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Smart wallets with GPS tracking capabilities are becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. Still, many people don’t fully understand how they work or why they matter.

Smart wallets with GPS tracking work alongside your smartphone. When the two are synced up, you’ll be able to keep track of your wallet’s last known location. These wallets can also trigger notifications when they go missing or when you leave them behind by accident.

Here are my top 7 smart wallets or trackers with GPS capabilities.

My Top Pick

Ekster Wallet Tracker Card, and Wallets

This small compact tracker is solar powered, so you never have to bring cables with you to charge; it’s small enough to fit in almost any wallet.

Tile Slim Wallet Tracker

A slim tracking tile that fits nicely in any wallet. This allows you to ring your phone or wallet at any time and tracks your wallet’s location at all times.

Cashew Wallet

It’s a wallet with super security. Use your fingerprint to unlock your wallet, comes with a ringing feature so you can find it quickly, plus it comes with RFID blocking.

Clever Anti-Lost Wallet with Alarm

This cowhide leather bifold wallet comes with a locator; it records your last location, rings your wallet from your phone, and sends an alarm to your phone if you leave your wallet behind.

Cuir Ally Explorer Leather Wallet

This smart wallet gives you peace of mind with anti-loss protection using Bluetooth. It also rings your phone and wallet if they are lost. This wallet is made from high-quality materials and gives you enough room for everything you need.

Zeus Wallet &Tag Tracker

Step up your wallet game, with the Zeus Wallet and Tag Tracker. This wallet comes with a lifetime guarantee, anti-loss tracker alarm, RFID blocking, and available app.

Innway Accent Wallet With Innway Chip, Tag, or Card

This wallet has an aluminum RFID-blocking cardholder wrapped in premium genuine leather. It carries your cards and cash in a form factor slimmer and smaller than traditional wallets.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about GPS tracking and how it matters. Then, you’ll discover some of the best smart wallets that leverage this technology to prevent losses.


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What Is GPS Tracking, And Why Is It Important?

Before deep diving into the best smart wallets with GPS capabilities, it’s crucial to understand what those capabilities are in the first place. 

The term ‘GPS’ refers to the Global Positioning System. The system was launched in the late 1970s and now consists of many satellites orbiting the earth.

Those satellites work together to provide users with a pinpoint location, accurate to approximately 16 feet. 

GPS has become so crucial over the years because it allows you to find the location of a person, object, or destination up to a high degree of accuracy.

As you can imagine, the ability to find a location via GPS can be applied in countless ways, including in smart wallets.

What Features Do Most GPS Tracker Wallets Have?

Companies that make GPS tracker wallets compete to provide users with the best features. While some have better features than others, most of them have these basic ones to start with:

  • Integrated Vs. Tracking Device: GPS smart wallets come in two forms. Some have integrated GPS capabilities, meaning the wallet is the actual tracker. Others are wallets with a tracking device, allowing you to switch wallets and transfer that GPS functionality.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Whether the GPS tracker is integrated with the smart wallet or comes as a separate tracking device, most of them typically have Bluetooth connectivity. That allows you to connect the wallet to nearby devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Smartphone Apps: As with most things that are compatible with mobile devices, GPS smart wallets also have corresponding mobile apps. Each manufacturer will have their own app that they offer for download to access the GPS data and settings.

Top 7 Best Smart Wallets With GPS Tracking

Now, here’s a closer look at 7 of the best GPS tracking wallet products available today:

#1 Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

What it is: Ekster is a brand known for its lineup of luxury accessories. They produce some of the sleekest wallets and phone cases you’ll find anywhere.

Those luxury wallets don’t come with GPS capabilities as a standard feature. So instead, we’re looking at the optional Ekster Wallet Tracker Card that turns any wallet into a smart one.

The card itself is solar-powered, only requiring 3 hours to charge fully. With those 3 hours, you’ll get up to 2 months of battery life.

The card also offers a wallet and phone ringing feature, access to a worldwide lost ; found network, and voice-activation with Siri, Alexa, and Google.

