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NewAir Beverage Cooler Reviews (Save $50 With Our Coupon)

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We all love a refreshing, cold beverage on sweltering summer days. Whether we’re looking for a freestanding, outside, built-in, or foster fridge, NewAir has a variety of beverage coolers to meet your needs.

NewAir’s beverage coolers are a great way to have available beverages for your family and guests. The glass door allows you to see what drinks you have available, and the idea of having a separate fridge for cooling your drinks is just a good idea. 

NewAir started in a small garage over 15 years ago. From those humble beginnings, NewAir is now a leader in compact appliances such as portable ice makers and beverage coolers. They offer free shipping, a great warranty, and a 30-day return policy. This is why Ice Maker Geeks recommends NewAir as the best choice for your next beverage cooler.

What kind of beverage cooler are you looking for? That’s the next questions we have to answer.

Built-in beverage coolers are perfect for entertaining and look fabulous in any basement kitchen, home bar, or family room. The freestanding units make excellent additions to garages or recreational spaces. The foster makes sure that your fridge is always frost-free, and your beverages are still chilled. If you’re looking for an outside addition to your BBQ set up, an outdoor kitchen or poolside patio, then one of the outside beverage coolers is what you’ll need. 

In this post, we’re going to break down all of the beverage coolers offered by NewAir and see if they are worth your investment. We will also rate each one out of ten based on the following criteria: performance, features, quality, style, and value.

We reviewed several products, watched hours of video, read lots of posts and browsed through a ton of custom reviews to come to our conclusions.

Below are all of the NewAir Beverage Coolers reviewed. Choose one that best meets your needs; we added the best price available and a coupon code that will save you cash.

Hey! We’re here for you. Enjoy!


The NewAir 24” Wine Fridge OUR TOP PICK

A great compact unit that stores 46 bottles of wine, front vented, stainless steel design, and beech wood shelves.

NewAir Beer Froster with Party and Turbo Mode

Ice cold beer in one hour with the turbo mode, heated glass doors, chills your drinks from 23F – 72F.

NewAir 15” Premium Beverage Fridge

The NewAir Premium Beverage Fridge features an elegant design and can store nine bottles of wine and 48 beverages.

The NewAir 24″ Beverage Fridge Stainless Steel Large Capacity

This beverage cooler is both residential and commercial. Lots of room inside this fridge – 177 cans. Adjustable shelves, a quiet compressor, and front-facing venting are just some of the great features of this beverage cooler.

The NewAir 15″ Wine Fridge

Elegant dual-zone wine fridge with a compact footprint. It can be a built-in or stand-alone unit, digital controls give that perfect temperature, and tempered glass keeps the cold inside the fridge.
NewAir Premium 18 Bottle and 58 Can French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

NewAir Premium French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge

This large entertaining fridge has two cooling zones separated by stylish French doors. It’s a spacious beverage fridge that can store 58 cans and 18 bottles simultaneously.
NewAir 24" Built-in 20 Bottle and 80 Can Dual Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge

NewAir 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge BEST OUTSIDE Beverage FRIDGE

This is a great outdoor addition to your BBQ area. This simple drawer design makes it easy to grab your beverages, food, or other chilled items.
NewAir 27" 160 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Fridge

NewAir 27″ Wine Fridge

This is a great outdoor addition to your BBQ area. This simple drawer design makes it easy to grab your beverages, food, or other chilled items.

NewAir 24″ Outdoor Beverage Fridge

A small compact beverage cooler that’s made to take on the elements. It stores 160 cans in a very small footprint. An auto-closing door, adjustable shelves, easy-glide casters are just a few options available.

NewAir Froster Mini Beer Fridge

A small compact mini-fridge that’s great for a bedroom or dorm room. It chills fast and holds 46 cans of your favorite beverage.

We’re breaking down each of the NewAir beverage coolers above. We’re going to tell you what we liked about each unit, and what we didn’t like. We also give you the best features for each beverage fridge below.

Use the links above for the best price, and the coupon code to get an extra $50 off your new beverage cooler.

Let’s get into it!

✅ The NewAir 24” Wine Fridge Review

NewAir 24” 46 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge Review

This NewAir wine fridge is very roomy. It has a built-in dual-zone so you can keep two types of wine at the perfect temperature. This cooler also can hold 46 bottles of wine, so it’s going to be like owning a wine cellar in your kitchen. 

One of the great features of this beverage cooler is that it can slide right into your cabinets. This wine cooler comes front vented, and has a great look with its stainless steel and beechwood finish. 

This cooler comes with adjustable cedar shelves that slide out easily. The whole unit is lit with an elegant blue LED light and costs less than 30 cents a day to operate.

