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The Best Clear Ice Makers of 2022

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Have you ever noticed when you get ice from your favorite restaurant that their ice is clear, but the ice from your ice cube tray is cloudy and murky? Why is it when we make ice from home it doesn’t have that same elegant look as restaurant ice?

When you’re making drinks for friends and family, using clear ice is a great way to raise your game. There is just something cool (no pun intended) about clear ice that cannot be explained.

There is more to clear ice than just looking elegant in your glass, it’s a better quality ice and we’re going to explain everything in this article. We are also going to give you the best clear ice options for your home or business.

Why Does Ice Look Cloudy?

White ice forms when tiny air bubbles are trapped during the freezing process. These tiny air bubbles don’t just affect the look of your ice they also change the way that your beverage tastes.

I have owned an ice maker for years, but when I heard of the benefits of clear ice, I had to do more research.

What Does Clear Ice Look Like?

Why Clear Ice is Better

There are several reasons why clear ice is better ice and why you should consider using clear ice for your beverages.

  • Clear ice will melt slower. Cloudy ice is filled with trapped oxygen which means it reaches room temperature faster. Clear ice is packed together tightly with just water molecules, so it can stay at a lower temperature for a more extended period.
  • Clear ice will taste better. Because you don’t have all the extra air in your ice, the clear ice tastes better. The cloudy ice is more likely to pick up other flavors from your freezer. If you are like me, you want to have a cold drink without the extra flavors added.
  • Clear ice won’t water down your drink. There is nothing worse than a glass of soda filled with water. amiright? Cloudy ice melts so quick that it usually leaves your drink watered down and undrinkable. In fact, cloudy ice will melt five times faster than clear ice. Slow melting ice is one of the most important reasons why you need to get an ice maker that produces clear ice. 

If your a mixologist, ice snob or just like the luxury of clear, pure ice – a clear ice maker is perfect for you. If you are looking for an ice maker for your business then you need to invest your money in a clear ice maker.

If you couldn’t care less what color your ice ends up being – you should check out my portable ice makers buyers guide. These ice makers will produce normal bullet-shaped ice, that are cloudy in their color. Click on the link and learn which one would be right for you.

If you’re looking for clear ice then you’re going to want to keep reading this article. I’ve put together a list of the best clear ice makers on the market today. This includes the top performing machines with high customers satisfaction and good reviews. We have given you a complete list of ice makers from portable, under-the-counter, to commercial units.

Your guests deserve the very best. Wait! Let’s correct that statement, you deserve the very best. So, we want to help you make the best impression. We’re talking about the good impression that only clear ice can make.

Below are the best clear ice makers for your consideration.

The Best Portable Ice Makers That Make Clear Ice

We have listed for you the best portable ice makers that are available for purchase. We have ranked this units by reviews online, our own research and customer satisfaction. We have listed them below as the top available from our top pick to our last choice.

#1. Sentern Portable Clear Ice Maker

Sentern Portable Clear Ice Maker

The Sentern Portable ice maker is another great choice for a portable ice maker that produces high-quality clear ice cubes.

This portable ice maker produces 48 pounds of ice each day. It also gives you the option of making 3 different ice sizes, and comes with a large ice bucket which will store 2.4 lbs of ice each day.

Ice Production48 lbs a day
WeightWeighs 25 lbs
Dimensions1.2” x 14.4” x 13.8”
Ice Cycle 15 Minutes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerPortable
Where Can I Buy It?

The water reservoir is a standard size to the other ice makers in this list at about 2.2 litres. This ice maker is easy to operate and out of the box is ready to start making ice.

One of the features that often gets missed with ice maker is that it has a see-through window at the top so that you can see how much ice is available. It’s something simple, but extremely useful.

#2. Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker

Luma Comfort Portable Ice Maker Review

The Luma Comfort is a compact unit that can be positioned nicely on any countertop, a boat, RV or more. This ice maker weighs just over 25 lbs and is built mostly of plastic with a beautiful stainless steel wrapped design.