What’s good: Here are some of the best qualities offered by the Ekster Wallet Tracker Card:

  • Solar charging: The battery life on this device is already pretty impressive. But even more amazing is that you can recharge it using sunlight. So you’ll never have to worry about finding a plug to keep it powered.
  • Two-way ringing: You can use the mobile app to ring the card (and, by extension, your wallet). Better yet, you can use the card to ring your phone, just in case it’s your phone that’s been misplaced.
  • Voice activation: The voice activation feature allows you to integrate it with Siri, Alexa, or Google. As a result, you can incorporate the Ekster Wallet Tracker Card into your overall automation ecosystem alongside your other devices.

What could be improved: Unfortunately, the solar charging feature isn’t so efficient with indoor lighting. That means you’ll have to rely on direct sunlight outdoors for 3 hours to recharge your Eskter Wallet Tracker Card fully.

#2 Cashew Wallet

What it is: The first product on this list is the Cashew Wallet. This is a high-tech wallet that’s designed with security in mind. And as such, it comes with a host of security features to protect whatever’s inside.

Of course, the Cashew Wallet has tracking capabilities, so you’ll always know where it is. But on top of that, it also has fingerprint authentication, ensuring that only you and the people you authorize can open it.

Like most products, the Cashew Wallet has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can sync it with its mobile app. In addition, that app will keep track of your wallet and alert you if you leave it behind.

What’s good: There are plenty of pros or benefits to the Cashew Wallet. Here are a few that stand out the most:

  • Fingerprint access: so only authorized people can access it
  • Wallet ringing feature: trigger the wallet to ring if you can’t visually locate it
  • RFID protection: the wallet also includes RFID blocking tech to protect your debit and credit cards

What could be improved: Unfortunately, the Cashew Wallet only comes in black. While that’s generally fine, many people prefer more color options for their wallets.

#3 Smart LB Black Leather Wallet

What it is: Next, we have the black leather wallet by Smart LB.

This wallet by Smart LB is packed with many high-tech features. Firstly, it offers two-way finding features for both your phone and wallet. That means you can lose either one and use the other to find it.

The wallet syncs your phone via Bluetooth to record its last known location. Plus, like many other wallets on this list, you can also use it to trigger your phone camera to take selfies remotely.

Besides that, this wallet only needs 5 hours of charging to provide a month of battery life.

What’s good: Here are some of the highlights of the Smart LB Black Leather Wallet:

  • High-quality leather: Firstly, this wallet stands out because of the quality leather that it’s made of. The manufacturer uses genuine cowhide to produce this wallet, making it durable and nice to touch.
  • USB rechargeable: The wallet is also rechargeable through a USB cable. That offers you plenty of options for recharging, especially if you’re on the move. For example, you can plug the wallet into a power bank to recharge without finding a wall socket or direct sunlight (for solar charging).
  • Two-way ringing: Lastly, the wallet is helpful if you’ve lost your phone. The two-way ringing feature is standard on many smart wallets and allows both devices to help you find the other.

What could be improved: Unfortunately, some users might not like how the on/off button feels. The button is inside the wallet and can sometimes be felt through the leather, especially if you keep it in your back pocket. 

#4 Cuir Ally Explorer Leather Wallet

What it is: Cuir Ally is another brand offering a wide range of everyday products. The difference is their products are powered by smart technologies, such as the Explorer Leather Wallet.

Cuir Ally has embedded a smart chip into the Explorer Leather Wallet that connects it to your smartphone, making the wallet trackable.

You can then use the mobile app on your smartphone to track the wallet’s last known location. Like many other smart wallets on the market, this one also lets you locate your phone, as well, if you’ve misplaced it.

What’s good: These are some of the benefits this leather wallet has to offer:

  • Excellent design: Even without the smart technologies in this wallet, the overall design and craftsmanship of the wallet are pretty impressive. That includes the materials used, the stitching, and its overall feel.
  • Easy setup: The overall setup for this wallet is also pretty straightforward. Installing the app and syncing it to the wallet only takes minutes.
  • Seamless smart chip integration: As you read earlier, there’s a smart chip built into this wallet. Still, you’d never know it was there because it’s seamlessly integrated. So, it doesn’t stick out awkwardly.

