Commercial Ice Cream Maker

The Best Commercial Ice Cream Makers for Your Business or Home

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Are you looking to begin a refreshing adventure of opening your own ice cream shop or ice cream truck? You get to be your own boss, but you also get the “inside scoop” on all the newest ice cream products and flavors while you become a hero to your local community.

My family loves going for ice cream on those hot summer days – it’s the highlight of our summer.

Ice cream, though not for everybody, is most people’s favorite dessert. It is a mixture of rich, sweet, perfected flavors and is a magically decadent dessert. This is why people will say you cannot buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream, and that is pretty much the same thing.

Ice cream is a safe haven, especially to those who have a sweet tooth and it a perfect addition to any business.

However, as with any business, opening your very own ice cream shop is not always a life of hot fudge sundaes and sprinkle toppings, unless you have the best, reliable partner—your ice cream maker! There is no way around it – you need a reliable commercial ice maker if you are going to be successful with any business that’s going to sell ice cream.

Finding the right ice cream maker for your shop is not a simple task for a business owner.

You have to be careful which ice cream maker you purchase because not all ice cream machines are created equal. The right unit will make you money in the long run, and save you time and hassle.

We did some research of our own and came up with some units that’s worth your dollars. These units fit our qualifications on what makes a good commercial ice maker and we believe these units will work well for you.

The VEVOR 2200W Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Review

In buying an ice cream maker for commercial use, the most important feature to consider is the ease of use. Electric ice cream machines with powerful compressors are the easiest to use, and they can whip out several ice cream batches without long lead times and intermittent breaks.

A complaint that we hear all of the time at Ice Maker Geeks is that the commercial ice cream maker they purchased for their ice cream shop is too complicated to operate. They reach out to us for advice, but it’s hard to help them out without ever using or seeing the product.

This ice maker comes in two sizes: a 20-28L version and a 5.3 to a 7.4 gallon version. We have listed them below with information from Amazon, and the best price available.

Vevor boasts that their ice cream machines are made from high-quality and stable electrical elements, and are using advanced production technology which is easy, safe, and reliable to operate.

Their products are equipped with a compressor from a world-famous brand, which ensures a stable and reliable refrigerating system, large production, and low power consumption. These feature helps you make more ice cream, thus generating more income without spending so much in the long run.

VEVOR 2200W Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine is equipped with a powerful compressor, two 7L (1.8 Gallons) food-grade plastic hoppers, high-efficient radiator, and R410a refrigerating fluid.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the ice cream made. This ice cream machine should produce premium quality ice cream if it’s properly maintained which includes regularly cleaning. With its smart LCD panel, the production of ice cream is simple, practical, and inexpensive.

Need a professional, commercial ice maker for your business? We have the top products here.

You can freely customize your soft serve ice cream according to different tastes. With the LED display design, you can control the quantity, hardness, and temperature at any time. Also, with two built-in food grade containers for ice cream making, this soft ice cream machine can be used to make three flavors of ice cream, including two single flavors and one mix flavor, for a variety of tastes.

Don’t need a commercial ice cream maker? Check out on these top units for your home.

I absolutely love the chocolate and vanilla swirl! It’s totally doable with this commercial ice cream maker.

The VEVOR 2200W Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine allows you to control what goes into your ice-cold dessert. During the mixing, add your favorite foods, whether it’s meringue, berries, chocolate chips or fragments of your favorite types of nuts.

This ice cream maker is designed with a 2×6 liter capacity to meet the daily ice cream needs of your business or family. With four shape hats, this ice cream maker can be used to make four different ice cream shapes.

The third important thing to consider in buying an ice cream machine for your ice cream shop or restaurant is the ease of cleaning. Every ice cream maker should be cleaned to avoid build-up of dirt or bacteria that will contaminate your product.

Soft Ice Cream Treats

If you serve bad ice cream then you’re going to lose money in the long haul – keep your machine clean for premium ice cream every time.

Hygiene is the key to ice cream production. You do not want to end up with harmful psychrotrophs that may produce poisonous metabolites in the ice cream.

The Vevor’s ice cream maker has a one-click cleaning function that enables quick and automatic machine cleaning. When you need to clean your ice cream machine, pour water into the hopper and press the clean button, three to five minutes later, press down the handle to discharge the water completely. Viola! An easy way to clean your machine and a super clean ice cream maker that’s going to produce amazing, fresh ice cream. This is a must-have feature and worth the investment of this ice cream maker for your business.

Its body is constructed of stainless steel material not only to protect it from rust but also is elegant, durable, sturdy, and easy to clean.

The last thing to consider is the value for your money. With this Vevor Ice Cream Machine, you can never go wrong. You get the best ice cream maker for its price – hands down!

Some additional features of this machine are its detachable drip tray and external cone holder. The drip tray is designed to prevent water or ice cream from dripping on the ground, thus ensuring the neatness of the working environment around you.

Its upgraded cone holder is placed outside the machine so that the ice cream cones do not get damp, and the cone holder’s capacity is larger.

