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The Best Undercounter Ice Makers for Outside

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A backyard kitchen is not complete without an undercounter ice maker. It makes summer living exciting, and convenient and brings completion to your outside kitchen.

The U-Line UOCR115SS01A Best Values

This elegant ice maker is perfect for your outside parties, by the pool, or built-in your outside kitchen.
Produces 25 pounds of crescent ice each day.

U-Line UONP115SS01A Nugget Ice

This outdoor ice maker produces soft, chewable nugget ice.
Produces 30 pounds of nugget ice each day.

Summit BIM24OSBASE34 Cubed Ice

This outdoor ice maker is prepared for whatever is thrown at it. It’s compact and wrapped in 304 grade stainless steel.
Produces 12 pounds of crescent ice each day

RCS REFR3 Cubed Ice

This outside undercounter ice maker is designed to store your ice for a very long time.
Produces 44 pounds of cube ice each day

Maxx Ice MIM50PO cubed ice

This outdoor ice maker is a great unit for your outside kitchen. It produces enough ice for any occasion, and has a self-cleaning function.
Produces 65 pounds of ice cubes each day.

Blaze BLZICEMKR50GR cubed ice

A cool blue LED illuminates the contents inside, making it easy to see when you reach for the ice.
Produces 50 pounds of cubed ice each day.
Scotsman SCN60PA1SS

Scotsman SCN60PA1SS Nugget ice

If you are looking for a lot of nugget ice, this outdoor ice maker is for you. It’s a lot of nugget ice from a trusted brand.
This ice maker produces 80 pounds of nugget ice each day.

U-Line ULNBI95FCB03A Crescent ice

The Marine series features durability and aesthetics, as well as exceptional ice production and refrigeration capacity.
Produces 12 pounds of crescent ice each day.

Orien FS50IMOD cubed ice

The Orien outdoor ice maker and ice machine feature a full 304 stainless steel door and body.
Produces 25 pounds of cubed ice each day.

U-Line ULNBI95FCB20A crescent ice

The Marine series features durability and aesthetics, as well as exceptional ice production and refrigeration capacity, for use above and below deck.
Produces 12 pounds of crescent ice each day.

Imagine the convenience of serving friends, family, and neighbors from the comfort of your backyard without having to go into your kitchen to refill on ice. Think about sitting by your pool with the simplicity of getting ice whenever you want it.

Undercounter ice makers are becoming very popular and a must-have appliance for every outdoor kitchen and home bar. Undercounter ice makers are the best choice for continuous production of ice without wasting your counter space, they can hide and perfectly fit any décor, just like a dishwasher or cooking range.

Why You Need an Ice Maker Outside?

One of the most significant benefits of having an outdoor ice maker is the convenience it offers you. No more navigating in and out of the house during summer to cool your beverage, and no more allowing your air conditioning to escape or dirt to be tracked into the house when people are searching for ice.

Purchasing an outdoor ice maker helps eliminate all these minor issues.

With just a simple switch of a button, enough ice will be available for everyone at any given point in time, and it will be available outside for everyone’s convenience. You just cannot build an outdoor patio or kitchen and not incorporate an ice maker.

Another benefit of purchasing an outdoor ice maker is that you will be confident of having clean ice available all of the time. Outdoor ice makers come with a built-in water filter, specifically designed to purify water before freezing it. Therefore, you’re certain that your ice will be pure. You shouldn’t have to use bags of ice for your guests! An undercounter ice maker provides you with clean, clear ice whenever you need it, and you don’t need to use bagged ice for your guests.

The Best Undercounter Ice Makers for Outside
Group of friends making barbecue in the backyard, drinking beverages and having fun on a sunny summer day

Outdoor ice makers are a great way of making your backyard grill set up or bar have a modern look. I just believe that every outdoor kitchen, if it’s going to be done correctly, needs to have a mini-fridge and an ice maker. The added convenience an ice maker brings makes it worth every cent you spend to purchase it.

Also, with proper care and maintenance, your ice maker will last a long time. Depending on the brand you choose, each ice maker will come with features and accessories like an ice scoop, a removable plastic bin, a digital thermostat, a stainless steel exterior, different cube styles, and sizes.

Having an outdoor ice maker is perfect for outdoor entertainment and summer parties. Whether you’re planning an outdoor party by the pool or organizing a summer BBQ bash, running out of ice in the middle of the celebration is not something you want to experience.  

That’s where investing in a top-rated ice maker comes to place! You might think the ice trays in your freezer are enough to serve such purpose, but for larger outdoor parties, you need more ice that those trays cannot provide.

Outdoor ice makers are easy to use and perfect for all outdoor activities. A high-quality ice maker is the perfect companion for your outdoor kitchen, and won’t leave your drinks at room temperature.