This ice maker is a work horse. It produces 28 pounds of solid, clear, restaurant-quality ice every 24 hours. This unit is indeed a luxury item and fits perfectly in every kitchen or home bar. If you have a small cafe or business then this ice maker would work as well. Depending on how much ice you need this ice maker would fit in nicely.

The Luma Comfort IM200SS uses the latest commercial ice making technology. How does this ice maker create clear ice? It constantly lets water flow over the freon packed metal forms. The steady flow of water gets rid of the air bubbles that would typically make your ice cloudy or murky.

It’s no hassle setup makes this ice maker a joy to own. With this ice maker, you have no pumping, no draining, and no waiting. You can enjoy great clear ice in just minutes.

Ice Production26 lbs a day
WeightWeighs 25 lbs
Dimensions28.7 x 37.6 x 35.8 cm
Ice Cycle 15 Minutes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerPortable
Where Can I Buy It? /

Another great feature on this ice maker is the ability to warn you when the ice bucket is full or when the water reservoir is empty.

This ice maker is priced fair, and it’s reviews are excellent. Who should buy this ice maker? Anyone that wants clear ice for their home or small business but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a commercial unit.

#3. Euhomy Portable Ice Maker

The Euhomy Portable Ice Maker will create for you crystal clear restaurant quality ice right in your home.

This unit will give your clear ice in less than 15 minutes. The Euhomy ice maker also produces 40 lbs of ice every 24 hours, and it’s small enough to fit on your countertop. With this unit, you’re getting a little machine, but it’s packed with power. Another great feature with this unit is that it has simple operation. This means you don’t have to read page after page in the user manual before you’re able to run it correctly. 

This ice maker produces two sizes of clear ice cubes. The smaller sized ice cubes fit nicely in a water bottle.

Ice Production40 lbs a day
WeightWeighs 26 lbs
Dimensions14.1 x 11 x 13.7 inches
Ice Cycle 13-20 Minutes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerPortable
Where Can I Buy It?

The Euhomy Ice Maker can store 2 pounds of ice at one time, and it’s placed in an insulated storage bin, so it limits melt time. As the ice melts in the ice basket, it drips into the water reservoir where it is then used to make more ice.

This machine is priced well. It comes in at about $200 for this ice maker, but it comes with a lot of great features that make it very attractive. That’s an excellent price for an ice maker that produces clear ice and can produce 40 lbs of ice in one day.

The Best Undercounter Ice Makers That Make Clear Ice

Below are the best under-the-counter ice makers that produce clear ice for your home or business. These ice makers have been selected because they rank the highest in internet reviews, customer satisfaction and overall performance.

#1. Whynter UIM 502SS

This is the daddy of home clear ice makers.

The Whynter UIM 502SS produces 50 lbs of ice every 24 hours. That’s a serious amount of ice. It has a 25 lbs storage bucket, and this machine will shut off when the bucket is full. This unit has an insulated storage area but does not have a built-in freezer for the ice.

This ice maker is not a portable ice maker. It comes with a water hose and a gravity drain hose. If you want to drain the water up and out, then you would need to purchase a separate pump to do the job.

This ice maker freezes the ice on sheets, once the frozen it is broken apart into small clear cubes (Approximate size of the cubes are 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1).

Ice Production50 lbs a day
Ice Storage25 lbs
Dimensions24.5″ Long x 15″ Wide x 32.5″ High
Front VentingYes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerBuilt-in / Freestanding
Where Can I Buy It?

This ice maker has a beautiful brush stainless steel finish and would make a great addition to any kitchen.

The Whynter UIM 502SS is a lovely unit and makes lovely clear ice, but it’s not the cheapest option for you. With this ice maker you’re getting a trusted name, premium design and materials and an overall good undercounter ice maker.

#2. Maxx Ice MIM50P-O Indoor/Outdoor

The Maxx MIM50P is a great undercounter ice maker that produces 65 pounds of ice each day. The storage bin in this ice maker is designed to hold 25 pounds of ice at one time and the extra insulation allows this ice maker to be used outdoors.

