Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker Review

Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker Review

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We have all seen the effects of overheating during the summer months. The solution is making sure that you drink plenty of liquids, and what better way to cool down during those hot summer days then with a refreshing cold beverage filled with wonderful clean ice. Having ice on hand to help lower our cool temperature is a great way to enjoy those hot days.

The Avalon Bay portable ice maker is the perfect solution for always having ice close by and making sure that you survive the dog days of summer.

This countertop ice maker is available in beautiful metallic silver, red or crisp, clean black, and it’s a countertop ice maker that will look great on your kitchen counter, wet bar or any room in your home or office.

Speaking of office, this would be a great ice maker for your home office or office lunchroom. It would provide your co-workers with ample ice for those long work days and give them a great way to cool off during those hard work weeks.

The Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker is Easy to Operate

There is no permanent installation or maintenance required to begin using this ice maker. This ice maker is very easy to keep clean and it runs super quiet.

This means that you can use this ice maker through the night and don’t have to worry about waking anyone from their sleep.

Information About The Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

This ice maker only uses 230 watts and 115 volts, yet it’s so powerful that it produces 26 pounds of ice each day.

Each ice cycle takes about 6-13 minutes and in no time you’re going to have wonderful ice to serve and enjoy. It produces 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes and you can choose which size you want the ice cubes to be – large or small.

The LED controls on the front of the unit are simple to use that even a child would be able to operate the unit. This ice maker has two light indicators that help you keep your ice maker working great. The first light indicator is for when you need to add more water into the water reservoir. The second light indicator is when the ice bin is full of ice and needs to be empty.

When you use your own purified or filtered water you get better ice than you would at a fancy restaurant, bar or store.

This ice maker only weights 20 lbs so it’s highly-portable. It can be used for any occasion and brought to any venue. This portable ice maker is perfect for campers, boat trips, BBQ’s or an RV.

No matter the venue this portable ice maker is going to be a great unit to produce refreshing ice time and time again.

What’s Included In The Box

This ice maker comes with a removable ice bin for storing your ice and it comes with an ice scoop for transporting your ice.

Setting Up The Avalon Bay Ice Maker

Setting up your ice maker simple. When You take it out of the box you’re going to want to wash it down with some soap and water. Make sure that you give the ice maker a good cleaning and then rinse it thoroughly.

Next, plug in the unit and fill the water reservoir with filtered water (not required but recommended) to the fill line. Now turn on the ice maker, select the ice size and you’re ready to start making ice.

Our Final Assessment of the Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

This is a great, compact ice maker. It’s a quiet machine and produces a great amount of ice each day. I recommend this ice maker for RV’s, camping or taking it with you pool parties or family gatherings. Because this ice maker only weighs 20 lbs, it’s one of the best portable ice makers to take with you on your travels.

This portable ice maker has great reviews online and boasts a 3.5/5 star rating.

We recommend this portable ice maker and it’s a part of our top five best portable ice makers online.

7.6 Total Score
Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker

The Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker is a compact unit that’s powerful and quiet. It’s a great ice maker for your next gathering. There are so many great ways you can use this portable ice maker: you can bring it camping with you, to a pool party or on your RV. The venues are endless with this great portable ice maker from Avalon Bay.

Reliability - Is It Made Well or High Quality?
Usability - Is It Easy to Use?
Affordability - Is It Worth the Price?
Capability - Does It Function as Advertised?
Desirability - Is It Nice To Look At?
  • Produces 26 Pounds of Ice Each Day
  • Light and Powerful
  • Quiet When It’s Running
  • Highly-Portable
  • Small Water Reservoir and Ice Storage Bin
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