Not only is this a great ice cream maker for your business, but it would also work well in any home environment. If you are looking to purchase a non-expensive ice cream maker for your family room or den, then I would suggest that you click on the link above and read more about this ice cream maker on Amazon.

It’s a great commercial ice cream maker at an excellent price.

COSTWAY Commercial Ice Cream Machine Review

If you are passionate about ice cream and opening an ice cream parlor-type business, then keep on reading. With a physical location already secured, next, you need the proper ice cream shop equipment. That’s why we are here – to help make an informed decision.

The ice cream maker above (The VEVOR 2200W) is a great choice for your business or home, the next ice cream maker that we want to mention is very similar with few differences.

The COSTWAY Commercial Ice Cream Machine will help you with the ice cream production, so you can return your focus on creating the next greatest flavor combination.

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It can serve up to 28 liters of soft and hard ice cream per hour, and it has two six liters food-grade stainless steel hoppers.

This machine is designed specifically for ease of use, production, and making excellent ice cream. It can be used to make three flavors of ice cream- – two single flavors and one mix flavor (Combining the two single flavors into one).

This machine helps you reinvent or recreate a new flavored ice cream that people will surely love.

It also comes with four shaped hats, so four types of ice cream can bring more enjoyment to ice cream lovers.

This ice cream machine also aced our top priorities in choosing a commercial ice cream maker– easy to use, makes good quality ice cream, and easy to clean.

This machine is equipped with a robust Toshiba compressor, quick cooling, and is energy-efficient, making it an ideal part of your dessert shop or restaurant.

This heavy-duty ice cream maker has an intelligent control panel that is simple to operate and allows you to control the process in every detail. The LCD display intuitively displays the working condition of the unit, and you can control the quantity, hardness, and temperature at any time.

It also has a one-click cleaning function and a detachable tray for easy cleaning and prevents the ice cream from dripping.

It is made of stainless steel materials that protect it from any contamination and make it easy to clean the entire unit.

Its large cooling vents enhances the ice cream maker’s efficiency of cold and heat conversion and ensures excellent heat dissipation. Therefore, this ice cream machine can serve you fresh, clean, cool ice cream for a long time.

Another add-on to this machine is its ergonomic handle that features a power grip that makes the operator aligns their fingers in a manner where they work in conjunction with each other to maximize the hand capacity.

This ice cream maker is used in countless restaurants, cafes, snack shops, fast food shops, supermarkets, and other places with large ice cream demands. Without a lot of effort, soft ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet can be made quickly.

VEVOR 1400W Commercial Ice Cream Machine

If you want ice cream and lots of it, but are not interested in spending a boat-load of money, this next ice cream maker is probably your solution.

The VEVOR 1400W Commercial Ice Cream Machine is perfect for commercial or home use. Most people will purchase this ice cream maker for their bar, cafe, dessert shop, restaurant, fruit juice bar, hotel, or bakery and they absolutely love it.

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This is Vevor’s newly designed hard ice cream machine, a great assistant in your ice cream shop. This commercial ice cream machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and strong. It looks elegant and delicate, and it can match any theme you prefer for your store. It is also anti-rust and effortless to clean.

Refrigeration performance is the core feature of all ice cream machines. This Vevor ice cream maker is equipped with independent cold bridge technology, which can prevent cold-loss effectively.

This commercial ice cream maker’s powerful performance features an extra-large refrigeration cylinder and rapid freezing. It can produce 10 liters of hard ice cream within 30 minutes, 20 liters within an hour.

The company has upgraded this machine, and this equipment is designed with a completely new concept.

Its brand new LCD display has a more technical feeling, providing a visual screen with the time used and a more precise operation interface.

After your processed ice cream is prepared, the machine will announce to you by a prompt tone. Temperature, hardness, and the quantity of ice cream can be displayed on the screen for direct observation.

The one-click cleaning enables quick and automatic cleaning. This is probably one of our most used and loved features in this unit.

This machine has a one-time injected feed port made of food-grade, high-quality PVC, which enables high perspectivity and durability.

It features a powerful 3000/min rotate speed, qualified for high demanding puffing, a sealing system for your ingredients made by high-quality o-shaped detent ring, protecting your ingredients from leakage.

The air vents are a rectangle-shaped grid. These air-vents keep the temperature maintained and prevent machine damage costs by high temperatures.

The Hitachi compressor, which this ice maker uses, is the best in the business. It solves the noise problem caused by refrigeration. The volume of this ice maker only reaches 40dba while cooling and has no noise if it’s not cooling.

It has a professional machine design with thick PC plastic baffle, anti-skip rubber pads, and high-speed rotary agitator.

The premium air compressor has a full copper core, features rapid cooling, energy-saving, and low noise.

The side of the ice cream machine has great ventilation, which enhances the efficiency of cold and heat conversion and ensures excellent heat distribution.

If you are on a tight budget but want a good and reliable ice cream maker, you can rely on this machine.

