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If you have a new product, old product or upcoming launch, and want some media attention, then let Better Home + Living give you a hand.

We have been blogging about life and home living for years and have built a loyal readership.

We would love to review your product and tell the world how awesome it is.

If you want Better Home + Living to review your product, please send all requests to [email protected].

We require that the review item be mailed to us so we can get a better feel for your product and write a more comprehensive review. Our reviews are honest, complete, and helpful to our readers.

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We also accept guest posts with one “do-follow” link for $100. The post must have 750-2500 words and be up to our standard in quality. We have the right to reject any guest post we believe doesn’t align with our branding. If the post needs editing, we will charge an extra $50.

If you are looking for a sponsored post, we require the product to be mailed to us for review, and we charge $500 USD for the sponsored post. We focus on the product’s benefits and feature it on our website. We will also add two banners on our website that promote your product. These banners can be directed to the product itself or the sponsored article. We get your approval on all banners and articles before they become live.

Our reviews are honest, complete, and helpful to our readers.

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