Portable Ice Makers

Portable Ice Maker Instructions: A Step-By-Step Guide For Setup and Maintenance

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Owning a portable ice maker is excellent and it’s practical for every kitchen. There are so many cool things that can be accomplished because you own a portable ice machine.

My family purchased a portable ice maker a long time ago, and we use it all the time. Actually, we use it everyday.

It sits on the floor in our dining room during the summer months, and downstairs in our laundry room during the colder months. Don’t misunderstand me; we use our ice maker all year, but not as much in the winter.

There are a few reasons why I decided to purchase a portable ice maker. 

  • It’s easy to setup
  • It’s portable
  • Doesn’t need extra hoses or water lines
  • Cheaper than commercial units
  • Fits nicely on your countertop
  • Makes more ice than fridge ice makers

I know that we love our portable ice maker and would miss it dearly if we didn’t have it.

To find the best portable ice maker for your home click here. If you would rather install a commercial ice maker in your home click here for our recommendations.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through simple steps in setting up your unit and getting it ready to make ice.

Portable Ice Maker Instructions

One of the main reasons why we purchased a portable ice maker is because it’s easy to set up. Portable ice makers only take a few steps, and you are up and making ice.

Remove Your Portable Ice Maker From the Box.

The first step in setting up your portable ice maker is to remove it from the packaging.

Portable ice maker

There are different types of ice makers. Portable ice makers produce different types of ice (Bullet-Shaped Ice or Nugget Ice), they also produce different amounts. I recommend that you keep the packaging in one piece so that you can return the unit if it’s not a fit for your family. Most stores give you at least 30 days to return the product if you decide it’s not the best choice for you.

It’s a good idea to read through the instruction manual that you received with your unit as well. The instruction manual will give you an overview of how to use the ice maker, and essential safety steps.

Removal all the stickers, packaging, and protective wrapping from your portable ice maker, and put all the accessories together in a neat pile to the side.

Save all the packaging, and make sure that all you received everything that was promised – such as an ice scoop, manuals, and the ice basket.

Clean Your Portable Ice Maker.

Before you begin making ice, it’s essential to wash your portable ice maker with some soap and water. I know that it’s brand new, but it’s still a good practise to wash the inside of the ice maker and the outside. Remember, you are going to be eating the ice that comes from this machine – make sure that it’s super clean.

If you have a commercial ice maker, then click here for our step-by-step guide on how to keep it clean.

If you have an ice maker cleaning solution, then this will work as well. Wash your portable ice maker thoroughly and then rinse it over and over again.

Find it a Good Home.

Each portable ice maker has different weights. There are larger units (like the one I purchased) that can be pretty heavy. If you purchased a heavy portable ice maker then it’s a good idea to find a home where it can stay long term.

As I mentioned above, we keep our portable ice maker on the dining room floor during the warmer months, and move it downstairs during the winter months. If you live where it is hot all year-round (I live in Canada and it gets pretty cold in the winter), then I recommend finding a place where it can stay.

If you purchased a smaller portable ice maker then it’s designed to be moved. Finding a home isn’t that important. You can set it on your counter when you want to make ice and put it away in a cabinet when you’re done.

Safety Plug-in Your Ice Maker.

Your next step in setting up your portable ice maker is to safely plug it in. Make sure that your portable ice maker is not plugged in around water, and if you are using your unit outside, then you want to make sure it’s not in direct sunlight.

Fill your Ice Machine With Water 

Next, fill your portable ice maker with water. Each portable ice maker has a reservoir under the storage bucket. Using a water container, fill your ice maker to the full line. 

Make sure that you do not overfill your unit or it will not work correctly. 

Turn on Your Unit, and Start Making Ice. 

The final step in setting up your portable ice maker is to turn the unit on and begin the ice cycle. Every ice maker has a different duration before the first batch of ice is complete. Normally, it takes about 6-10 minutes to make ice.

Maintaining Your Portable Ice Maker

Maintaining your portable ice maker is the best way to keep it running at its best performance.

I’m going to give you some important steps to ensure that your ice maker is working well and that it stays that way for a long time.

Take the Time to Clean Your Unit Every Three Months. 

Keeping your portable ice maker clean is a vital step to keeping it running well. Your ice machine does get dirty over time, and this can cause a lack of production and quality of ice.

Cleaning a portable ice maker doesn’t take a long time, but it’s an essential step to its operating performance. 

Use Clean Water

It’s a simple concept and cannot be overstated. The type of water you use inside your ice maker will determine the quality of ice. Dirty water will not only affect the taste of your ice, but it can also damage your ice maker. 

Clean Water

Your ice maker is filled with sensors and lots of moving parts. When water that is filled with impurities begin to deposit on these places – it can cause your ice maker to malfunction. 

For more information on what type of water you should use with your ice maker, you can read the article we wrote here.

We have a reverse osmosis installed in our house and use this filtered water for our ice maker.

Safely Store Your Ice Maker Away If You’re Not Using It.

If you are not using your ice maker for an extended period, it’s a good idea to store it safely away. This means you need to drain all of the water out of the unit, wipe down the inside walls, and then place your ice maker in an easily accessible place. Don’t place your ice maker on a high shelf because it may fall and hurt you or damage the ice maker.

When it’s time to use your ice maker again, take some time and inspect your unit for mold or other impurities. We recommend that you wash it before using it again. 

Portable Ice Maker Uses 

I have owned a portable ice maker for several years and love using it. Our portable ice maker produces at least 50 lbs of ice every day, and it’s perfect for every meal. 

Portable ice makers are great for your everyday meals, for chilling your beverages or for creating some cool chilled ice creations. There are a couple of favorites that we have in our home. 

We love making shirley temples for the kids and adding a scoopful of ice to give it that extra wow factor. The flavor and the chill make it worth it. 

Portable Ice Maker Instructions

You can also crush the ice and fill your glass to make an outstanding slushy for the kids on those hot summer days. I absolutely love filling a bowl with ice and setting it out for our dinner guests to chill their beverages.

To see our best sections of slushy makers for your home or business check out our top picks here.

The other day we used the ice to chill a homemade salad bar that made a great impression on our friends and family. We have also used the portable ice maker to serve ice to a church group, and it kept up with the demand nicely.

If you want to make an easy iced coffee for your family then you can click here.

There are so many reasons why owning a portable ice maker makes sense. Use the comment section below and let us know the reasons you purchased a portable ice maker and how you use your unit every day.

One Final Word

Setting up a portable ice maker only takes a few minutes, and maintaining your unit takes a few minutes more. If you follow these simple instructions for your portable ice maker, then you’re going to reap the benefits of these helpful machines.

Use the comment section before to let us know your helpful instructions for setting up or maintaining a portable ice maker.


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