Orbitkey Review: Never Lose Your Keys Again

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If you’re anything like me – and I hope you’re not – I always seem to lose my keys.

It’s a familiar situation every morning; I get ready, have some breakfast, and then spend 20 minutes looking for my keys. I know they’re at the last place I had them, too; I just don’t know where that place is.

It’s a frustrating situation and can be avoided with the right tools.

I recently discovered Orbitkey and reached out to them to see if they would be willing to send me samples of their products so I can review them and share my results with you, my readers. They did, and I am excited to reveal my findings to you.

My goal was to find a product that didn’t just organize my keys but helped me find them.

Below you’ll notice the products that are available with Orbitkey.

Let’s get right into this review.

About the Company

The Orbitkey company presents a simple idea. To take everyday life and make it better. Keys may seem like a small part of your life, but it’s a big problem. Noisey, confusing, cluttered, and lost keys negatively impact your day by 1000%.

In 2013, a kick-starter was developed to change all our problems with our keys. Several thousand people saw the vision, and the product was well underway.

This was when Charles Ng and Rex Kuo decided to work full-time on Orbitkey and turned it into something that would change how people handle their keys forever.

This was how Orbitkey was born.

My Honest Orbitkey Review

Orbitkey offers several tools and products that do make your life better.

There is the Key Organizer, Desk Mat, Orbitkey Ring, Bluetooth Tracker, Orbitkey Nest, Clip, Multi-Tool, and USB.

All of these products are perfect for helping you stay organized and making your life a little easier. We’ll walk you through each of these products below.

The Orbitkey Key Organizer

The key organizer is the foundation for most of the other products they offer.

This simple tool allows you to stack and organize your keys neatly. Each strap is made from top-grain leather, and their one-of-a-kind design allows you to lock your keys securely.

You can really feel the quality when you hold these Key Organizers in your hand, and they do a really great job keeping your keys organized as well as quiet in your pocket.

Organize Your Life with Orbitkey Products

Get the best products for organizing your life at home and the office. From a desk organizer to a hub that keeps your traveling items organized. With Orbitkey, you’ll get unique products for organizing your keys and ensuring you never lose them again.

You can hold up to seven keys on a single organizer, more if you purchase the extension, and there is a D-ring to attach your key fob as well.

The key organizer is not going to fit all key types and sizes. Only keys that are smaller than 67mm will fit. I have a Ford Ranger, and the key will not fit, so I had to attach it to the D-ring.

I love that you can add the Tracker to this key organizer, which allows you always to know where your keys are located. We’ll talk a little more about the Tracker below. I also added the Multi-Tool to the Key Organizer, which gives you several tools at your disposal. Again, we’ll talk about the Multi-Tool later as well.

If you’re looking for a way to organize your keys, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

I’ve used this product for about a month and love it. I can honestly say that it’s helped me so much.

The Orbitkey Desk Mat

The Desk Mat by Orbitkey is a clever way to organize your desk mess.

Our desks can quickly become a mess throughout the day. Cables and papers get scattered all around; it can be quite a time waster. Have you ever taken 20 minutes trying to find that paper that you could have sworn that it was just there a minute ago? Well, the Desk Mat is the answer to this frustrating issue.

The Desk Mat has several features that I absolutely love. A document hideaway to store all your loose papers and a magnetic cable holder will keep all your cables in place.

It’s also made of premium vegan leather, and 100% recycled PET felt.

It’s a terrific tool that everyone who has a desk should own.

The picture above is a typical desk mat I purchased from Staples and have had on my desk for almost a year. When I removed the mat, it stuck to my desk and left a residue.

You would have to worry about that with the Orbitkey desk mat. The felt backing makes it safe for your desk.

The Orbitkey Ring

Orbitkey takes the traditional keyring and makes it far better.

Have you ever tried to add keys to the traditional ring? It’s a nightmare! This is why I love this concept, and if you deal with lots of keys each day, this has to be the next product you purchase.

The Orbitkey Ring allows you to add or take off keys effortlessly. Just spin the lock and snap it down to move it out of the way.