This ice maker is designed with stainless steel door panels that can be easily reversed, a removable storage bin, and LED lighting that gives it that extra flare. This is a sharp looking unit and would look any location in your home. This ice maker can be used as a stand alone unit, built into your cabinets, or incorporated into a home bar, kitchen or storage room.

As I mentioned above, this ice maker can be placed on a patio and used outside. If you are looking for a clear ice maker that can be used outside or inside then this is your pick.

Ice Production65 lbs a day
Ice Storage25 lbs
Dimensions23.4 x 14.6 x 32.6 inches
Front VentingYes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerBuilt-in / Freestanding / Outdoor Use
Where Can I Buy It?

This ice maker has overflow prevention as well and is easy to operate. I found that it was quiet and its energy efficient which is a big plus. Overall, this is a great ice maker and the outdoor use is a bonus.

#3. EdgeStar IB450SSP Undercounter Ice Maker

This Edgestar ice maker produces 50 pounds of clear ice every day. This unit does not produce individual cubes but sheets of ice which means that they will have to be broken apart. The ice is clear and is restaurant quality.

This undercounter ice maker is front vented which means it can be built into your kitchen design. It’s built with commercial-grade stainless steel and has an attractive design. I have no doubt that this ice maker will fit into the decor of your home.

The Edgestar IB450SSP is front vented which means you can have it installed right inside your cabinets. This makes this ice maker blend right into your kitchen. It’s not a light unit weighing about 78 pounds, but it’s properly not going to be moved a round a lot anyway. Most people are going to use this as an undercounter ice maker either in a home bar or kitchen. Some may use this ice maker in a rec room as a stand along unit, but no one is going to be transporting it from place to place.

Ice Production50 lbs a day
Ice Storage25 lbs
Dimensions32.8″ H x 15″ W x 23.6″ D
Front VentingYes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerBuilt-in / Freestanding
Where Can I Buy It?

This ice maker can store 25 lbs of ice every day and the bin is removal which makes it easier to get to the ice. The legs for levelling this ice maker is adjustable and it comes with everything you need to begin.

It’s easy to install. The drain hose is included and the controls are all computerized to make operating this unit seamless.

Overall, this is a great ice maker for the price. The reviews are positive and the quality is great. This is a great pick for an undercounter ice maker that produces high-quality clear ice.

The Best Commercial Ice Makers That Make Clear Ice

Below are the top commercial ice makers that produce wonderful clear ice for your business. It is recommended that you add a water filter to the water line to ensure that your ice is clean and that it’s always clear.

If you need to know how much ice you’re going to need for your business then click here to learn more.

#1. Scotsman CU0515GA

The Scotsman CU515GA commercial ice maker produces 84 pounds of ice each day. This ice maker has. a storage bin of 24 lbs of ice at one time.

Its durable stainless steel and undercounter design means that you are able to install this maker where the ice is easily accessible.

If you install this ice maker you’re going to need to install a floor drain so that the melted ice can exit the unit. If you do not have a floor drain then you’re going to meed to purchase a pump for draining the water to the nearest outlet.

Ice Production84 lbs a day
Ice Storage24 lbs
Dimensions23 x 15 x 33 inches
Front VentingYes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerCommercial
Where Can I Buy It?

The Scotsman CU515GA is a professional, commercial ice maker that’s going to need some time to install. You’re going to need a 3/8” waterline and a  1/2″ ball valve to ensure that your water maker is installed properly. A standard 1/4″ ‘saddle valve’ for refrigerator ice makers will not do. If you water pressure is higher than normal then I recommend you install a pressure regulator as well to make your water pressure to 40-50 PSI.

#2. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker

The Euhomy commercial ice maker is a budget unit that produces 100 lbs of clear ice every day. This unit is designed with front venting so that I can be placed under your counters. It stores 33 lbs of ice at one time.

This unit is made from high-quality stainless steel. It’s not the best designed ice maker when it comes to looks, but looks isn’t everything. This ice maker does the job and the reviews online show that people enjoy using this unit.

This ice maker produces 45 ice cubes every 15 minutes. The ice comes out as sheets and can easily broken apart by using your ice scoop. You’re going to need install an water line to feed this unit with water and a drain line will need to be installed so that the melted ice has an outlet.

