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How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Harvest Right Firmware

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This article will talk you through the process of upgrading your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Firmware Software.

Your technician should have emailed you the updated firmware.

Upgrading Your Harvest Right Firmware

You’ll need a USB flash drive to complete the process. We found that the smaller flash drives work the best for updating the firmware in your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. A 16GB Scan Disk works fine, we added a link to Amazon to show you the one that we used. You’ll want to format the flash drive and add the firmware fire to the USB flash drive. The downloaded file should be a .hff file.

Go over to the freeze dryer and click customize, adjust time and then enable slow update.

Next you’ll want to turn off your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.

Once the Freeze Dryer is turned off, you’ll want to insert your USB flash drive.

Next turn your unit back on and it should begin to read and install the update on your flash drive. It may take a few minutes, but when the update is complete your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer will turn on and the new update version number will appeal on the right top corner.

Downgrading Your Harvest Right Firmware

If you wish to downgrade your Harvest Right firmware it would be the exact same method. You would have to contact the technician and have them email the version you would like to downgrade to, and then follow the same steps. When you upgrade your Harvest Right firmware you’ll only need the .hff file on the flash drive, but when you’re downgrading you’ll need to have to two files on the flash drive – a .hff file and one called ForcedUp.

If you own a Harvest Right’s Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer then you’ll have a third file called Pharma (Which is a txt file). You receive these three files in a ZIP file and will have to be unzipped and added to your flash drive for updating or downgrading your unit.

Upgrading Your Harvest Right With Version 5+ Firmware

If your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has version 5+, then you don’t have press any special buttons. You just need to download the firmware to the flash drive, turn off the unit, add the flash drive and the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer will automatically update the system.

To downgrade your Harvest Right unit that has version 5+ firmware, make sure that you have the two files (one is a .hff file and the other is called ForceUp, and three files if you own a Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer), to the flash drive and then turn off the unit. Then insert the flash drive and turn the Freeze Dryer back on. That’s all there is to it.

Best Tips for Updating or Downgrading Your Harvest Right Firmware

You’ll want to use a smaller flash drive (16GB works fine), and you’ll want to format the flash drive and add the files that you received from your Harvest Right technician.

Make sure you only download it once on your computer. Add those files to the flash drive. The more times you download the files, it will keep changing the name of the file.

If your having problems with upgrading your Harvest Right software, then we suggest trying a different flash drive.

This process should be straight forward.


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  1. Kathy Silcox Reply

    Harvest Right won’t give you give you files to downgrade. During a repair they upgraded my files from 5.0.12 to 5.0.16, that I DIDN’T want upgraded–AT ALL!! They won’t give me the files to take it back to my old 5.0.12 file. I’m not very happy!! I’ve got problems now that I never had before.

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