How to Teach a Beginner to Read: The 3 Simple Steps I Used to Teach My Daughter How to Read

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Teaching a beginner how to read can be a daunting task. I get it.

Where do you even start? What do I teach them? What are the tricks and tips needed to successfully teach a beginner to read?

In this article, I will walk you through the exact steps I used to teach my daughter how to read. It’s not as complicated or difficult as you may think.

When my daughter was five years old, she struggled to read. I searched the internet for the absolute best way to give my daughter the best possible way to read. When I couldn’t find answers, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I tried some methods and was pleasantly surprised that it worked.

It really came down to these three steps to teaching reading.

Purchase a Reading Program

The first step is to purchase a reading program that teaches your child how to sound out words and learn different word blends.

It’s vital to teach your child phonics: blends and individual letters. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, but I encourage you to purchase Children Learning Reading Program.

You can learn more about this program here. I give you several reasons why I love this program, and you can read my entire review.

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This fantastic program can help children, including your child, learn how to read. It presents a fun and entertaining reading experience, but best of all, it creates a solid foundation for your child.

Using this program, parents have seen tremendous results in children as young as age 2.

You would expect a program like this to cost hundreds of dollars, but it’s actually a very affordable way to teach your child an effective way to learn how to read.

If you are just teaching your child sight words, you need to stop now. Teaching your child sight words isn’t going to help your child, in fact, it could actually negatively affect their ability to learn how to read.

The Children Learning Reading program includes these amazing features:

  • You get 32 Step-by-Step Phonics Lessons (That’s ONLY $1.21 per lesson!)
  • Flashcards And Lesson Printouts – Hit “Print,” and You’re Ready to Teach!
  • Lesson Videos Showing How I Teach The Lessons.
  • MP3 Audios For All The Phonics Sounds Taught.
  • Fun Lesson Activities and Beautifully Illustrated Lesson Storybooks.
  • Super Fun and Engaging Phonics Games To Make The Learning FUN and Stress-Free. These are games/activities I use in my reading classes.
  • BONUS #1: Lesson Printouts & Flashcards
  • BONUS #2: FUN to Read Lesson Stories
  • BONUS #3: Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • SUPER BONUS #4: Lifetime Program Upgrades

This program isn’t hands-free. You’ll have to spend at least 10-20 minutes each day going over the program with your child. There are also super engaging games that will make learning and reading a lot of fun. Your child will love it; I know that mine sure did.

I found that this program was very effective in teaching my daughter how to read. You can click here, and watch a free video that will tell you more about the program.

Listen to Audio Books

This may sound superficial, but it works amazingly. Our children learn so much by hearing, and reading is no different.

I noticed a HUGE difference in my daughter’s reading, and her expression in reading, after a few weeks of listening to audiobooks at night.

Listening to audiobooks is good for children and adults because:

  • It helps with comprehension and improves our vocabulary
  • Help with our imagination
  • Helps us find deeper meanings
  • Helps with our emotional response to the book

There are so many places to purchase audiobooks, for me, I used Audible.

This isn’t rocket science. Just let them listen to the audiobook each night before and as they go to bed. Audiobooks will help them be more familiar with certain words, and learn how to pronounce words.

I remember after a few weeks of listening to audiobooks, my daughter at the table reading and I thought it was the audiobook. She sounded exactly the same.

My daughter loved to listen to Whatever After. You can click on the links and check them all out.

Read With Your Child

The last step that I took that really showed positive results, was to read with my daughter. Notice I didn’t say reading to your child – it’s reading with your child.

Reading to your child has so many advantages. You can help your child sound out the words, and get them to read words out loud as well. Reading with your child also get them excited about reading, and gives them the desire to read by themself.

Reading with your child is beneficial because:

  • It’s good for cognitive development
  • Helps your child pronounce words
  • Develops a special bond with your child
  • Help your child concentrate
  • Helps them become creative
  • Improves their imagination
  • Shapes a love for reading

These are just a few reasons why reading with your child is important. Choose a time, grab a book and spend time reading and teaching your child how to read.


With all of these steps, my daughter’s reading took off. I began the Children Learning Reading and completed the program with my daughter, she listened to audiobooks every evening, and I took time to read with her as much as I could.

By the end of her 5th year, she was reading books herself, understanding and loving what she was reading.

Teaching your child to read isn’t difficult, but it does take an investment. Take the time, and use these resources to build your own plan.


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