Ice Production100 lbs a day
Ice Storage33 lbs
Front VentingYes
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerCommercial
Where Can I Buy It?

All of your controls are on the front of the unit. This allows you to run a clean cycle, set the ice thickness and alerts when your ice storage bin is full.

This ice maker would be good for those looking for a larger ice maker at home then 48 lbs of ice. Above, I have listed great portable ice makers that produce clear ice that’s great for home-use, but if you are looking for a larger unit then this ice maker would be good for you. Anyone looking for a cheaper option for their business should consider the Euhomy Commercial ice maker. This would work very well for those who own a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop.

Click on the link above and head over to Amazon to read the reviews on this fantastic ice maker.

#3. Maxx Ice MIM370N-B470

The Maxx Ice NIM370N-B470 is a large capacity ice maker that produces wonderfully clear ice. This large unit produces 385 pounds of ice every day and can store 470 pounds of ice at one time.

This ice maker is perfect for a large scale business that goes through a lot ice and always needs ice available to serve.

One the top left of the ice maker you have all your controls. This LCD screen gives you options such as ice thickness, cleaning cycle and service information.

Ice Production385 lbs a day
Ice Storage470 lbs
Dimensions30 x 34 x 62.4 inches
Front VentingNo
Type of IceClear Cubed
Type of Ice MakerCommercial
Where Can I Buy It?

The ice bin has an LED light so that you can see how much ice is available in the dark. The bin also uses a thick 2” polyurethane insulation so that the ice inside the bin melts slower. The ice will melt over time though so you’re going to install a  3/4”  gravity drain for an outlet. A waterline will also need to be installed and I would recommend that you add a water filter to the unit to ensure that its ice is clear and clean. This ice maker has a air cooled compressor and four levelling legs to help you level your unit in any scenario.

This ice maker comes with the manual, a drain Hose, its power cord, levelling legs, and an ice scoop. I would recommend this unit for larger food establishments, hotels, or bars.

The Best Clear Ice Molds

If you are not willing to spend hundred or even thousands of dollars on an ice maker, then maybe your best choice is a clear ice mold to help you achieve crystal clear ice.

We have added the top crystal ice molds for your consideration below. We also added Amazon links to direct you to the correct product and give you further information and reviews.  

#1. The Glacio Clear Sphere Ice Duo

The Glacio Clear Sphere Ice Duo is a perfect way of creating 2 crystal-clear slow melting spheres for your beverages. This product is going to Keep your drink colder for a longer period of time and you don’t have to worry about diluting it.

This product is going to produce two crystal clear spheres every single time. All you have to do is fill the molds with water and place them in your freezer. Wait for a few hours and then you’re going to be amazed at the sight of these crystal balls of clear ice. These molds are made from BPA-free non-toxic silicone. The Glacio Clear Sphere Ice Duo also comes in cubes.

Ice ShapeSphere or Cubed
MaterialsBPA-Free Silicone
Where Can I Buy It?

This is a great tool for every home bar or non-alcohol drinkers alike. It makes a great gift and is built with durable, food grade material.

Click on the link above to check out the price and read more reviews.

#2. The True Cubes Clear Ice Cube Tray

With the True Cubes Clear Ice Cube Tray you can make clear ice from your tap water.

This product makes 4 crystal clear ice cubes all while removing 95% of TDS and metals. This ice mold is simple to use. All you need to do is add water into the mold and wait 18-22 hours for crystal clear ice. Your ice isn’t just going to look great it’s going to be odorless and tasteless so that you can enjoy your beverage the way it was supposed to be.

Ice ShapeCubed
Size 2″ x 2″ x 2″
MaterialsBPA-Free Material
Where Can I Buy It?

Now you don’t have to taste everything else in your freezer, taste only your drink with these BPA-free ice molds. Don’t use regular ice cube trays for you beverage, give them the respect that it deserves.

You can click on the link above and head over to Amazon to read more about these incredible ice molds and read some reviews to help you buy with confidence.