NewAir 24” 46 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge in our new kitchen

The triple-tempered door glass (want to know what tempered glass is all about? Read more on Wikipedia here) ensures that your beverages are always cold. Its accurate digital thermostat gives you the option to find that ideal temperature. 


  • Triple-tempered door glass
  • Very quiet
  • Stainless steel design
  • 46 bottles
  • Easy to operate


  • Larger bottles don’t fit well

Purchase the NewAir 24” Wine Fridge

Purchase this elegant wine fridge that holds 46 bottles of wine, stainless steel design, very quiet operation and adjustable cedar shelves.

We found that this beverage cooler was very quiet while running, and we were shocked by how incredible it looked.

We loved how it shows the temperature inside the fridge with the bottom control panel, and how easy it is to increase or lower the temperature.

This is a great wine cooler with practical features. A good choice for your home. 

NewAir Beer Froster with Party and Turbo Mode Review

NewAir Beer Froster 125 Can Freestanding with Party and Turbo Mode Review

The next cooler we reviewed was the NewAir Beer Fridge froster. This freestanding unit is a perfect fit for your family room or den. It holds 125 regular-sized cans of your favorite beverage, and with the turbo mode, it’s going to frost your beer in one hour. 

This stylish fridge chills your drinks from 23F – 72F. You would think that a refrigerator this cold would have frosted door windows, and you wouldn’t have the ability to see what’s inside, right? NewAir knew that would be the case, so they added heated glass doors, so it’s always frost-free – it works great.

The adjustable and removable shelves give you the option of customizing your space. It’s not going to matter what you want to chill inside; you’ll have the ability to make it work. 

NewAir Beer Froster 125 Can Freestanding with Party and Turbo Mode setup in our living room.

In our research, this is one of the coldest beverage coolers on the market. This fridge gives you the ability to store mugs, whiskey glasses, or a mini keg; you’ll never have to put up with lukewarm beverages again. 


  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Coldest beverage cooler on the market
  • Always maintains its temperature
  • Turbo mode chills your beverages fast


  • A little loud

The NewAir Beer Froster with Party and Turbo Mode

This beer froster is a perfect addition to your home bar, man cave, or entertaining room. It comes with adjustable shelves, turbo mode that chills your beverage fast, and a sleek stainless steel design.

We didn’t know what to expect with this fridge. In fact, we didn’t know how much we were going to enjoy it. During a family event, we had people open and close the door often, but the fridge kept it’s cool (get it!), the temperature maintained at what we set it at, and the beverages were always frosty cold.

Want to know how long a mini-fridge will last? Check out our post here.

The turbo mode is also a great feature of this fridge. It cools your beverage unbelievably fast. You throw some cans inside, and in about an hour, they are more than chilled. 

This is a great fridge, and it’s a must-have for anyone with a home bar or man cave.

You have to have this! Seriously. 

✅ NewAir 15″ Premium Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

NewAir 15" Premium Built-in Dual-Zone 9 Bottle and 48 Can Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

The next beverage cooler we want to review is this premium dual cooling zone fridge, with 48 can capacity.

This fridge is built for entertaining. Yet, it’s not just because it’s a beverage cooler but a beverage cooler that looks awesome. 

The top two shelves on this beverage fridge give you the option of storing cans, while the bottom three shelves give you the ability to store bottles. 

What makes this beverage cooler so elegant? The beechwood wine racks and seamless stainless steel door probably has something to do with it.

This beverage cooler can be used as a stand-alone unit, or (because it’s front vented), you can slide it into your cabinets for a beautiful built-in design.

Not a lot of room in the top shelves

The adjustable LED lights also give it an elegant glow. While the triple-pane glass ensures that the cool air stays inside and that you always achieve that perfect temperature.


  • LED adjustable light
  • Triple-pane glass
  • Stunning Design
  • Built-in or stand-alone


  • Not a lot of room on the top shelves

Purchase the NewAir 15″ Premium Wine and Beverage Fridge

A beautiful addition to any home decor, the NewAir 15” Premium Wine Fridge is sure to turn heads. Its triple-pane glass, LED adjustable light, and high-quality construction complements a stunning design.

There is no doubt about it; this fridge is stunning. But looks are not everything! It’s also built with high-quality material, and designed to last a long time.

We also found that the size was perfect for our kitchen (24.30” D w/ handles x 14.80” W x 33.90” H), and it allowed us always to have cool beverages any time we wanted them.

It’s a great choice. 

✅ The NewAir 24″ Beverage Fridge Review

The NewAir 24" Beverage Fridge Review

The next NewAir beverage fridge we’re going to review is a beast of a machine (22.60” D (24.25″ w/handle) x 23.50” W x 33.00” H). 

This large beverage fridge can carry 177 cans (almost 30 six-packs). That’s insane! 

