PopBabies Portable Blender Review: An Affordable Portable Blender

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So my wife saw this ad on Facebook for a special portable blender. She had to have it. She said that it would change her life and allow her to make smoothies on the go. I’ve heard that one before.

Now, I didn’t buy into the hype and didn’t think it was a useful product – at first. She ended up paying the money, and within a couple of days, the blender was delivered.

After using the blender for a few months, I realized that it had its benefits in the right circumstances and for the right people. Making a single-serve smoothie with a portable device that’s easy to clean just makes sense for certain people.

Taking the portable blender on a camping trip so that you can enjoy a smoothie on the go, or making baby food when you’re in a rush, makes a lot of sense to me. I was convinced that a portable blender was useful, but were there other portable blenders that would work for a cheaper price?

When I was introduced to PopBabies, I had to test it out for myself and see how it compared to the other portable blenders on the market. Now, I am not sure why it’s called PopBabies. I would assume it’s because its primary use is for making baby food on the go . . . but that’s a guess.

This review will guide you through my results and tell you if PopBabies is worth your money.

A Solid Portable Blender

The PopBabies is a 14 oz or 400 ml portable blender. The 14 oz jar is pretty small, but it’s comparable with the other portable blenders on the market. Anywhere from a 14 to 15ounce  jar is the average capacity for portable blenders.

It has a compact design, dishwasher safe, and feels like a solid unit.

The PopBabies portable blender is super easy to clean. You add the water and turn it on, and the blades spin the water and clean the unit. The blender is also made with food-grade materials, so it is safe for children. It also has a small opening on the top, so it’s hard to get hands and fingers around the blades.

The PopBabies Portable Blender comes in six colors – blue, black, ivory white, pink, purple, and yellow.

PopBabies Portable Blender

This affordable portable blender allows you to easily make baby food, smoothies, or protein shakes on the good. The PopBabies Portable Blender feels solid in your hand and is perfect for camping or breakfast in a rush.

At the top of the blender, there is a great handle that makes it easy to carry. It has one button on the front for turning it on and off, and your charging port is at the back.

The motor is 175 watts, and you can detach the jar from the motor to take with you on the go.

The PopBabies Blender does not provide you with all the features the other popular brand offers. You can’t lock it for transport, but you can charge the device and use it simultaneously – which is really nice.

Overall, it provides plenty of features for all your portable blending needs.

But how does it work?

Making a Smoothie

Okay, so how does the PopBabies Blender work under extreme circumstances?

I put it to the test.

I added some nugget ice, frozen fruit, yogurt, and milk to the jar and tried to make a smoothie. Now, my Ninja Blender would have no problem blending these ingredients, but how would the PopBabies Portable Blender do?

I loaded it all up and hit the button. I didn’t note this before, but the PopBabies Blender gives you a silicone funnel and ice tray as an added bonus.

It stalled out. It took me a while to get things moving; it just didn’t like the nugget ice and struggled to chew it up. Nugget ice is pretty soft ice, by the way.

I decided to try another test.

I added all the ingredients and then nugget ice at the top. This has to work. I thought maybe the nugget ice was jamming up the blades. I hit the button, and bam!

Mission complete. The nugget ice was jamming the blades and wouldn’t let them rotate. That seemed to work a lot better with a bit of help.

I did the same thing again, but this time without the nugget ice, producing an even better result. Don’t put ice at the bottom, at least not nugget ice.

The smoothie wasn’t totally smooth, I did have some chunks of fruit in the mix, but it was pretty good for a portable blender. I guess you could keep blending to get better results. The blender is also timed so it will run and then shut off; you may have to start the process a few times to get it right.

Good Quality
Easy to use
Good Battery Life
Useful Handle
Hard to load and unload

I also noticed that the blender was a little warm after running; I think this is normal, and it didn’t change the function of the blender at all.

I will say that the narrow spout can be a little annoying. It was so hard to get things in the jar (which is why you get the funnel), and hard to get things out. If you’re smoothie is thick, you’ll have to pound the bottom to get it out the top.

Overall, it worked the same as the other portable blenders on the market.

Should You Purchase the PopBabies Blender?

If you’re looking for an affordable portable blender then it’s a solid unit.

It seemed to work the same as all other portable blenders on the market. I tried most of them, and it’s similar.

Any portable blender isn’t going to be the same caliber as a regular on-your-counter-blender, but it’s great for on-the-go.

If you’re looking for a portable blender for making baby food on the go, making smoothies or protein shakes – this thing is excellent.

You won’t get the same features as the more expensive brands, but you get a solid portable blender that will fill a need.

You can check out the best price by using the link below.

PopBabies Portable Blender

This affordable portable blender allows you to easily make baby food, smoothies, or protein shakes on the good. The PopBabies Portable Blender feels solid in your hand and is perfect for camping or breakfast in a rush.


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