is a high-quality (5 star) product that produces excellent dry ice for a number of applications. It’s our #1 recommendation for a portable dry ice maker.

Get the best price on Amazon, and gave it shipped right to your door.

Basic Penguin Dry Ice Maker

This basic dry ice maker is useful for simple dry ice applications and is suitable for a lab and experiment purposes.

Basic Penguin Dry Ice Maker Review
Basic Penguin Dry Ice Maker

The Basic Penguin Dry Ice Maker can make small and large amounts of dry ice without loss, and without the need of storing it.

There are many uses for having dry ice produced by the Penguin Dry Ice Maker. Use this dry ice maker in a bar, a restaurant, or use it to add a smoke effect to your gourmet food and drinks.

Gourmet smoking shrimp cocktail served on dry ice with lemon used at Icemakergeeks.com
Gourmet smoking shrimp cocktail served on dry ice with lemon

The Penguin Dry Ice Maker has a threaded valve which is used for a carbon dioxide cylinder. It comes with a dry ice cone, collection bag with a 1kg quick clamp for making sure it’s tight.

This is a great simple dry ice maker, and the price is excellent as well. Check out the Basic Penguin Dry Ice Maker on Amazon for more information.

Bel-Art Frigimat Junior Dry Ice Maker

This dry ice machine creates dry ice in the form of flake or snow. The reason why you would want dry ice flakes is for packing around products for shipping.

What is A Dry Ice Machine? All About Dry Ice, and Best Units Available
Bel-Art Frigimat Junior Dry Ice Maker

This portable unit has a brass nozzle that screws into any LC02 cylinder equipped with a dip tube. When you open the valve, the LCO2 expands into the bag and begins to create dry ice. To empty the bag, all you have to do is close the valve (makes 1.7lbs of dry ice flakes per bag).

This is a great unit that’s compact and ready to start making dry ice for your home and business. Check out the Bel-Art Frigimat Junior Dry Ice Maker on Amazon for more information.

Bel-Art Frigimat also has several different dry ice products that will meet your needs. Check out more about Bel-Art Frigimat on Amazon for more details about there different products.


Many dry ice machines are available for you to purchase on Amazon that will fulfill your needs, and produce high-quality dry ice.

When you are dealing with dry ice, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment. Use a dry ice storage chest to make sure that your dry ice is stored correctly. The ThermoSafe 390 Dry Ice Storage is an excellent product for storing your dry ice safely. This double-walled polyethylene constructed cooler has a carrying handle, hinged lid, and adjustable latches.

Dry Ice Machines are very useful and have so many purposes. If you’re looking for a dry ice machine check out our top racked units in this post.


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