This isn’t just for home use, but now we have stepped over into the realm of commercial. You can use this fridge for your business, if your business sells beverages, it’s going to handle the demand like a boss. A great way to display and sell beverages at a convenience store or restaurant, the NewAir 24” fridge is going to do well.

This beverage cooler is front vented, so you can slide it inside your cabinets. You can also use this fridge as a stand-alone unit anywhere you have room.


  • Large capacity
  • Commercial use
  • Built-in option
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Attractive design
  • Reversible door


  • Hard to change the door hinge

Purchase the NewAir 24″ Beverage Fridge

This large-capacity beverage fridge can be used for residential and commercial uses. Its adjustable shelves, digital thermostat, attractive design, and reversible door, make it a great choice for anyone that needs to store over 150 cans.

The digital thermostat gives you full control of the temperature, allowing you to drop it down to 37 degrees. Its adjustable shelves allowed us to place almost anything we wanted inside – from cans to bottles.

We also noticed that it ran quiet, so it was a perfect companion inside our kitchen, and it didn’t keep us up at night. 

The NewAir 24" Built-in 177 Can Beverage Fridge is great for your kitchen

Is this NewAir beverage cooler a good fit for you? If you’re looking to store a lot of beverages or need a commercial-grade unit for your business, this is probably your best bet. 

✅ The NewAir 15″ Wine Fridge Review

The NewAir 15" Wine Fridge Review

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, then this compact wine fridge may be your solution, measuring only 15 inches wide. 

This small footprint beverage fridge offers two cooling zones (cool white and red wine to perfection), and a 29 bottle capacity. 

This is a smaller unit than the others in this review, but it’s built with quality in mind – it’s both residential and commercial grade. What does this mean? It means that you can use this wine cooler at business or at home. You don’t have to miss out on quality for your business when purchasing this amazing commercial-grade beverage cooler.

We also want to mention the price. I think it’s priced well for a beverage cooler that has so many great features. You will pay less than $1000 for this unit, and what you get is worth much more.


  • Priced right
  • Dual temperature zones
  • Triple-tempered glass doors
  • Compact & attractive design
  • Very quiet & efficient
  • Energy efficient
  • Precise temperature


  • Cannot adjust shelves
  • It doesn’t hold 29 large bottles of wine

Purchase the NewAir 15″ Wine Fridge

This 15” wine fridge is priced right. It comes with dual-temperature zones, triple-tempered glass doors, a compact, and attractive design, and is very energy efficient. It’s a great choice for your home.

The triple-tempered glass doors provide extra insulation and UV protection. We found that this cooler fit nicely in most spaces it was placed, and brought to life the decor of any room.

We believe this wine fridge would be perfect for a home bar, kitchen, or entertainment room. Its compact design means it’s going to fit in most locations with room to spare, and its quiet compressor will allow you to operate the unit without hassle or disturbance.

NewAir 15" Built-in 29 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge beside my favorite chair

This sleek and small-footprint beverage cooler is an excellent option for your home. If you have limited space in your kitchen or home bar, this is probably your best option.

Are you looking for an ice maker for your home bar? Check out the best ones in the article here.

✅ The NewAir Premium French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

NewAir Premium 18 Bottle and 58 Can French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

This stainless steel beverage fridge comes with two cooling zones separated by french doors. You can stock wine in the right zone (41-72F), and soda and other beverages in the left zone (36-72F). The top shelves on the beverage side allow you to customize it according to the different sized cans you have to store. 

There is no doubt that this beverage fridge is a premium product, and at first glance, you see the reasons why. 

It boasts a stainless steel door that is elegant and high-quality, craftsman beechwood wine shelves, and attractive LED blue lighting. 

The NewAir French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge

If you want just a touch more finesse, you can build this beverage cooler right into your custom cabinetry. It comes front vented and ready to serve the world with the finest beverages.

It also features a security lock and key to keep your drinks safe. 

There is no question this is the top of the line. It’s sleek, smart, and stylish, all packed together in a beautiful unit. 


  • Large capacity
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Dual-zones
  • Digital temperature control


  • Heavy
NewAir Premium 18 Bottle and 58 Can French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

The NewAir Premium French Door Wine and Beverage Fridge

This large-capacity wine and beverage fridge is sure to turn heads. The dual zones on this unit are separated by French doors and feature digital temperature control.

The temperature control is at the top of the door, and it’s easy to lower and increase the temperature when you wish. 

How did we like this fridge? We loved it. It was just the piece missing from our kitchen, and now it’s complete. 

✅ NewAir 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge Review 

NewAir 24" Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge Review

If you are looking at setting up an outside grilling station, don’t stop reading about this next beverage cooler – we believe you’re going to love what you’re about to read. 

This dual-drawer design makes it easy for you to grab your favorite beverage without hassle. 

With the stainless steel dividers and wire baskets, it keeps your beverages and food stored in spacious drawer compartments. 

