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I hope that you’re enjoying your life today. I know that life is filled with ups and downs, but overall, it’s quite an adventure.

I was wondering what to write about this week, and as I went through my day, I noticed several products that drastically improved my life.

These products are not even super expensive (some are more than average expensive), or hard-to-get. Just simple, any-one-can get products on online, but my family would be lost if we didn’t have them.

These products make our life safer, easier, and more enjoyable. That’s why I am suggesting them to you. It’s products that we love, and I am confident, you’ll love as well.


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We all have products that we default to. You know what I am talking about, right? Products that we use each day without even thinking about it.

This is what you’ll find in this article. My default products that I, and my family, use almost every day.


Our family loves eggs. We probably go through about three dozen farm-fresh eggs a week.

It’s hard to know when your eggs are cooked perfectly, and you can’t walk away and leave them, or they could boil over, dry, or overcook.

That is why our family loves the Egg Rapid Cooker. I purchased this egg cooker on Feb 1, 2020. It’s so easy to use; take your eggs and add them to the cooker and then add the water (the measuring cup shows you how much water to add for different ways to cook your eggs). Hit the button and wait for the alarm to sound, indicating that your eggs are cooked exactly how you love them.

I seriously use this thing every day. I love my morning coffee and boiled eggs, and the Egg Rapid Cooker makes my life easier. That’s why I love it.

Check out the Dash Egg Rapid Cooker on Amazon.

I love coffee! It’s how I begin every morning. I can’t function until I get my coffee into my system.

The Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker is perfect for all my coffee needs. I can use single-serve if I’m heading out the door. The Kuerig will fill my 20 oz Yeti Coffee Cup, or I could make 12 cups of coffee using the pot. I will often make a pot of coffee if people are over at my house, but it’s also amazing to have the ability to make cappuccinos, teas, and hot chocolate using the k-cups.

The K-Duo is affordable, works well, and serves a beautiful cup of coffee every time.

I use my Keurig K-Duo daily; I think I’d be lost without it. You can learn more about the Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker on Amazon by clicking here.

Our GoWise USA Air Fryer had to make my list. We use this thing at least three times a week. Whether steaming vegetables or cooking some fries, We love our air fryer.

The thing about air fryers is it produces food that’s better for you but doesn’t sacrifice flavor. We have made fantastic meals using our air fryer over the last year. I love the GoWise USA Air Fryer and Steamer because it has a big enough capacity for my family of 5.

I don’t think we’d be able to do without our air fryer for very long. It’s practically a part of our family now.

You can learn more about the GOUSA Air Fryer on Amazon here.

We love hanging outside as a family, and the NewAir Outdoor Fridge helps us to love the outside just as much as we love each other (well, almost).

I love how cold this fridge keeps our favorite beverages. It has that thin layer of ice on the drink’s surface when you take that first sip. Amazing!

We always use this fridge and even set it inside during winter. If you want to purchase an outdoor fridge, I strongly suggest you check out the NewAir Outdoor Fridge here.

I wear suits a lot, and it’s not because suits are comfortable. When I was first introduced to the xSuit, I was shocked by how comfortable this suit was. It’s incredible how this can actually be a suit and look good.

The suit is made from stretchy material; that’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant. It’s like the super suit. If Batman wore a suit, it would be the xSuit.

I can not believe how fantastic the xSuit is, and I am so glad I was introduced to it. I cannot imagine sitting through meetings all day in a conventional suit. Oh yeah, it looks incredible too.

You can read more about the xSuit here and get sized up online. Check it out today; it’s a life changer.

This next item is on the pricier side of this list, but I cannot imagine my life without my MacBook. You can rest assured that I use this device every day.

The MacBook is one of the best computers that I have ever used. It’s powerful, easy to use, and connects all my devices. I love getting my text messages and phone calls right on my laptop. I can respond to a text message or make a phone call and never interfere with my workflow.

I use my Laptop to manage my online business each day. I am using it to write this article for you right now.

If you want to learn more about the MacBook Pro, you can head over to Amazon by clicking here.

The reason why I added my router to this list is that this router is more than just a provider of internet. It keeps our family safe online.

I have two homeschooled boys, and the Synology Router gives me complete control over what they can and cannot view online. During school hours, the router will not allow them to go on YouTube or sporting sites. It makes sure that they are focused on their studies. Plus, the Synology Wifi Router blocks any dangerous sites from our home internet, ensuring that our online experience is pleasant.

I’ve been using the Synology Wifi Router for about a year, and I can honestly say it’s an essential tool in our home. There are many good things online, but unfortunately, there are a lot of bad things too. The Synology allows you to block volience, chats, social media sites, and more from your kid’s internet viewing. You can set time limits for specific devices and have the internet shut off at a particular time.

It works for our family, and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee but wants a device that guards against online dangers.

Now that you’re done laughing let me explain myself. This is a bathroom fan with a built-in speaker.

We have two of these bathroom fans, and they work amazingly. Not only do they keep the bathroom moisture free, but they also sound fantastic.

We use these during showers, baths, and even to play music when we’re upstairs.

We didn’t know if we’d ever use them, but now I don’t think we could ever live without them.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, or your fan needs replacing. Then I would strongly suggest the Sensonic Bathroom Fan. It’s worth it. You can learn more on Amazon here.

Let the music begin!

We love Oxo Containers because they keep everything on our counter organized, plus what’s inside stays fresh for a long time.

You’ve been there.

You try to get brown sugar, and it’s like a boulder. Oxo solves that problem.

We have Oxo Containers on our counter and in the cupboard for our cereal. I love that they seal tightly so that our food is fresh, and brown sugar is never hard.

Oxo products are not cheap, but they are the best. The button on the top seals your Oxo container; it’s so easy. We tried the cheaper version of Oxo, but they disappointed us.

Oxo containers are a great investment for those who want to level up their organization game, and at the same time, keep their foods fresh. Check them out on Amazon here.

The last product I want to highlight today is my Ekster Wallet.

I used to lose my wallet all of the time. It was frustrating and a big waste of time. When I got my Ekster wallet, I noticed the difference quickly.

The Ekster Wallet has a GPS card that beeps when my wallet is missing. I just use my smartphone and click a button – done. I find my wallet. No more searching for hours.

The Ekster Wallet is sharp looking. I click a trigger, and all my cards slide out the top. It’s just the best wallet on the market today. I can’t imagine my life without it.

To learn more about the Ekster Wallet, check out the link here.

That’s my list. I hope something on here interests you and helps make your life better (and easier).

You can use the comment section below and list the product you love and cannot go without (not even for one day).

There is another device in our home that doesn’t get enough love. It may not have the same flare as the others, but it’s so important.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The other day my carbon monoxide detector was showing an error message and beeping. I tried to fix it, but I read online that if it says ERROR, you should purchase another one. It’s not a good idea to mess around with these things – they can save your life.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, you must buy this one on Amazon now. I bought mine online that night, and it came in a couple of days.

Be safe.


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