Drift Air Freshener Review: I Found the Longest Smelling Air Freshener For Your Car

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The other day I set out on a mission to find the longest smelling air freshener for my truck.

I did all the research and tried several products. I thought all was lost until I found a company called drift.

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Drift doesn’t sell your normal, common, original air fresheners. These air fresheners don’t swing from your rearview mirror like most car air fresheners you’ve seen and purchased. Drift’s air fresheners are unique. Extremely unique.

Let’s look at the company for a moment.

Drift began as an alternative to all the tacky air fresheners that are available on the market. What makes Drift distinct from the “other” air fresheners is they actually complement your surroundings and don’t stick out in a negative way. Drift takes the less traveled road and not just the same old when it comes to making your home and car smell great, and I can respect that.

I mean, come on. Cick here to see on Amazon the most common air freshener for your car. You know you’ve purchased these before and they so terrible.

More than just a fancy air freshener, they are also more pure. The products they sell are always phthalate and paraben-free. Overall, you’re getting a product that’s different, purer, and better quality.

When I heard about Drift and their products, I had to test them and see for myself. This article will give you all of my findings and experience.


When I received their product I was impressed by its design. Yes! It was different and I really liked it.

They replaced the traditional dangling air freshener you would commonly find on your rearview mirror with a magnetic stone and wooden design that attaches to your vehicle’s visor.

The stone design is awesome. It’s an organic stone blend that gives off an amazing aroma all month long. The wood air freshener is equally fantastic, made from sustainably sourced wood that also fastens to the visor in your car or truck.

The smell was so incredible, and it was wonderful to know that there were no harsh chemicals.

You don’t know how many people sat in the front of my truck and said to me – what smells so nice? Then they would reach up and grab the air freshener from the visor clip and say to me – this has to be the coolest air freshener I have ever seen.

As far as design goes, the Drift air freshener gets an A+.


It’s not all about the design. How long does the smell last? If you’re looking for a long-lasting air freshener that’s the main question.

Here were my findings.

You’ll notice the first week or so, it’s going to be really strong. As time goes on, you’ll get used to the scent, but people will still notice it when they get in your vehicle.

I found that around the third week the scent weakens but is still noticeable, and then once you get into the fourth and fifth week it starts to fade away.

Overall, the aroma goes the distance.

  • Smells Incredible
  • Pure from Chemicals
  • Awesome Design
  • Long-Lasting
  • So Many Great Scents
  • Pricey
  • Scent May Be Too Strong

What I love about the Drift air freshener is that you can grab it and put it to your nose if you want that extra blast of scent. Because the air freshener is on a magnet, it’s really easy to remove and then return.

In my opinion, Drift offers the longest-lasting air freshener I’ve ever used in any of my vehicles.

It certainly gave me the largest reaction to those getting in my vehicle.


With Drift, you can get more than just car air fresheners. You get several products that are both superb designs and quality products.

I really love their scented candles.

Their candles are made from natural soy and a wax blend with fragrance and essential oils. They offer several scents: amber, teak, cabana, grove, mill, and psl.

I have to say, the smell is out of this world.

You can also order their reed air freshener, room spray, and charcoal bag deodorizer. All of their products are held to the same standard as their car air fresheners – pure, they present well, and pleasing to the nose.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting air freshener, that is a quality product without any harsh chemicals and looks pretty amazing, then Drift is the company for you.

I found that the stone air freshener scents lasted longer than the wood scents.

Their products turn heads with their looks and their scents, and you can subscribe for their monthly scents (like sandalwood) and always have a fresh scent in your vehicle.

So, don’t just take my word for it. Check out their products today and you’ll see (or should I say smell) for yourself.

You can learn more about Drift on their website here.

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