Vinmax Commercial Ice Cream Machine Soft Serve

This ice cream maker is a portable standalone machine with rolling wheels– four 360 degree rolling casters, two with a foot brake. It’s a stable unit and can be easily moved to wherever you wish.

This ice cream maker is a great space saver, for it does not occupy any space on your countertop and can be placed anywhere in your store.

This multi-function ice cream maker can be used to make three flavors and one mix flavor so you can invent any combination that suits your taste.

Its automatic operation, easy to use microcomputer system, controls the process. This ice cream machine is equipped with an LED screen that intuitively displays the working condition of the unit. It has a stable and reliable refrigeration system, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.

It yields up to 20 liters of 5.3 gallons of soft ice cream per hour. Its high-efficiency stainless steel evaporator is safe and healthy, and is fast freezing. It is also equipped with a pure copper tube condenser that enhances the efficiency of cold and heat conversion to ensure excellent heat dispersal.

Its high-quality hopper lid protects raw material from contamination.

It has a one-click cleaning function: wherein you just have to pour water into the hopper and press the CLEAN button. After 3 to 5 minutes, press down the handle to discharge the water completely. This ice cream machine’s detachable tray helps it to clean quickly and to prevent ice cream from dripping.

This has a user-friendly design handle, very comfortable, and convenient to use.

People say that it seems a bit pricey for an ice cream maker. However, with the features, ease of use, and durability, you are doing yourself a favor and will help save yourself save in the long run.

Spend a little extra for convenience, and you will notice the savings in the end.

Enshey Commercial Ice Cream Machine

You are looking for a retro ice cream machine that will not only be a good companion in your ice cream shop but will also fit into the retro theme of your shop.

Not only does it catch the attention of your prospective clients with its head-turning design, it also provides you with the perfect ice cream for your business.

This Commercial ice cream maker’s working voltage is 110V and uses 2000W of power.

It makes up to 20 liters per hour of soft-serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or sorbet. The production is simple, practical, and inexpensive, and can you can change it up according to different tastes.

You can combine a variety of fruits, can-died fruit, or sugary liquid into the ice machine and make some pretty awesome summer treats. Can you imagine all the people lining up to your ice cream shop or ice cream truck to taste your creations?

It has a durable construction with stainless steel panels and auto consistency control.

This ice cream maker is equipped with a high-quality compressor, can effectively solve the noise problems caused by refrigeration – non-cooling 0 noise, and running lower to 40 dba.

You can mix and match different colors and flavors to come up with your nutritious, refreshing, and rich signature ice cream.


There are indeed a lot of ice cream machines to choose from in the market. As a future shop owner, you have to be keen on examining all your prospect ice cream machines’ features and details and which ice cream maker would benefit your business the best.

Do not forget the most important things to consider when buying an ice cream maker for your business or home.

Ease of Use

In choosing your perfect ice cream machine, consider how easy it is to operate and how efficient and reliable the unit is. Will it cater to the number of expected customer orders? Or will you have to wait long hours before the ice cream is ready to be served?

Check the compressor of the machine. Its reliability depends on the quality of its compressor. A good, dependable compressor in an ice cream machine may be pricey, but it will help you save lots of money in maintenance in the long run.

Remember, ease of use equates to less hassle, which makes you more ice cream for your sweet-toothed customers.

Quality of Ice Cream

Another thing to consider is the quality of the ice cream. What type of ice cream do you want to make and sell? Most restaurants or ice cream stores use a hard or soft-serve ice cream machine.

The cheaper ice cream makers will only give you one ice cream flavor at a time, but if you are willing to spend a little extra, you can purchase a machine that yields three flavors of ice cream—two independent flavors and one mix flavor.

Spending extra bucks will bring you more ice cream, resulting in more money to be made for your business.

Cleaning and Saftey

It is also important to note that the safety of the product you sell is the top priority. You have to consider the ease of cleaning in choosing your machine. Food products must be well taken care of to avoid contamination. The cleaning of your ice cream maker must always be done regularly to secure the purity of the ice cream.

Having a one-click cleaning feature is a big deal, and should be a feature that you do not compromise on. This feature will let you clean your ice cream maker by pressing a single button and waiting for only three to five minutes, then draining the water. This feature saves you time and effort.

The materials used in the machine should also be corrosion-free, so a stainless steel body is always recommended.

Your Budget

If you are planning on venturing out and starting an ice cream parlor, restaurant, or an ice cream truck, then purchasing an ice cream maker is a must. Not all machines are created equal and have different features and quality, but it’s recommended that you buy the most expensive unit you can afford.

However, cheap products do not necessarily mean you save in the long run. You may think you hit the jackpot in getting a cheap ice cream machine, but in the long term, the maintenance costs will soon add up.

Sometimes, spending extra money will help you save marginally in the end.

Check the product carefully you’re contemplating purchasing and settle for an efficient and reliable machine.

You may always refer to this guide to check out the best ice cream machines we recommend.


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