Midea Chest Freezer Review – The Best Compact Freezer?

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The Midea MRC04M3AWW is a solid chest freezer that offers a ton of helpful features for everyday life. It comes in three sizes: 3.5 cubic feet, 5.0 cubic feet, and 7.0 cubic feet, and is super compact, so it fits perfectly in most places in your home. Those looking for a super small freezer (only 3.5 cubic feet) will notice that Midea offers a pretty great product.

I found that this freezer, though it’s nothing special, is just an excellent durable unit for smaller places where larger freezers are not an option. If you are looking for an apartment-sized freezer or one that fits nicely in any room or dorm room and doesn’t take up all that much room – this may be your best choice for durability and price.


I mentioned above that this chest freezer is compact. All three available sizes are great for smaller areas where a larger chest freezer wouldn’t normally fit. I love the design of this freezer because, though it’s compact, it’s designed in such a way that it fits a good amount of items.

The freezer comes in a white finish. It comes with a balanced hinge, so when you open the lid, it will stay open until you press it down. This gives you the option of grabbing your food with two hands and not having one hand used for holding up the freezer door. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference.

This also makes a big difference when you’re packing the freezer. It gives you both hands to add items and move other items around.

I found it very useful and a great feature for a smaller, compact freezer.

8.9Expert Score
The Best Compact Freezer For Small Spaces and Apartments
This small, compact freezer is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a small freezer that’s built to be efficient and quiet. It’s small but does offer some great features and is a trusted freezer with several thousand positive reviews online. It’s not going to be a good fit for someone that stockpiles items or for a “prepper” that uses a freezer to store everything, but for my family of 5, this 7 cubic freezer works just fine.
  • Quiet
  • Simple Control
  • Light Weight
  • No Temperature Indicator
  • It Will Need to be Defrosted

Midea MRC04M3AWW Chest Freezer

A great compact freezer that’s available in several sizes. This freezer will fit in places where space is at a premium. It’s a durable design, quiet, and efficient to operate.

The freezer also has adjustable legs so that it can be leveled in any condition. On the front of the unit, you’ll find a dial used to control the temperature. You turn the dial, and you can adjust the temperature as needed (between 10.4℉ to -11.(-12℃ to -24℃).

Inside the freezer, you’ll find a single removable wired basket, which is great for organizing your food supply. The basket can slide from side to side, so you can always have easy access to your items. I found that there was actually lots of room inside the freezer despite the smaller cubit feet and compact design. For a family of 5, the 7 cubic feet freezer worked just fine. We had enough space for all our food, and it fits well in our laundry room area. If you’re a freezer junkie and need to store a large amount of food in a freezer, then a larger freezer would be necessary.


As far as value is concerned, this freezer cannot be beat.

The reviews are overwhelmingly in support of its quality and function, and the price point is excellent.

The freezer runs very cold, and it’s extremely quiet to operate. I also found that this freezer was very efficient and didn’t increase my electricity bill by a huge amount.

If you are looking for a freezer for an apartment, then this is your baby! It’s a perfect compact chest freezer that’s going to work well for you.

This is also a great-sized freezer for storing breast milk or an extra freezer for storing sales and discounted items.


This freezer functions well.

You will need to defrost this freezer from time to time. It comes with a defrost plug on the front of the freezer, and it comes with a scraper for getting rid of the excess ice that will form on the sides of the unit.

It didn’t take very long to defrost and clean this chest freezer. I did have it near a water drain, so it was very convenient for me.

Overall, I found that the freezer kept everything cold, operated efficiently and quietly. I found that there was plenty of room inside the freezer as well for its compact design.

What can I say? It’s a great compact freezer!


I’m not saying that this freezer is built with the highest quality of materials. It’s not going to be at par with a $1000 chest freezer, that’s for sure.

You are missing features available on higher-end freezers, such as a digital thermometer that will give you the exact temperature or an alarm that’s going to ring if the temperature drops below a certain amount. It is also not guaranteed to keep your food frozen for a specific amount of hours if you happen to lose power. If these features are important to you, then I would suggest spending money on a higher-end freezer. Remember, this unit can break and malfunction – all freezers and fridges have this ability (unfortunately) because no one produces perfect products.

With all of that being said, it’s still a great product at its price point. Not everyone needs a thousand-dollar freezer, and in some situations, this freezer makes a lot of sense.

The freezer does come with a 1-year warranty, and a 2-year warranty on the compressor.

Should I Purchase This Freezer?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

It’s a solid chest freezer that comes in three sizes to fit into a compact space. It’s been reviewed and tested thousands of times and most people love the product.

It’s a simple design, and functions as a freezer should. It’s quiet and is light to move around. It will need to be defrosted from time to time, and it’s not going to store a TON of items.

Overall, it’s a great product and the price is excellent.

If you are looking for a compact freezer for a ROOM or AN APARTMENT where space is at a premium, then I would seriously consider purchasing this freezer.

I added the best price online below to help you out.

Midea MRC04M3AWW Chest Freezer

A great compact freezer that’s available in several sizes. This freezer will fit in places where space is at a premium. It’s a durable design, quiet, and efficient to operate.


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