We have searched the internet and have composed the top ten undercounter ice makers for your backyard. Choose one of the selected models below for a perfect ice maker for outside.

We have added links to the best prices available on the internet. Use the links to go directly to the product, so you make sure that you are getting the right ice maker in this review.

The Top Best 10 Undercounter Ice Makers

Are you looking for the best undercounter ice maker to buy? Look no further; you are in the right place. In this post, we will review the top 10 best undercounter ice makers for using outside this year. We will also talk about the factors you need to consider before buying any undercounter ice maker in our buyer’s guide at the end of this article.

The U-Line UOCR115SS01A

This undercounter ice maker is one of our top picks for an outside ice maker. The 15″ U-Line Outdoor Series Freestanding ice maker will be the best addition to your outdoor bar or kitchen setup. It features four adjustable levelling legs, 25 pounds of ice storage at one time, 25 pounds of daily ice production, and crescent ice.

One of the features that give this outdoor undercounter ice maker the edge over other brands is that it can make crescent ice. Crescent ice is known to be the best form of ice on the market. The ice cubes are very hard, frozen, and lasts longer in cups, thus keeping your drinks chilled for a longer period of time.

This ice maker also gives you a reversible door hinge which offers you zero hassle and zero obstruction. The reversible door hinge makes the installation process easy and comfortable.

Another significant advantage of buying this undercounter ice maker is that it has UL certification. This is backed by years of proven safety expertise. Also, the ice machine comes with a one-year limited warranty, therefore, it is worth every penny, since you can return it for a replacement if it develops any faults within the warranty period.


  • It has a stainless-steel handle
  • The On/Off switch is located on the lower part of the unit
  • It can produce about 25lbs of ice daily and can store up to 25lbs of ice
  • It has four adjustable leveling legs for comfort
  • It does not require a drainage system


  • It’s expensive.

U-Line UONP115SS01A

The U-Line UONP115SS01A undercounter ice maker is a top-rated model because of it’s incredible ice production and storage capabilities.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly ice machine, this outdoor ice maker is going to meet your needs. It has a beautiful design that complements your décor. Also, you can even decide to install it in an already designed cabinet.

The UL rating ensures that even after years of usage, this ice maker is going to last for years to come.

It comes with a digital touchpad control, which is located at the upper face of the ice machine. A 5-year sealed system parts warranty, which is one of the best undercounter ice maker warranty that you should buy. It offers you a guarantee for every penny you spend on it.

One feature worthy of mention is the cleaning indicator, which has an indicator alert that notifies you when the machine is due for a cleaning. By far this is one of the easiest nugget ice machine cleaning process you can find on the market.


  • LED indicator light
  • 30-45lbs storage capacity
  • It produces about 90lbs of ice daily and has an in-built freezer that stores about half of the ice produced
  • Blue LED display for regulating the daily output of the machine
  • LED indicator light to indicate when the unit requires cleaning
  • It comes with a drain pump


  • The instruction manual is somewhat difficult to understand. Therefore, you might find it challenging to understand how to use some of this unit’s additional features.

Summit BIM24OSBASE34

If you are looking for an undercounter ice maker for small gatherings, this stainless-steel ice machine is suitable for you.

It is not suitable for large parties because it only has a production capacity of about 12lbs, but it is still a great overall outdoor ice maker.

This is a new model from the SUMMIT brand. It’s a compact ice machine with UL certification and fully enveloped in 304-grade stainless steel, this undercounter ice maker is designed to stand firmly with its robust and elegant design.

This weather-proof ice maker has a sealed back to protect all the electrical components. It also comes with SUMMIT’s GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which offers a more excellent level of protection compared to other brands. The circuit automatically resets the ice machine each time there is a power failure.

Although the SUMMIT BIM24OSBase34 undercounter ice maker is designed for an easy built-in installation under constructed counters, it can also function as a freestanding unit.

You can mount it on a lower base to raise it to an adjustable height between 33 inches to 34 inches. Another significant feature you will love is the stainless-steel cabinet, which offers convenient options with respect to safely storing outdoor utensils and other ice maker accessories.


  • It is eco-friendly
  • GFCI units automatically resets the machine in cases of power failure
  • Amazing safety measures and features
  • Exceptional weatherproof design
  • Does not require a drain


  • It has a very low production capacity and is not suitable for large gatherings.


Although the RCS 26 pound outdoor ice maker isn’t a well-known brand compared to other top-rated undercounter icemakers on this list, it is still a great ice maker and a great brand.

One of the main features that stand out with this particular undercounter ice maker out is the automatic error-detecting functionality.

Anytime the system detects an error, it will automatically switch into the error-detecting mode to ensure that the unit is still in good operating condition. Also, the reversible door hinges make the installation process super easy and fast.

