I Finally Found the Best Learn-To-Read Program

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You’ve probably been on the search for the best learn-to-read program for some time now. I get it!

Finding the best program for your toddler or child to support their reading skills is essential. There are a lot of learn-to-read programs available out there, but not all of them deliver on their promises.

After months of researching the internet, I discovered what I believe is the best learn-to-read program, and in this article, I will explain and give you my results.

If your child is struggling to read, finding a solid learn-to-read program that gives them confidence and helps them develop good reading habits is a must.

But what should you even be looking for?

Before I reveal my top pick for a learn-to-read program, I want to discuss what a good reading program even looks like.

What to Look for in a Learn-To-Read Program

Here are the top features that I looked for when searching for a reading program for my child.

Easy to Follow

First, you want to ensure that the program is easy to follow and that the directions are straightforward.

Some reading programs are not designed for parents. These programs assume you have teaching experience, making the program almost impossible to navigate and understand. Stay clear of these programs, or you’ll spend most of your time trying to figure out how to use the program and not teaching your child how to read.

I know this from experience. I purchased a learn-to-read program that I just didn’t understand how it worked. After spending a day going through the instructions, I eventually gave up on it altogether.

A Successful Teaching Method

Not only do you want a program that’s easy to follow, but you’ll also want a program that actually works. One that doesn’t just make promises but has actual success stories.

Most reading programs are just a fancy way of providing your child with sight words to memorize. Maybe you’ve been searching online for downloadable sight words or worksheets to use with your child.

Using sight words to teach a child to read can be frustrating and ineffective. It’s not actually teaching your child to read; it’s just helping them memorize words. In fact, 75% of the words in most children’s books are indeed sight words. This means that a child is only memorizing the book and not actually learning how to form and sound out words. This is the WRONG way to teach a child to read.

This is how most reading programs operate, which means they don’t actually teach your child anything. These programs don’t give your child any tools or methods; they just give them words to memorize. It’s a waste of money, so don’t be fooled.

Fun and Enjoyable

The last thing that you want to give your child is more school. This is actually the problem with most learn-to-read programs – they are boring. They don’t teach your child to read; they only teach them that learning to read is boring, and they begin to hate the process.

In some of the programs I tested, my child would CRY when I told them it was time to go over reading drills. I had to beg them, fight with them and convince them that it would be fun – they knew it wouldn’t be fun.

You don’t want to fight with your child to do any reading program. You want a fun, exciting learning-to-read program that grabs their attention.

You want a world where they love learning how to read because they enjoy it, not you forcing them to learn to read. That’s no fun for you or them.


Lastly, you want a learn-to-read program that’s affordable.

You don’t want to be paying thousands of dollars or monthly payments. Teaching your child how to read is worth the investment, but we don’t have that much money to spend.

We need a program that gives us great value but doesn’t break the bank. I know that this was one of the big ones for me. I was on a fixed income and didn’t have hundreds of dollars extra to fork out though I knew it was worth it.

The Best Learn-To-Read Program I Found

So with my list of wants and wishes, I set out to find the best learn-to-read program for my child.

I knew what I needed and wanted, but did such a program even exist?

Then I found Children Learning Reading.

Children Learning Reading is an affordable, fun, and successful learn-to-read program for your child.

So many parents have seen incredible results with Children Learning Reading, including myself with my child. The program provides everything you need to begin; you can even begin teaching your child to read tonight.

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Most programs will simply give your child sight words to recite repeatedly. This isn’t learning how to read. Children Learning Reading teaches proven concepts of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics. I saw excellent results when my child was only three years old. I couldn’t believe it.

Here are a few other thoughts from others on the program.

I used this program on my 1st child and she is on at least a 4th grade reading level by the end of kindergarten as we did it when she was 3.5 and were lazy and took our time. She completed it about 4 months later.

This programme is absolutely wonderful! ! I bought it to help a little 6 year old with difficulties.

Children Learning Reading is awesome and so easy to use. I began the program in no time at all, and best of all, I only spent around 15-20 minutes a day going through the program with my child.

I remember people telling me that three-year-olds couldn’t learn how to read, but I knew that wasn’t true at all. Using Children Learning Reading and a few other simple steps, my three-year-old was learning from books – it was awesome.

Children Learning Reading had so much value. Think about all of the great features you get with this simple-to-use, learn-to-read program for under $50:

  • Flashcards and Lesson Printouts – Hit “Print,” and You’re Ready to Teach!
  • Lesson Videos Showing How to Teach the Lessons
  • MP3 Audios For All The Phonics Sounds Taught
  • Fun Lesson Activities and Beautifully Illustrated Lesson Storybooks
  • Flashcards And Lesson Printouts – Hit “Print,” and You’re Ready to Teach!
  • BONUS #1: Lesson Printouts
  • BONUS #2: FUN to Read Lesson Stories
  • BONUS #3: Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • SUPER BONUS #4: Lifetime Program Upgrades

It is the best investment I have ever made for my child, and I didn’t have to dip into savings to purchase it.

Teaching your child how to read at a young age is an incredible foundation that you can give your child, and after searching everywhere online, I found this to be the most successful and promising.

There is one more feature that I love about this program. You get their satisfaction guarantee. If you decide that the Children Learning Reading program is not right for you and your child – they’ll give you back all your money. No questions asked.

I love the Children Learning Reading program, which worked great for my child, but I understand that it may not be a perfect fit for you. This is why I feel comfortable recommending it to you today because if it’s not a fit for you, you get all your money back. So you have nothing to lose; it’s not a gamble at all.

I will also set you up with a fantastic discount to give you even more value.


I learned very quickly that not all learn-to-read programs are created equal. Most of them are a complete waste of money.

The Children Learning Reading is different and better. It gives you a proven way to teach your child to read, even if they are as young as three. It’s fun and exciting to use; it’s simple to navigate and start. The Children Learning Reading program is also affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Grab the best learn-to-read program available online today!

Special offer 90% OFF + 2 Bonuses
$129 ($39) ORDER TODAY ONLY!


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