#3. OnTheRocks – Crystal-Clear Ice Cube & Diamond Maker

OnTheRocks crystal clear ice maker is a perfect addition to your home. This simple-to-use system will give you the ability to produce spheres, cubes or different-shaped ice pieces for your beverages. When you click on the link below you’re going to notice different products you can choose for different sizes and shapes. This means that the OnTheRoks ice mold can be used for several different occasions.

This system pushes dissolved minerals out of your glass leaving you with a super pure product. These huge 2” objects are going to keep your beverage colder for a longer period of time without destroying its taste.

Ice ShapeSphere
Size 2″
MaterialsBPA-Free Material
Where Can I Buy It?

You can store these clear ice balls, cubes or shapes into your freezer for later use and it will not affect its clarity. This means that you can always gourmet ice available for your guests.

The OnTheRocks ice mold allows you to be creative. You can take the cubes, spheres, shapes or blocks of ice and use them for however and whomever you desire. You can use them for a punch bowl, your individual beverage or to chill drinks in a large container.

Click on the link above to head over to Amazon and read more about the OnTheRocks ice mold.

My Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to read this article today. I hope that your questions have been answered, and that you found the best clear ice maker that’s right for you.

When you have clear ice for your home or business it brings everything to a new level. Mixologists know the importance of solid clear ice and how it impacts the taste of your drinks.

One of these ice makers will serve you well, and bring you excellent clear ice for years to come.

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  1. Hi!
    It would be awesome if you can include COMMERCIAL clear ice machines that makes cubes (not gigantic blocks)

  2. I am surprised why more attention isn’t given to the style and clarity of the ice, my major concerns. I must have clear and I want cubes. I am seriously looking at YOUR suggestions b/c I cannot trust my Samsung frig ice maker anymore and refuse to spend more on repair. To ask some personal advice: I am 72, widowed and am afraid of limited ability to clean and handle the machines b/c of weight and size. I am leaning toward the Sentern or Luna and will use them, then put away after desired amount of ice is accumulated. Whatever I choose, I will not be making ice 24/7 unless I have company so speed isn’t my concern. Do you agree with my selections? Just the look of the cloudy bullet shaped ice in a glass of liquid makes me sick.

    • Ice Maker Geeks Reply

      Both the Sentern and the Luma Comfort IM200SS portable ice makers weigh the same at 25 lbs. It’s not the heaviest ice maker on the market, but I wouldn’t want to be carrying it around a lot. The ice quality for both of these machines (Sentern and Luma) are the same. They produce clear cubes of ice that often need to be broken apart to use. These are both great units. It all comes down to how much ice you want. The Luma only produces 26lbs of ice a day, and the Sentern Portable Ice Maker produces 48 lbs of ice each day. Personally, I would go for the unit that produces the most ice that way I am covered if I have company. You can check out the price of the Senern Portable Ice Maker on Amazon here.

  3. Thank you for your reply. So sick of “hoping” Samsung frig maker will decide to work and tired of putting $$ in it. Lost husband a year ago and afraid to make purchases of anything more mechanical than a nail file without some advice. :( The Sentern sounds good to me too! Bless your heart for helping me!!!
    Love a good Manhattan with ice and they will look sooo much better with a few clear ice cubes.
    Thank you thank you.

  4. Just received my new Sentern Ice maker and am surprised how quiet this is! Just a low hum. The first couple of batches are test cubes so I quickly added some tap water and am seeing that they aren’t completely clear. I am assuming that was my first mistake? Also adding some time equals the full cube I was hoping for. Thank you again for your advice.

    • Ice Maker Geeks Reply

      It’s probably better to use distilled water for clearer ice. This is a great unit and I am glad that you like it.

  5. Patricia Arata Reply

    I took your advice and make my ice from distilled water and get perfectly clear ice. Thank you, I’m thrilled.
    My clear ice is then stored separately.
    I also make ice to fill my ice dispenser in my Samsung frig, it dispenses ice, just never makes it. I use filtered water for just regular use ice.
    However, this is the absolute truth although probably unbelievable: as soon as I start filling my ice dispenser with my Sentern Ice, my Samsung frig starts making ice too. Is it jealous?

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