Is An Ice Cream Maker Worth It?

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I assume because you’re reading this post that you are interested in knowing if you should take the leap and purchase an ice cream maker for your home. 

You weighed all the pros and cons in your mind, but you’re still not convinced whether or not you should purchase one. 

So many questions, right? Will you actually use it? Are they just a fad? Are ice cream makers worth it?

This article is going to walk you through the buying process and give you some peace of mind to whether or not you should invest in an ice cream maker. 

Why Should You Purchase an Ice Cream Maker?

A while ago, I was on the fence and didn’t know if I wanted to purchase an ice cream maker. I did some research, and these are the reasons why I finally decided to purchase one.

Ice Cream is Cheaper To Make at Home

The first reason, and it’s a good one, is that ice cream costs less to make at home. 

The cost of one pint of ice cream at the store is on average $4. The cost to make ice cream at home is on average $3.95 for a quart (two-pints). You get the full break down here.

Even adding the price of the ice cream maker, which would be an average of $60, then you’re looking at a savings of $573.50 in five years. That’s a lot of money! 

It’s amazing how small things can add up to big things over time. Ice cream isn’t an exception. Can you imagine what you could do with almost $600!

This is the first reason you should consider an ice cream maker for your home; they are cheaper in the end and add up to significant savings over time.

Homemade Ice Cream Tastes Better

The next reason you should consider purchasing an ice cream maker is that the ice cream tastes better. Ice cream from the store has been in a freezer for months. Homemade ice cream is fresh and delicious!

I find that ice cream from an ice cream maker is much creamier than store-bought. I also find that the taste explodes off the spoon onto your palate for an incredible flavor storm of fantastic.

I’m not joking. You be the judge.

You compare the two, and you’ll find that there is no competition at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of store-bought ice cream, but the ice cream that’s made fresh in your kitchen is in an entirely different league. 

Greater Variety

Walk into a candy store and look around. There are so many options to choose that it’s hard to make a decision. The same is true with homemade ice cream. You can create, create, and create some more – the options are endless. 

You can choose from hundreds or even thousands of toppings and create homemade ice cream masterpieces. 

I always thought the best job in the world was the person that got to create new ice cream flavors. What a job! You’re in a giant kitchen, and you’re putting together all these different types of ice cream combinations all day long, and then you get to taste what you create. How cool is that (pun intended).

With a homemade ice cream maker, you get to be that person. You get to put together your own flavors and taste until your heart’s content. 

One night, my family and I chopped up different chocolate bars and created an ice cream flavor that we called the “chocolate bar buffet.” It was heavenly.

Think of the flavors you can create tonight. I know what you’re doing, you’re putting together in your mind a master plan – operation homemade ice cream.

You Can Make it Healthier

I talked about the chocolate bar ice cream that our family made, and how wonderful it was, but now a new day is here. I can’t eat sugar anymore because I’m on a diet. Is the ice cream maker no good to me? Not at all.

I recently made a Keto Diet ice cream that only had 3g’s of net carbs. It was wonderful. 

This is what I am trying to tell you. Whether you’re eating anything or trying to watch what you eat, an ice cream maker is perfect for you. You can enjoy delicious homemade ice cream all day long. 

It’s cost-efficient, healthy, and tastes fantastic. 

Have I convinced you yet? Well, let’s keep discussing this topic. 

Do Ice Cream Makers Cost a Lot of Money?

Surprisingly enough, ice cream makers are not expensive. There are four types of ice cream makers that make homemade ice cream, and all four are priced differently. 

The first type is the attachment ice maker. These types of ice cream makers are attachments sold separately, and would need a main appliance to work – like a KitchenAid Mixer. These units are not expensive but convenient because you already have the base unit on your countertop. I would guess between $50-$100 to purchase one of these units.

The next type is like the attachment above, in how they operate, but usually have its own base. These ice makers have a detachable bowl that is placed in the freezer all night. Once the bowl is completely frozen, then you can start making ice cream. Whoa unto you! If you forget to place that bowl in the freezer the night before. If you forget, then you’ll have to wait for that ice cream another day. These ice cream makers cost around $100. 

Then there are ice cream makers that have their own compressors. These ice cream makers are always ready to make ice cream. They are like the large commercial ice cream makers, but smaller versions. You just turn it on, let it get ready, and then start making the cold stuff. The price for one of these units would cost you between $150-$200. 

The last type of ice cream maker is one that is foundational to the world of ice cream makers. They are hand turning units that require salt and ice to make ice cream. These units work well but need a little more hands-on help. I would say that you could grab one of these units for about $25.

As you can see, ice cream makers for home use are not a significant investment. Yet, they do result in some money savings and a big smile on everyone’s face. 

Are Ice Cream Makers Hard to Clean?

Ice cream makers are not challenging to clean

After you’re done making ice cream, all you have to do is rinse and wash the bowl. Some ice cream maker bowls might be dishwasher safe. 

You can get more information from the ice cream maker’s manual before you begin the cleaning process. 

Overall, it’s probably a 10-minute job from start to finish to have your unit washed and put away for next time. 

How Do Ice Cream Makers Work? 

Home ice cream makers are a straightforward concept. You place the ice cream mixture in a frozen bowl, and as the spreader moves the mixture around the bowl, it begins to harden.

You just let your ice cream maker do it’s thing until the ice cream is at its desired consistency. 

When the ice cream is done, you can place it in a pan and put it into the freezer to become harder and ready to serve.

You can read more about how ice cream makers work here.

What’s The Best Ice Cream Maker?

Because there are different ice cream makers available and at different prices, it’s hard to say which one would be best for you. 

In my opinion, I love the Cuisinart ICE-30BC ice cream maker because of its price.

Click here to check the price on Amazon. It’s simple to operate, makes great slushies as well, and produces enough ice cream to serve my family of five. 

You can read more about which ice cream maker is right for you here


Ice cream makers are worth it, and I would encourage you to purchase one today. If you’re on the fence about the whole idea, then just take that leap. 

Plan a day each week to make homemade ice cream. Get your children involved and try to make new creations. 

If you’re watching what you eat, then make healthier ice cream as a treat for yourself. 

There are so many benefits to having your own ice cream maker and making homemade ice cream, that it’s hard to write down all the reasons. 

Use the comment section below and tell me which ice cream maker you have or want, and list more reasons why it’s worth it. 

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