How to Reset an Igloo Ice Maker

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If your Igloo ice maker isn’t working, it can be frustrating!

When I worked with computers the first step to fixing a PC was to begin by resetting the programs or the PC to see if this corrects the problem. This is actually true for any electronic – including ice makers.

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Resetting your portable ice maker isn’t hard at all. In this article, we will walk you through the steps in how you can reset your Igloo ice maker and get back on the road to making great ice.

Diagnose the Problem With Your Igloo Ice Maker

If your Igloo portable ice maker isn’t working correctly, then I would use the chart below to diagnose the issue. This chart will walk you through the most common problems with your Igloo portable ice maker.

The “add water” indicator light is on

This could be obvious that you need to add water or the water sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

If adding water doesn’t begin the ice cycle automatically, then I would suggest that you call customer support.

The “ice full” indicator light is on

The problem could be that you just need to add water to the portable ice maker. If adding water doesn’t solve the problem, then the water sensor could be damaged or dirty. Before calling the Igloo support, I would use a descaling solution and clean your portable ice maker.

You can read an article here, that walks you through the entire process of how to clean a portable ice maker.

The “ice full” and “add water” lights are on simultaneously

This could be caused by an electrical surge or air in the water lines.

You can drain all the water out of the ice maker by using the small drain plug on the side of the unit. This may reset the ice maker’s sensors and the unit may start making ice. Also, make sure that there is nothing blocking pusher on the ice maker. It may be a good idea to let the ice maker sit for a couple of hours to make sure that ice, which can prevent the ice maker to function properly, is melted.

The Igloo ice maker won’t make ice

This is normally caused by your ice maker in direct sunlight or the room is too warm and the ice maker cannot produce ice. Run the portable ice maker in temperatures below 90°F or pour colder water into the water reservoir.

My Igloo portable ice maker shuts off

Most Igloo portable ice makers have a protective circuitry inside that protects the ice maker from overheating. The ice maker will shut down if this takes place.

Disconnect the power cord and restart the ice maker in about 30 minutes to give it time to cool down.

Resetting An Igloo Portable Ice Maker

If none of the suggestions above gets your Igloo portable ice maker back up and running again, then you may have to reset your portable ice maker. This is really easy to do and only takes a couple of moments to perform.

There are three ways to reset a portable ice maker.

How to reset an igloo portable ice maker

The first way is to unplug the ice maker and manually set the unit’s water bucket and ice shovel to their correct position. This is done by pressing in the center of the ice shovel and pusher and push it back against the back wall.

Next, plug the ice maker back in and turn on the unit. This should reset the ice cycle and your portable ice maker should begin to make ice again.

If manually resetting the ice shovel and bucket doesn’t correct the issue, try pressing down the [Select] button for 10 seconds. After pressing the [Select] button for 10 seconds, you can turn off your ice maker and then let it sit for a few hours. After waiting a few hours, try turning on your portable ice maker again. This should correct the issue.

Resetting a portable ice maker

The easiest way of resetting an Igloo ice maker is to unplug it and let it sit for a few hours. This will ensure that no ice is jamming the unit and preventing it from operating. I would also recommend that you give your ice maker a really thorough cleaning.

Every Igloo portable ice maker is different and may have a specific way of resetting it.

Although the ways mentioned above are generic and should work for your Igloo portable ice maker, I would recommend that you check the manual for your correct model. This will give you the specific procedure for resetting your Igloo ice maker.


When portable ice makers fail or don’t work as expected, it can be extremely frustrating. I know and have been there many times.

Giving your unit a reset may correct the issue and get your Igloo ice maker back up and running.

If the suggestions above do not fix your unit, then it may be time to call in a professional. If your unit is still under warranty, I would call Igloo and let them help you diagnose the issue and correct it.

Your portable ice maker may need to be replaced! The great thing about portable ice makers is that they are not a huge investment, and replacing them isn’t going to break the bank.

Here is a list of my top portable ice makers on the market today. Just click on the link provided and read my comprehensive list of the best portable ice makers available on the market today. I also include the best prices available online. I think you’ll be surprised by my #1 pick.

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