Is The Danby Stainless Steel Ice Maker Worth the Money?

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Some times filling up ice trays is just not enough. You need an extra boost when it comes to supplying ice to your friends and family.

The Danby Stainless Steel Ice Maker is a great budget ice maker that can be used in a whole bunch of different applications.

It’s small and compact, so it’s perfect to fit on your countertop, use on your RV, boat or take with you camping.

This ice maker is manufactured by Danby, a company that has been making large and small appliances for over 65 years. Danby is a family-owned company that focuses on innovation, design, and offers features that make sense for busy lives.

If you’re considering this ice maker then this review is will help you make the right decision.


This ice maker produces 25 lbs of ice each day. It doesn’t produce a lot of ice, but it’s a nice amount for casual use. The storage bin will hold 2 lbs of ice at one time, and it produces one ice size.

  • Produces 25 lbs of ice each day 
  • Holds 2 lbs of ice at one time
  • Makes one size ice cube
  • Has self-cleaning
  • Alarm tells you when the ice bucket is full
  • Easy to operate
  • LED display to set your settings
  • Compact and easy to transport

This Danby ice maker has some pretty cool features that we want to highlight.

First of all, it has a self-cleaning function that makes cleaning this ice maker a lot easier. It also has an alarm that will sound when the ice bucket is full and needs to be empty.

This ice maker is easy to operate. It has an easy to control LED display which lets you set the settings for the unit.


This ice maker has a simple stainless steel design. It’s compact and easy to carry around. The measurements of this ice maker is 9.8125″ width, 14 3/16″ depth, and 12 7/8″ height. This is a tiny ice maker weighing just 22 pounds.


First of all, I love the price of this unit. If you are looking for a portable ice maker but don’t want to spend a lot, then this is an excellent option for you. It’s a well-built ice maker with cool features, but what I like the most is that it’s cheap. 

I also like that this ice maker is light and compact. It fits nicely on most countertops and is perfect for small places. This ice maker is very popular for those looking for an ice maker for their RV, camping trip or on a boat.


At first, I thought that I’d like the alarm that reminds you when the ice bucket is full, but it’s not my favorite feature. I also don’t like that this ice maker doesn’t have a viewing window on the top. Having a viewing window on the top of the ice maker is excellent for taking a quick peek to see if there is ice available without opening the lid. 


This is a good ice maker for smaller amounts of ice. It’s compact and fits into most kitchen spaces. If you are looking for an ice maker for a larger family, for larger venues or a small business, then this is probably not a good ice maker for you.

I give this ice maker a thumbs up for most people. Those who are looking for more ice should consider the NewAir Portable Ice Maker.

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