Can You Put Bagged Ice in Your Drinks?

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We have all done it. Used bagged ice for our beverages on those unbearably hot summer days. We may have done it without even thinking – should I do this? Is this ice good for me? 

In this article, we’re going to answer all those questions, and determine if bagged ice can safely go in your drinks. 

Is Bagged Ice Safe to Eat? 

Ice is food, and the International Packaged Ice Association regulates certain ice manufacturing companies to make sure that it’s safe to eat. This is a non-profit organization that represents ice producers in this country. It’s important when you purchase a bag of ice that it’s certified by the IPIA.

Each company must follow their guidelines when packaging ice. According to the International Packaged Ice Association, Americans eat more ice than bread. That’s a lot of ice. There are not enough rules and regulations on companies to produce high-quality ice, and this is why the IPIA is necessary to ensure that the ice that you purchase is safe to eat.

Is bagged Ice Safe to Eat?

We stand behind the commitment of the International Packaged Ice Association to ensure that ice sold is safe to eat.

The answer to the question is that ice should be safe to eat. As a food, you should be able to add bagged ice to any beverage and never wonder if this is going to make you sick. 

You can read more about the different times that ice was contaminated here

According to the FDA’s website, the FDA investigators inspect packaging ice manufacturing plants and are looking for the following criteria:

  • Whether the plumbing in the facility prevents contamination of the ice water supply or stored ice,
  • Whether the water supply is safe and sanitary (e.g., water that meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for drinking water), and
  • Whether the manufacturing facility and grounds are maintained in a sanitary condition.

You can read more about what the FDA says about bagged ice here

With that being said, according to the International Packaged Ice Association, there are some guidelines that you should consider before you buy a bag ice.

  1. Make sure that the ice is sealed correctly.
  2. Ice should be clear, odorless, and tasteless. If you can smell the ice, or it has an off-taste, then do not consume it. 
  3. Look inside the bag of ice make sure that the ice isn’t discolored or has particles inside. It should be clear and clean.
  4. Make sure that the manufacturer’s name and address are clearly printed on the bag of ice. 
  5. Avoid cross-contamination. If your ice touches raw meat or lands on the floor, then throw it into the garbage. It’s not worth getting sick. 

Does Bagged Ice Have Chemicals?

Bagged ice may be produced with water that has chlorine or other chemicals. How do we know if any chemicals are in your ice? Well, it’s hard to say. It sounds like you don’t have to mention bagged ice labels if the water contains any chemicals to purify it.

According to the FDA, they say this about the labeling ice:

Packaged ice labels must meet FDA food labeling requirements. The labels must list the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor of the ice. The labels must also list the net quantity of contents of the product. Because ice is a single ingredient food, packaged ice does not need listing of ingredients. In addition, ice does not require a nutrition facts label, unless the package has a nutrient content claim (such as low in sodium). But ice labeled as being from a specific source, such as spring water or artesian well water, must be truthfully labeled and not misleading; in other words, it must really be from that source. The source water must meet all the requirements for such types of source water, as described in FDA regulations.

The source of the water for the ice you purchase may be the answer to this question. If you find ice that is from a spring water source and has no added ingredients, then your ice will be without chemicals.

Look at different brands of ice to see which ones offer a pure water source.

A Bagged Ice Without Chemicals

In our research, we found that Natural Rocks produced ice that was free from chemicals and provided a clean, refreshing ice.

According to an email that I received from the company’s president, Steve Tischner, he stated that “there are no chemicals in Natural Rocks Ice cubes. All of our ice is made from pure Maine spring water. Which makes the ice taste great with no aftertaste.”

Official email is below.

Official email from natural Rocks Ice Cubes

You can click here to see if you can buy Natural Rocks bagged ice where you live. It’s a great quality ice, and we suggest that you make the change to this natural spring water ice.

Alternative to Bagged Ice 

If you still are not confident that bagged ice is pure, then there is a fix. 

You can contact the manufacturer of the bagged ice and ask them some questions about the ice they sell. 

Openly ask them if there are any chemicals in their ice or how it is manufactured. 

The other option is to purchase a portable ice maker and produce your own ice. I have owned one for years and use it every day. 

Click here to check out the top portable ice makers this year! 

When making your own ice, you only have to make sure that you use pure water (we have a reverse osmosis system for beautiful clean water), and make sure that you keep your ice maker clean.

Portable ice makers are simple to set up and are easy to operate. They are also easy to move around from place to place. 

If you are concerned about the quality of your ice, then take matters into your own hands and make your own. It’s not hard at all.

What do you think? Can bagged ice be trusted? You can use the comment section below to let us know.

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