This icemaker can also be used in built-in counters or as aa freestanding unit. Best of all, this outside ice maker comes with a five-year limited warranty. Be sides that, it has a special cleaning mode that completely removes all the water in the water lines and ensures that you are producing clean ice every time.

If you want your ice to be stored for a long time, then this ice maker is perfect for you because it comes with cyclopentane foam insulated bin suited for that purpose.


  • It has a production capacity of about 44lbs per day as well as a storage capacity of 26lbs
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Compact construction
  • Front venting design


  • You might encounter some difficulty when installing it alone. You need to hire an expert to help you out.

Maxx Ice MIM50PO

When it comes to high quality outdoor undercounter ice makers, Maxx is a very prestigious and well-known brand whose expertise lies in producing outdoor refrigeration units.

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While the reputation and track record of the brand played a key role, the model’s features sponsored our decision to recommend it to users. The storage capacity is commendable as it can store up to 25lbs of ice which is exactly 50% of the production capacity.

One of the most attractive features of this undercounter icemaker is the LED interior lighting, which illuminates the unit’s interior. The light brightly turns on immediately when you open the door. In addition, this ice maker comes with an autofill prevention feature which helps you detect ice overflow and automatically shuts down the machine.

It has a beautiful and fitting design well suited for outdoor use and blends with exterior surroundings.

The fact that it has UL and NSF certifications means that it is 100% certified for outdoor use.


  • Automatic overfill prevention
  • Certified by energy star for effective and efficient operation
  • Attractive design
  • It has a production capacity of 65lbs of ice per day and a capable storage capacity of 25lbs


  • It does not have wheels; hence it cannot be moved around easily.


Whether you are organizing a big summer bash or an outdoor BBQ with friends and family, the large ice production capacity of the Blaze undercounter ice maker will never make you run out of ice in the middle of the celebration.

One of the features that stand out on this undercounter ice maker is the cool blue light option. With the interior light, you will easily locate everything you put inside the unit and it looks very cool.

With this outdoor ice maker, you are certain to have an enjoyable outdoor gathering, party or occasion, especially in the hot seasons. This ice machine is designed with high-quality stainless-steel material, which makes it highly durable. It also comes with a reversible door that allows you to swing the door in both directions.


  • It has a daily ice production capacity of 50lbs and can store up to 25lb of ice.
  • Digital temperature control panel & a built-in filter
  • It is easy to use and maintain


  • The price is on the high side

Scotsman SCN60PA1SS

With the ability to produce 80lbs of pure ice daily, this top-rated outdoor undercounter ice maker is a must-have appliance for all outdoor kitchens and home bars.

This undercounter ice maker produces enough ice to make it suitable for commercial purposes. The Scotsman SCN60PA1SS is significantly heavier and larger than most of the undercounter icemakers in the market; it measures 29.25 inches high by 14.875 wide.

Not only does this ice maker produce 80 pounds of ice each day, but it also stores 26 pounds of ice at one time. This stainless-steel undercounter ice maker is designed with WaterSense technology and can detect hard-water conditions and get rid of mineral-laden water at every freezing cycle.

This exceptional feature makes it able to produce pure ice no matter the water quality. The machine has been duly tested and meets all the NSF and UL international standards for outdoor use and safety. It is also certified by Energy Star for maximum effectiveness.


  • Fashionable design
  • Excellent output system
  • Fast ice production capacity
  • Long-lasting ice cubes
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • It is quite expensive
  • It is noisy and requires regular cleaning.


The U-Line ULNBI95FCB03A is an excellent undercounter ice maker that is highly efficient.

It is well suited to fit any counter (17 x 14 x 25.125 inches) and comes with a robust, easy to open-and-close black freezer door.

It produces about 23 pounds of ice daily, and can store up to 13 pounds of ice each day. This ice maker keeps your ice frozen for a long time compared to other brands that store ice without refrigeration capabilities. On a general note, it is good, efficient, durable, and easy to use. It has an excellent performance, which is why it has made it to our list.

It’s also important for us to note, that this ice maker would make a perfect addition, not only for any outdoor uses, but also for your boat. In fact, the design of this undercounter ice maker has marine use in mind.


  • This ice maker produces up to 23lbs of pure ice from 3 gallons of water
  • The ice remains frozen for a long time with minimum expenditure of energy
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Uses a small and simple hookup
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • It is portable and fits exterior décor
  • Great for marine use


  • The ice maker is ridiculously expensive, about twice the price of other models
  • It does not make nuggets or cubes (only crescent-shaped ice)

Orien FS50IMOD

The Orien FS50IMOD undercounter ice maker has a daily production capacity of 44lbs and a storage capacity of 25lbs.

It comes with an automatic overflow protection indicator and built-in refrigeration. The unit makes clear ice, which is perfect for alcoholic drinks like brandy because it does not water down the quality of your drinks.

