CozyBand Review: The Best Sleep Headphones?

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I recently wanted to listen to some music in bed. I tried my regular earbuds, but they hurt my ears when I tried to lay on my side (I’m a side sleeper). I tried different types and brands, but there wasn’t anything built or designed to be used for listening to music to help you fall asleep.

This is when I found CozyBand.

Here’s the deal.

CozyBand is a fabric band (looks like a headband) with built-in Bluetooth. It has speakers built into the band that’s placed over each ear and controls on the front. It’s made from soft, stretchy material and comes in two colors – grey and black.

CozyBand is perfect for relaxing in bed, listening to a podcast or music while in bed, or even going for a walk. I used Cozyband while shoveling my driveway after a snow storm, and it worked perfectly. CozyBand kept my ears warm, and I was listening to my favorite tunes.

The use of CozyBand is endless. It seems like every day, I find new ways to use it.

I used CozyBand for a couple of weeks, and here are my thoughts on this product.

Features of ComfortBand

The CozyBand was super easy to use and set up. If you’re not too familiar with Bluetooth and you’re a little nervous about setting up this device, then you don’t have to be concerned. Super easy.

I found connecting it to my smartphone was a breeze. I just held down on the play/pause button until it started flashing blue and red, and then I connected it in my Bluetooth settings. It connected immediately, and within minutes I was listening to music.

Charging the CozyBand was really simple as well. You connect the provided cord to the control box using the slot at the back of the band. You’ll notice that a red light comes on, indicating that the device is charging.

The CozyBand is also washable, but you would have to remove all the electronics first before throwing them into the wash. I haven’t done this yet, but it seems like a pretty difficult task. You have to push everything through the two slots on the back.

The sound from the CozyBand isn’t the best sound from a headset, but it’s decent for the price. To be honest, I have no complaints about the sound. It was clear and loud and had an excellent overall quality of sound.

The CozyBand also has a built-in microphone, so it’s great for making and taking phone calls while you’re relaxing or walking. There were a couple of times that a call came in, and I was able to take the call without any hassle.

The battery also lasted for a long time. I wanted to go for a walk, and the CozyBand wasn’t charged, so I let it charge for about 10 minutes, and it was good to go for the entire walk.

A full charge should give you well over 12 hours.

Was the CozyBand Comfortable?

Overall, CozyBand is super comfortable. While shoveling snow felt similar to a regular headband with the bonus of built-in speakers.

I could feel the front controls and the speakers around my ears. It’s hard not to notice them – they’re there. When you’re laying in bed, I thought you’d feel the speaker in your ear more than you actually do. It wasn’t any more noticeable than wearing them normally.

I think that it should be noted that the CozyBand is super warm, which is great when you’re shoveling snow but not so great when you’re in bed. I found myself taking it off because it was so warm.

I took the CozyBand for a walk, and it worked perfectly. It has to be one of the best Smart Headbands that I used for walking. It was nice and warm, comfortable, and it sounded great. If you take walks regularly, then you need to buy this. It will change everything!

I also used it while lying in bed, and it worked well. It allowed me to comfortably listen to a podcast or music, which helped me fall asleep.

Would I Buy the Comfort Band?

If you’re considering purchasing the CozyBand, I don’t see a reason not to.

I was pleased with the quality, sound, and design of the CozyBand. I found that the CozyBand has a lot of uses, and owning one makes a lot of sense.

If you want to relax in bed, use it for taking walks, or even working outside – the Cozyband works well. I was pleased with the results.

Check out the link below for more information and prices on the CozyBand.

The CozyBand is an excellent headband that allows you to listen to podcasts, music, or even videos while lying in bed, walking or shoveling snow.

  • Bluetooth
  • Comfortable
  • Great Quality
  • Use it for lying in bed, walking, or working outside.
  • You can slightly feel the speakers
  • Warm to wear in bed


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