It’s made with durable stainless steel and comes in four fabulous colors: rose gold, yellow gold, silver, and black.

The Orbitkey Bluetooth Tracker

I mentioned the Bluetooth Tracker above. This is a great product to pair with the Key Organizer. The Bluetooth Tracker is made by the Chipolo company, which is the same company that makes the tracker for Ekster Wallets. I’m very familiar with it.

This tracker allows you to track your keys using the Chipolo app. You can ring your keys from your phone or locate your phone by clicking the button on the tracker. The app will also let you know if you leave your keys behind. It can be a lifesaver, that’s for sure.

I have been using Chipolo products for a while now, and I love them. It’s so simple to set up and use. The tracker also has a replaceable battery.

The Bluetooth Tracker is super compact and fits flawlessly in the Key Organizer.

The Orbitkey Nest

The Orbitkey Nest is a super compact tray that makes the perfect home for the gear that you use the most. It’s a great idea and makes carrying your stuff easy.

The Orbitkey Nest is a single-level tray so you can locate your things quickly, and the moveable dividers give you a customizable design.

Another great feature that I think is brilliant is the wireless charging pad. This is perfect for charging your phone or earphones.

There’s a place for so many things. I love using the Orbitkey Nest to pack up my stuff at the office for use at home.

If you have a home office and an office away from home, you should invest in the Orbitkey Nest Hub.

Orbitkey Clip

This product is a life-saver for a custodian or anyone who handles a lot of keys daily. The Orbitkey Clip makes accessing your keys so easy.

Two main features make the clip perfect. It starts with the idlock® quick release system. You don’t have to search your pockets or backpack for your keys anymore. You can either release the magnet or carabiner for easy access.

The second noteworthy part of the Orbitkey Clip is the easy access D-Ring. This makes adding or taking off keys super easy. Just pull the D ring out of the holder to add keys.

You can attach the Orbitkey Clip to your backpack, pants, jacket, or vest. Your keys will always be there and easy to grab.

Orbitkey Multi-Tool

Being prepared is essential. The most significant part of being prepared is having the right tools available at the right time. I introduce to you the Orbitkey Multi-Tool. This accessory gives you nine tools in a simple and slim design.

With the Multi-Tool, you’ll get the following tools: a box cutter, bottle opener, pry bar, flat-head screwdriver, letter opener, metric ruler, imperial ruler, and coarse file.

I am not sure how often you’ll use the ruler, but the screwdriver, prybar, and bottle opener could be handy. The great thing about this Multi-Tool is it’s tucked away in your key organizer and available if you’re in a pinch.

Orbitkey USB 3.0

The last product I want to highlight in this article is the Orbitkey thumb drive or USB stick.

This stylish thumb drive is built for rugged use. It comes in 32GB and is designed to fit perfectly in the Key Organizer.

The Orbitkey USB is great for carrying files to the office or bringing them home.

Is Orbitkey Products Worth It?

After using Orbitkey products for several weeks, I’ve grown to love them.

Orbitkey offers fantastic products for productivity and organization.

I found that the quality of each product was superb. I had no issues with quality at all. The products all came well packaged, and it was easy to get my keys attached and was ready to roll in just minutes.

The Bluetooth Tracker was easy to connect to my phone, and it was straightforward to figure out. The app isn’t complex at all; anyone can use it.

The Key Organizer didn’t just keep my keys organized; it also kept them quiet. No more walking around with jiggling keys; best of all, I could find the right key quickly.

Of course, there is peace of mind in having the tracker attached to my keys.

So, here is the bottom line. I love these products, and if you’re a lover of organization and a simpler life, you’ll love them too.

You can use the link below and pick up a couple of Orbitkey products today. I suggest you start with the Key Organizer and build out from there.

You can buy confidently as you always get 30 days to return your product and an incredible warranty.

Organize Your Life with Orbitkey Products

Get the best products for organizing your life at home and the office. From a desk organizer to a hub that keeps your traveling items organized. With Orbitkey, you’ll get unique products for organizing your keys and ensuring you never lose them again.


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