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Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water Dispenser Review

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I recently received a sample product of Flurdia’s plumbed water and ice dispenser and thought I would share my findings. As always, my reviews are honest, comprehensive, and to the point. I aim to give you the information you’ll need to help you make a good buyer’s decision.

I used this unit for about one month before writing this review. I wanted to make sure I gave you a complete review with all the information you’re going to need before you make a purchase.

The fact that you’re reading this article tells me that you’re interested in purchasing the Flurdia Ice and Plumbed Water Dispenser. Read this complete guide before you purchase.

Specifications of the Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water Dispenser

This countertop unit is an ice maker that connects directly to a water source. It was easy for us to connect this ice maker to my cold water pipe under the sink. We used a 1/4” line that pushed securely into the back of the ice maker (water inlet); within about 45 minutes, the ice maker was running and had already begun to make ice.

What you’ll need for installing is:

  • 1/4” line
  • I used a shark bite T connector under the sink that went to an inline connector.
  • An Inline Water filter
  • Staple Gun to secure the line (optional)

If you do not feel comfortable installing the water line, you can call a professional and they will help you for a minimal fee.

Thought this unit doesn’t have a built-in filter, we used a inline filter and placed it between the line from the ice maker to the water source. Again, the filter was simple to install, and we received a holder that worked well.

You can click here and head over to Amazon to see the filter that we installed.

This ice maker will produce 11 pounds of Cresent ice every day and holds 9 pounds of ice at one time.

I really like this ice maker because you don’t need any drain. After all, it has a built-in freezer. I love having the freezer feature because it ensures you’ll always have ice available. It took a couple of hours before the unit got to the proper temperature and started to make ice.

The crescent ice is larger ice than cubes, nuggets, or bullet-shaped ice. I found that it lasted longer in my glass because of its size and hardness. It didn’t water-down my beverage and tasted great. If you have a smaller glass, you’re not going to need a lot of ice because the ice pieces are so large.

This Flurdia Ice Maker dispenses the ice and room temperature water. This unit is really easy to operate with only two buttons – dispense ice and dispense water.

  • Produces 11 Pounds of Crescent Ice
  • Stores 9 Pounds of ice at one time
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • 1/4” Line Connection
  • Room Temperature water dispenser
  • Built-in Freezer
  • The ability to remove the ice tray
  • Easy operation and installation

Once everything was connected we ran the water into a pitcher several times just to wash the unit and take away any unwanted flavors.

Design of the Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water Dispenser

I found that this unit was a little bulky and probably wouldn’t be a good fit on a kitchen countertop. Normally, people don’t have a ton of room in their kitchen and an 85 pound ice maker isn’t going to help.

It would be a perfect fit for someone with a home bar, rec room, or family room. I also think that this ice maker would be perfect for an office, break room, church, or small business.

It’s larger than a portable ice maker, produces 11 pounds of crescent ice, but gives you the freezer option, which is definitely a game-changer.

The unit’s dimensions are 18-1/8” W x 22-3/8” D x 31-1/2” H, and it weighs 85 pounds.

This ice maker isn’t designed to be moved around. It’s not portable or easy to transport. To carry it from place to place, took two people. It’s plumbed directly to a water source so it can’t be moved anyway.

Overall, this ice maker is designed well.

It comes with a stainless steel door and metal side panels. The ice maker storage bin is a good size that will hold 9 pounds of crescent ice at one time, and it slides out easily, so you’ll have all the ice you could ever need.

This is great if you need more ice at one time. Maybe you want to throw some ice into a cooler or into a punch bowl. The slide out ice tray gives you the option to do this with ease.

The crescent ice is a good size. I found that the ice was nice and hard and that it melted slowly. This is great because it won’t water down your beverage. The ice is larger than that from portable ice makers, so you don’t need as much in your glass.

Crescent ice is perfect for slushies, smoothies or shaving the ice for really great chilled creations. I use the ice for our beverages, around a salad bar, and into a punch bowl. It worked well for all of these situations and there was plenty of ice for everyone.

You can also use this unit in your basement or family room; when you want a beverage from the fridge, you’ll always know that ice is available.

I found that smaller glasses only needed a few pieces of ice and you were good go, so 11 pounds of ice would be sufficient for the entire family or for all your guests.

As far as design goes, I found that this was an elegant unit. I really liked the light that illuminates the dispenser area when you hit either the ice or water button. The design and quality of materials were top-notch, from the stainless steel to the metal sides. The dispenser could have been a little larger for water bottles, but other than that, it worked well.

It is recommended that you run the water for a while before using it. I found that it had a plastic taste initially, so letting the lines and filter bleed for a while is an excellent idea. I also threw away the first batches of ice.

The stainless steel will smudge and it will show finger prints. Make sure that you have a stainless steel cleaner on hand, so that you can make sure everything looks great.

Overall, it’s a sharp unit that works well.

The Function of the Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water Dispenser

We used this unit every day, and I found that it worked as advertised. The freezer kept the ice stock up, and the water dispenser was a great feature to give filtered water to all my guests.

This ice maker is so easy to operate. All you have to do is place your glass on the tray inside the dispenser and hit the ice button to fill your glass and the water button to get room temperature water.

The freezer ensures that you’ll always have crescent ice available. With portable ice makers, the worst possible situation is when you go to your unit for ice and it’s all melted. What a drag!

This won’t happen with the Flurdia Ice and Plumbed Water Dispenser because the ice is kept frozen inside the unit. When the unit is full of ice, the unit will stop making ice and maintain the freezing temperature.

I did find that the ice auger was a little loud at the beginning, just as it sets up to start turning. The compressor actually isn’t that loud compared to other ice makers that I’ve reviewed.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, I enjoyed using this ice maker.

Its simplicity and power are a great balance. The ability to keep the ice frozen is a great feature as well and having a direct connection to a water source means you’ll never have to fill up a water reservoir again.

The unit itself reminded me of a fridge ice maker and dispenser. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the ice tasting like the various foods in a fridge freezer.

It is a larger countertop ice maker and it’s pretty heavy. I don’t believe it’s a great fit for a kitchen countertop, unless you have the room to spare.

It’s also a well-designed ice maker with quality materials. It should last you a very long time.

For more information on price and specs, you can click on the link below.

Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water

Flurdia Ice & Plumbed Water

Get an ice maker that produces 11 pounds of great crescent ice each day Serves room temperature water It’s built with quality materials Has a built-in freezer, so you’ll always have ice on hand.


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