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A Comprehensive Review of the Scotsman HID312A-1 Commercial Ice Maker

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People know that with a Scotsman ice machine, you will never go wrong. Scotsman does have a truly stellar reputation for its long experience in ice maker-dispensers.

HID312A-1 Meridian Countertop Air Cooled Ice Machine and Water Dispenser are designed to be the finest on the market for their top list durability, efficiency, reliability, and convenience.

Compact Design

This compact machine will fit anywhere space is available for its size of 16 1/4 in (W) x 24 3/8 in (D) x 35 in (H). But to maximize its performance, the location of the equipment should be selected with care. Consideration should be given to allow adequate space on the sides for this air-cooled ice machine and water dispenser to breathe.

Minimum clearance for this type is 6 inches at each side and 2 inches above, 10 inches more to allow auger removal when the ceiling is fixed, and 6 inches at the back. Air-cooled models such as this unit flow air left to right.

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This unit comes with a 7 1⁄2 ft power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug and with 115-volt power supply. Its operating requirements for air temperature is from a minimum of 500 F or 100C to a maximum of 1000 F or 380 C; for water temperature is from a minimum of 400 F or 4.40 C to a maximum of 1000 F or 380C, and for potable water pressure is from a minimum of 20 PSI or 1.3 Bar to a maximum of 80 PSI or 5.5 Bar.

Built to Last

Its durability boosts from the quality of its design. The machine’s smart construction features a stainless steel evaporator and exterior panels that prevent scratches and resist stains or rusts despite constant exposure to water.

This durable material will keep your machine looking new for years. Having a stainless steel body makes this ice machine free from lingering germs and bacteria for its non-porous attribute.

Efficient Functionality

Its design was perfectly planned to elevate its efficiency.

Its exclusive greaseless bearing never requires lubrication thus, reducing maintenance and maximizing reliability.

HID312A-1 Ice Machine and Water Dispenser features a reduced operational footprint relative to its capacity.

It has specially designed contoured sides and an external air vent allows the unit to breathe with minimal side clearance. This feature enhances breathability and an external air filter. Its offset spout placement fits a variety of containers—whether for your iced coffee, water, juice, or iced tea.

Scotsman HID312A-1 Review

The machine’s key components are easily accessible through removable panels. Its storage bin can also be removed for easy cleaning and additional access.

These features are perfect for space savers and minimalists for it also has an optional stand with a locking door that provides convenient extra storage. Plus, its stainless steel exterior can complement any type of room’s interior design.

Also, a newly designed fan blade helps ensure quiet operation, helping reduce the noise level in your facility maintaining an optimal environment, especially for patient care.

Reliable Performance

Its reliable performance boasts its best-in-class touch-free dispensing technology which gets you the ice you need without the hassle.

Dispensing takes place when the Touch-Free sensor’s infrared beam bounces back to the sensor from a container placed directly in front of it. If the container is in front of the Touch-Free sensor on the left side, the ice dispensing rotor will rotate and sweep ice over the ice dispensing chute. Ice will continue to discharge out this chute as long as the rotor is turning. It stops when the rotor stops.

If the user does not remove the container, ice will be dispensed for 24 seconds and then stop. If the container is in front of the Touch-Free sensor on the right side, the inlet water valve will open and water will flow into the container. If the user does not remove the container, water will be dispensed for 20 seconds and then stop.

Its bin holds up to 12 pounds of nugget-style ice and can produce up to 260 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period.

Its newest chewable slow-melting ice form, the H2 Nugget (1.9 x 0.8 x 0.95 cm), is designed to dispense easily and reliably every time, and is still, the softest ice on the market making it the popular choice for homes, schools, industries, and healthcare.

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The ice it produces is ideal for a variety of applications. It complements all types of sodas, juices, and many cocktails that use crushed ice because the cube’s porous nature retains the flavor of the beverages.

In the healthcare industry, nugget ice helps patients stay hydrated even if they have a hard time swallowing liquid. Nugget ice is also moldable, which makes it an excellent option for cold compresses.

The ice forms a pocket around knees and elbows, providing an even cooling surface. Since this machine dispenses ice right into the cup, it eliminates cross-contamination by removing scooping from the equation.

The AgION antimicrobial treatment built into key ice contact areas helps to further minimize health risks. The AgION antimicrobial compound is the revolutionary substance in the coating of this product. It is an inorganic compound that uses the natural protective qualities of silver (Ag) ions as an active ingredient to inhibit the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi, and other microbes.

