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Hi, I’m Eddie

I am the creator of Better Home + Living – a lifestyle blog for the everyday family. I’m a family man with three terrific kids and a wonderful wife. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and owned a home for most of those 20. I created Better Home + Living to share what I’ve learned about how to live a better life and maintain a better home.

My website is packed with information on how to save money, available deals on the internet, informational posts on solving household and life problems, reviews, and so much more.

I love writing honest reviews, helpful articles and giving my readers fun facts I’ve learned over the years. The goal of Better Home + Living has been to educate and motivate the best life that we can live. This is my goal anytime I review a product or write an article. I always focus on how it can make our lives better.

I hope by reading my blog; you’ll learn something new. Maybe you’ll find a unique product to improve your life or be motivated to excel in a specific area. Whatever the reason you ended up here, I’m glad you stopped by.

Thanks for checking out BH+L, and I hope you’ll be back soon.

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