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Luma Comfort IM200SS Review

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It’s no secret that we all enjoy ice-cold drinks, particularly during those hot days. Whether you are looking to create a sumptuous cocktail or simply want to enjoy a chilled soft drink, adding ice will elevate your drink to a whole new level.

Some individuals create their own ice using an ice-cube tray and tap water while others opt to buy ice bags from the store. Both options can be a hassle, considering that there is an easier and a stress-free way of making your own ice cubes – a portable ice maker.

Portable Ice Makers are Great Investments

By simply using a portable ice maker, you eliminate all the issues associated with these other options.

First, you won’t have to use up any of your freezer’s space as the ice maker does everything, from creating the ice cubes to dispensing them.

Second, you can produce lots of ice at once, which is perfect when you have friends or family around.

Third, you don’t have to go to the store and hurry back to prevent the ice from melting.

And lastly, a portable ice making machine can be used both indoors and outdoors, for instance during travels (like camping).

And with that said, there’s no portable ice maker out there on the market that compares to the Luma Comfort IM200SS.

Produces Clear Ice
Luma Comfort IM200SS
  • 28 Pounds of Clear Ice Daily
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy Operation
  • No Viewing Window

Unlike most other ice makers, this particular ice-making machine creates crystal clear ice cubes perfect for both professional and casual events.

This review of the Luma Comfort IM200SS will provide you with the useful information you’ll need to know about this product.

A Description of the Luma Comfort IM200SS

Designed and created by Luma Comfort, this is a stainless steel portable ice making machine that is capable of producing up to 28 pounds of ice daily.

It doesn’t need any installation, you simply plug it in and it’s ready to start producing restaurant-quality ice thanks to its advanced ice production techniques.

This piece of machinery is chic and will without a doubt be flattering to any home bar or kitchen.

The Luma Comfort offers a sleek, stainless steel design

In addition, this ice maker is light weight hence making it highly portable. You can carry it with you anywhere you wish.

And the best part is that it is quite easy to use because of the simple button controls and useful LED display.

With this equipment, you can forget about running to the store or fridge to get more ice as this Luma Comfort ice maker creates massive quantities of ice quickly in a short time span.


This is a high-quality ice making machine that offers total convenience and simplicity. Made in China, this machinery weighs about 25.5lbs. It is counter top designed and to use it, simply plug it in, pour some water in the water reservoir, and wait for your first batch of ice. It is a standalone machine with a storage capacity of about 28lbs and functions on 120 volts of electric power.

The ice maker’s LED display accompanied by the push-button controls make it quite simple to use. The machine utilizes advanced technology in creating its ice both efficiently and quickly.

The ice generated by the machine is restaurant-quality clear ice, which implies that the ice does not melt quickly compared to the typical cloudy ice.

The ice generated by the machine is restaurant-quality clear ice, which implies that the ice does not melt quickly compared to the typical cloudy ice. Included in the machine is a display and ice indicator that allow you to check on the level of water and ice, respectively.

Product Features

This Luma Comfort ice-making machine features a stylish design with a gorgeous stainless steel finish. It complements any décor in your kitchen or home in general. The appliance utilizes cutting edge technology that helps you to easily operate it.

The Luma Comfort offers simple controls that make it easy to operate

What makes Luma Comfort IM200SS stand out from most other ice makers is the kind of ice it makes. It generates crystal clear ice cubes that are the perfect size for all beverages. And you do not have to wait all day for your ice as this machine only takes approximately 15 minutes to produce a batch of ice and will produce 28 pounds of ice each day. The best part is that the ice produced melts nearly five times slower compared to the usual cloudy ice.

The portable and user-friendly design of this appliance also makes it a favorite among many. It is easy to carry around because of its low weight as well as standalone design. What’s more, this Luma Comfort ice maker can fit even in limited spaces because of its compactness, and its countertop design allows it conserve space.

And that is not all, this Luma Comfort portable ice maker is environment-friendly. The refrigerant (R-134A) used prevents any type of damage to the ozone layer.

Operating Luma Comfort IM200SS 

Luma Comfort IM200SS is powered via an electrical outlet. After plugging it in, fill the appliance with water and immediately turn it on by pressing the on/off button positioned on the lid. It won’t be long before the cooling fan kicks in and ice production starts. Note that the lid should not be lifted while it’s filling the chamber. You should instead wait for ice production to conclude.

A tiny indicator light positioned on the lid will switch on as soon as the ice tray is full. You can either choose to immediately use or let the ice maker keep making ice until the ice bin is full. Once the ice bin is emptied, the ice tray starts filling itself with ice once again. And in case there isn’t enough water in the ice maker, another indicator light switches on to inform you that it’s time to fill up the reservoir.

Removing the created ice from the ice tray is important because when not removed, the ice starts to melt after a while given that the appliance is not refrigerated. Luckily, the water from the melted ice is collected in the reservoir and is used to make more ice.

Strong and weak traits of the appliance

Nothing is 100 percent perfect. There are various things that I liked and a few things I did not like about this appliance. Let us take a look.

The best part about this ice-making machine is that it is capable of producing crystal clear ice cubes that melt five times slower than the standard cloudy ones. Apart from being highly effective, this machinery also has a silent cooling fan.

In addition, this Luma Comfort ice maker also has a stainless steel housing that is not only more appealing to the eyes, but also more durable, and easier to clean compared to other materials. Another thing I like about this ice maker is that this appliance is quite simple to operate. The featured indicator lights notify you when the ice tray is full and when the reservoir is running low on water. On top of all that, this appliance is portable, lightweight and compact.

In spite of the numerous positive features, there are, however, certain things that I dislike about this Luma Comfort ice maker. First and foremost, unlike most ice-making machines that feature a tiny peeking window at the top of the lid that lets you see the ice-making process, this particular model does not have one.

Secondly, this appliance does not come with an ice scoop and so it is somewhat challenging to directly transfer ice cubes into your favorite beverage.

Nonetheless, the good outweigh the bad thus making this ice maker a worthy purchase.

Final Word

If convenience, compactness, and high quality are what you want in your ice maker, then this Luma Comfort ice making machine is what to go for.

This ice maker produces restaurant-quality ice cubes that melt five times slower compared to the typical cloudy ones.

This portable ice maker is also highly convenient as it does not need any installation and is very easy to use (just plug it in, add some water to the reservoir, and wait for your first batch of ice).

It is not perfect, but it is, without a doubt one of the best portable ice makers available on the market today for producing clear ice.

Produces Clear Ice
Luma Comfort IM200SS
  • 28 Pounds of Clear Ice Daily
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy Operation
  • No Viewing Window


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