Enhanced Convenient Features

HID312A-1 Meridian Countertop Air Cooled Ice Machine and Water Dispenser is also made for the convenience of the user. It has an internal LED indicator light to keep informed of operating status and reduce service time.

The H2 Nugget (1.9 x 0.8 x 0.95 cm), is designed to dispense easily and reliably every time, and still the softest ice on the market making it the popular choice for homes, schools, industries, and healthcare.

The electronic controller operates the compressor (with fan motor), auger drive motor, dispense drive motor, and inlet water solenoid valve.

It monitors reservoir water availability; storage bin ice level; call for ice dispense; call for water dispense; refrigeration pressure; dispense enable/ disable; auger motor speed; auger motor rotation; and any installed control options.

Many of these are used to ensure that the machine does not damage itself during use. For instance, it is critical that it not attempt to make ice without water, so if the water sensor is dry, the machine will not make ice.

The machine has four switches located at the top of the LED lights. The switches’ functions from top to bottom are to dispense water, dispense ice, on/off, and clean respectively.

The LED lights are the indicators. The power indicator is the topmost light. It glows when the controller has power. The second light is status. It glows when in ice-making mode. The third is the time to clean indicator which glows when it is time to clean the machine. Fourth is water dispense sensed. It glows when the water dispense sensor has been triggered. The fifth light is ice dispensed sensed. It glows when the ice dispense sensor has been triggered. The sixth indicator is water dispense. It glows when the inlet water solenoid valve has been powered. The seventh light is ice dispense. It glows when the ice dispense motor has been powered. The eighth indicator light is the auger. It glows when the auger motor is on. Lastly is the compressor. It glows when the compressor is on.

If the water dispense sensed, ice dispense sensed, water dispense, and ice dispense are blinking, the water or ice dispensing time limit has been met.

Best Commerical Nugget Ice Maker
Scotsman HID312A-1
  • 260 lbs of Nugget Ice
  • High-Quality
  • Compact
  • Removable Front Panels
  • LED Diagnostic Lights
  • Expensive

A small code display is also another feature of the machine. The codes are “0” for off; “F” for ice making; “b” for bin full; “E” for controller error; “C” for clean mode; “d” for test mode; “1” for auger rotation direction wrong; “2” for auger speed too slow; “3” for no water sensed; and “4” for high refrigerant pressure.

If a number code is triggered, the controller will stop making ice. A blinking code means it is a temporary condition. For instance, a blinking “F” occurs during the ice-making restart process; it stops blinking when the compressor starts.

The controller will automatically restart from a water interruption or when a refrigerant pressure switch has automatically reset. To reset the control when it has been manually locked out, push and release the on/off button to shut it off and then push and release it again to switch on.

There is also an exclusive built-in USB connection that allows for continuous software updates without replacing the control board.

A QR code connects customers to unit-specific parts lists, service manuals, and warranty history information.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the manufacturer, Scotsman, made sure that ease of service is also a priority.

Its built-in antimicrobial protection helps ensure sanitary operation, even between cleanings.

The machine’s external air filter provides quick access for rinsing and reusing. For regular cleaning, its angled front makes it easy to access spouts, its uniquely designed sink, and grill can be easily removed, and its four inches adjustable legs allow easy cleaning underneath the unit.

Industry-Leading Warranty

The features of this unit promise a top-quality product. Scotsman Ice Systems are designed and manufactured with the highest regard for safety and performance.

They meet or exceed the standards of UL and NSF. To ensured high-quality performance, and peace of mind of the user, the unit comes with Scotman’s industry-leading warranty.

Actual Reviews:

This machine is a wonderful piece in our office. Our glasses fit perfectly in the spout placement whenever we want a hassle-free cold drink. I will definitely get one for myself. It’s a quick way to make ice for my evening socials at home.

I believe that the Scotsman HID312A-1 isn’t just a perfect ice maker for your business, but it fits well into any home. It’s perfect for your home bar, or even in your kitchen.

This ice machine is extremely easy to operate. You can have your ice in your cup in an instant! A really must-have item!

Best Commerical Nugget Ice Maker
Scotsman HID312A-1
  • 260 lbs of Nugget Ice
  • High-Quality
  • Compact
  • Removable Front Panels
  • LED Diagnostic Lights
  • Expensive


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