What could be improved: Like the Cashew Wallet earlier, this one is pretty limited in color options. For example, Cuir Ally only offers this one in black, tan, and brown. At the same time, other brands provide a more comprehensive range of options. 

These colors aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but buyers who are a bit more fashionable and edgy might prefer other colors.

#5 Zeus Wallet And Tag Tracker

What it is: Here’s another example of a wallet that’s not smart per se, but can be purchased with a smart tracker tag.

The Zeus Wallet is designed to be modular, fitting up to 6 cards in its compact frame. That modular design is crucial, as it allows you to purchase additional pieces like the flat money clip (to carry bank notes) and a tag tracker to make it a smart, trackable wallet.

The additional Tag Tracker will occupy 1 of the 6 card slots in the Zeus Wallet. Still, that’s worth it, considering how it syncs to your smartphone, protecting the Zeus Wallet against loss or theft.

What’s good: The Tag Tracker for the Zeus Wallet is undoubtedly a fantastic product. Here are some qualities that make it stand out:

  • Battery life: The most notable feature of this wallet tracker is its battery life. Despite being the size of a credit card, it holds 2 long-life batteries that can last up to 2 years.
  • Form factor: The tracker is also incredibly thin, at only 0.1 inches. It has no problem fitting into a card slot within a Zeus Wallet or any other wallet, for that matter.
  • Flexibility: Being as thin as it is, you can use the Tag Tracker with anything else you’d like to track. For instance, you can slide it into a different wallet or bag.

What could be improved: Unfortunately, there are some tradeoffs to the benefits offered by the Tag Tracker. Being as thin and small as it is, there’s a stronger likelihood that you might lose it. That’s especially true since the tag isn’t built into the Zeus Wallet.

#6 Innway Accent Wallet With Innway Chip, Tag, or Card

What it is: Innway’s Accent Wallet is another example of a high-quality wallet that offers additional tracking accessories. The manufacturer describes the wallet as an ‘artisanal smart wallet’ with built-in technology to block RFID signals.

Innway offers plenty of flexibility in adding tracking capabilities to your Accent Wallet. You can purchase the Innway Chip, Innway Tag, or Innway Card.

No matter what you choose, Innway trackers are rechargeable. You only need 2 hours of charging time to last 4-6 months.

What’s good: Here’s what’s good about going with Innway:

  • Tracker options: As you can see, you have 3 Innway trackers for your smart wallet: the Chip, Tag, or Card. Each will fit your wallet seamlessly.
  • Battery life: Innway trackers are rechargeable and last up to 6 months, longer than most other trackers.
  • Lightweight: All Innway trackers are incredibly lightweight, so you’ll quickly forget you’re carrying them.

What could be improved: While Innway offers plenty of choices for trackers, they only provide one kind of wallet, the Accent Wallet (and in classic black or vintage brown). The wallet is well-designed, but there aren’t other versions to choose from.

#7 Tile Slim Wallet Tracker

What it is: Last but not least, we have the Tile Slim Wallet Tracker. As the name suggests, this is an incredibly slim tracker that you can use to keep track of any wallet.

Just slide it into your existing wallet and sync it to your phone. Then, you can track your wallet’s most recent location and get alerts if you leave it behind.

What’s good: Here are some of the positive traits you’ll get with the Tile Slim Wallet Tracker:

  • Long battery life: The built-in battery lasts up to 3 years.
  • Water-resistant: This tracker is IP67 rated, so a little water won’t damage it.
  • Find phone (even on silent): Like most trackers, you can use this one to find your lost phone. More interestingly, you can use it to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent.

What could be improved: This tracker is impressive overall, especially with its 3-year battery life. Unfortunately, that battery is not replaceable or rechargeable. So, once it dies out, you’ll have to get a new tracker.

Bottom Line: Should You Get A Tracker?

Yes, you should own a smart wallet with tracking capabilities, regardless of the brand or model you buy. However, nowadays, a missing wallet could lead to more than just lost money. You could also lose your personal identity and data.

Having a trackable smart wallet will save you a lot of pain.


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