The only drawback is that you might experience difficulty with the ice production. The ice comes out in sheets and not individually; therefore, you have to break it manually. This can be annoying for most individuals as it doesn’t provide “ready to use” ice cubes.


  • It has a robust and elegant design for an high quality undercounter ice maker
  • It is perfect for commercial use as it produces clear and pure ice


  • It is quite expensive
  • The ice needs to be broken up manually instead of cranking individually


If you are looking for an excellent undercounter icemaker to save both water and electricity consumption, you need this U-Line ULNBI95FCB20A ice maker.

U-Line is a prestigious brand known for producing durable and reliable appliances. This undercounter ice maker can produce up to 23lbs of ice per day and requires less than three gallons of water, helping you save on water and electricity.

This Marine undercounter ice maker has an exceptional refrigeration capacity, and ice production is well suited for use below and above the deck. It is corrosive resistant and comes with stainless steel hinges. The unit is designed to last for a long time. There are fasteners on the UV resistant cabinet for maximum comfort and convenience.


  • Works effectively and quietly to produce a significant amount of ice daily
  • Makes ice quickly compared to other brands
  • It is easy to use and install as it perfectly fits under the counter
  • It has a simple design and blends both outdoor and indoor décor


  • The doors don’t close properly
  • Traces of ice around the door region

Our Buyer’s Guide

Before you make a purchase of your undercounter ice maker for outside use, we put together some important facts that you should know.

Ice Quality

Different undercounter icemakers are suited for different types of drinks.

The best one depends on your preference, choice, and needs. If you want whiskey ice for your cocktails and outdoor parties, you need an ice maker that makes clear ice. On the other hand, if you need soft, chewable ice, you should look for an ice maker that makes nugget ice. Also, check out the size and shape of the ice cube the ice maker produces and how fast it melts in your beverage.

Ice Production

This is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider before choosing any undercounter ice maker.

The ice-making capacity is the production capacity of the ice machine. It refers to the quantity of ice a machine can produce in 24 hours.

You don’t want to experience the frustration that comes from buying a unit with a low production capacity, although the one you eventually choose depends on your need for ice. If you need a lot of ice or have a larger family, then we recommend you purchase a 50lb+ per day undercounter ice maker.

If you need a reasonable amount of ice to serve between 2 to 4 persons, then a 12lbs undercounter ice maker is perfect.

Storage Bin

The next important feature to look out for is the storage capacity. The storage capacity represents the maximum quantity of ice a machine’s storage bin can hold at one time. This is normally half the production capacity.

The more the quantity of ice you need, the higher the storage capacity needed. Another factor to consider in respect to the storage bin is whether it is refrigerated or insulated.

Some brands come with insulated bins meaning the stored ice will melt within a short time. The limitation of such a model is that it needs a drain connection for getting rid of the melted water.

Other brands come with a refrigerated storage bin. This means the ice cubes will remain solid for longer periods. With these models, there is no need for a drainage connection system.


When talking about the drainage of an under-counter icemaker, there are three possible scenarios: pump drainage, gravity drainage, and no drainage.

No drainage undercounter ice makers are the most convenient ice machines and are easy to install. Generally, refrigerated undercounter ice makers do not require drainage.

Gravity drainage undercounter ice makers require a drainage connection for getting rid of melted water.

Cooling System

The compressors in ice machines are cooled by either water or air. All modern undercounter icemakers have air-cooled compressors. Fans and vents circulate air from the compartment within the unit to cool down the compressor. Cool air is taken in for the sustenance of the cooling process while hotter air is vented out. 

Air-cooled undercounter ice makers make use of more energy and increase the costs of air conditioning because of the continuous release of hot air. They don’t require any extra water apart from the one used for ice making.

Water-cooled undercounter ice makers use water to cool the unit. The used hot water is released through the drain system. Water-cooled ice machines require less use of electricity but need a supply of water to function effectively. When looking for an undercounter icemaker, we recommend that you purchase an air-cooled one.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You should lookout for a machine that is easy to maintain and clean. Some undercounter ice makers have an in-built CLEAN button that automatically runs water for cleaning when you press it. This saves you the time and energy you put into cleaning the ice machine all by yourself.

Other Features

You should cross-check to see if the ice machine has a reversible door. This has a lot of benefits for you. Most importantly, it gives you the liberty to install the ice machine anywhere you choose without any cabinetry or walls obstructing the door from opening properly. Also, check to see if the custom panel is usable. This will allow you to customize the style of your undercounter ice maker easily.


There are different brands and models of under counter ice makers in the market today. Choosing the best can be tricky. We believe that with the information we have provided about each model in this review, you can easily select the best based on your budget, preference, and need.

Your outdoor paradise will never be the same when you install one of these outdoor ice makers. Use the links provided to get the best price.


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