About BH+L

Hi, I’m Jerry.

I am the creator of Better Home + Living – a lifestyle blog for the everyday family. I am a family man with three terrific kids and a wonderful wife. I created Better Home + Living to share what I’ve learned about living a better life and maintaining a better home.

I love writing honest reviews and helpful articles and giving my readers fun facts I’ve learned over the years. The goal of Better Home + Living has been to educate and motivate the best life that we can live. This is my goal anytime I review a product. I want to know if it’s going to make my life better.

I hope by reading my blog; you’ll learn something new. Maybe you’ll find a unique product to improve your life or be motivated to excel in a specific area. Whatever the reason you ended up here, I’m glad you stopped by.

Thanks for checking out BH+L, and I hope you’ll be back real soon.

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