The beechwood shelves automatically roll out in a tiered fashion to display a 20-bottle wine collection.

This beverage fridge is weatherproof and resists rust, corrosion, and UV rays.

The slide-out basket is a great idea. We found it was convenient to place our BBQ food and beverages in the basket, and it was nice having them close by.


  • Stainless steel
  • Ready for all kinds of weather
  • Holds 20 bottles and 80 cans
  • Compact


  • It looks like a filing cabinet
NewAir 24" Built-in 20 Bottle and 80 Can Dual Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge

The NewAir 24″ Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge

This stainless steel beverage fridge is ready for all kinds of weather. Though it looks like a filing cabinet, this compact outside beverage fridge can store 20 bottles and 80 cans, plus some food as well.

We also found that this beverage cooler was heavy-duty, and you could tell handling it that it was high-quality. At first glance, I thought it was a high-quality filing cabinet (at least that’s the look it gives), but it’s an excellent unit for outside use.

NewAir 24" Indoor/Outdoor Wine and Beverage Fridge can store your beverages or food

We used the top of the unit to store our cups and other BBQ items. It really did complement our stainless steel BBQ when placed side by side.

We enjoyed using this beverage cooler on our outside patio, and we’re confident that you will as well. 

✅ NewAir 27″ Wine Fridge Review 

NewAir 27" Wine Fridge Review

If you’re a serious wine collector, then the NewAir 27″ wine fridge is what you’re looking for in a beverage cooler. This beverage cooler looks like a kitchen fridge measuring almost 70 inches tall.

This wine cooler has both residential and commercial uses. Its oversized capacity allows you to store 160 wine bottles. 

The dual temperature rank allows a temperature range of 40-50 degrees in the upper zone and 50-66 degrees in the lower zone. You’ll also notice that the glass doors are triple-tempered glass, which will improve the insulation and efficiency.

The smooth sliding beechwood shelves (some say that the beechwood shelves make it look cheap, we disagree), make it easy to choose the wine you’re looking for.

The low-noise compressor eliminates distracting noises in your kitchen, and the soft gold LED light gives it elegance and is practical for finding that perfect bottle of wine. 


  • Extra large capacity
  • Premium design
  • Almost 70” tall
  • Front vented
  • Sliding beechwood shelves
  • Stainless steel
  • Lock and key
  • Dual temperature control


  • Shelves are very close to each other
NewAir 27" 160 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Fridge

The NewAir 27″ Wine Fridge

This large wine fridge is almost 70” tall. Its extra large capacity is a wine collector’s dream. It has a stainless steel design, lock and key, and dual-temperature controls.

This beverage cooler is a real beauty. Its stainless steel design, locking feature, dual temperature control, and overall style is a winner in our books. 

We did find that the shelves were a little close together, and it makes it hard to add any bottles that are not cab-size bottles. We found that a normal size of chardonnay would not fit properly in this unit. The only solution would be to remove one of the shelves.

✅ NewAir 24″ Outdoor Beverage Fridge Review

NewAir 24" Outdoor Beverage Fridge Review

The NewAir 24″ outdoor beverage fridge is a compact unit measuring 25.30″ D w/ handle x 23.60″ W x 34.00″ H (37.00″ w/ wheels). 

This 160-can capacity beverage cooler is great for any entertaining outdoor space as it provides enough room to keep everyone chilled and relaxed. 

The cooler is built to perform and last, as it’s constructed with rust and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. It’s ready for whatever type of weather you have to face.

We thought that the auto-closing door was a great touch. It ensures that your beverage is always cold, and the locking feature is practical as well. 


  • Weatherproof stainless steel
  • Compact
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Auto-closing doors
  • Has wheels
  • Quiet
  • Chills fast


  • Must be stored in a place where the temperature is above 50F

The NewAir 24″ Outdoor Beverage Fridge

This weatherproof stainless steel outdoor fridge is perfect for your BBQ setup or patio. Its caster wheels make moving around simple, and it’s quiet to operate and chills fast.

The fact that the LED light turns on when the door is opened makes finding the right beverage in the dark easy. Also, the fact that it’s on wheels means it can roll nicely around our patio with very little effort. It’s fantastic!

NewAir 24" Outdoor Beverage Fridge is perfect beside your BBQ or patio

This beverage cooler can be used as a built-in or a stand-alone unit because it’s front vented. It’s a compact unit that we believe is versatile and a good investment for anyone looking to add a beverage cooler to their outside kitchen. 

✅ NewAir Froster Mini Beer Fridge Review

NewAir Froster Mini Beer Fridge Review

This compact mini fridge is perfect for any home. Its stainless steel design, removable frost-free shelves, easy touch digital display, give it great features for chilling your beverages down to 23 degrees. 

This is a small beverage fridge, but it holds a bunch – 46 cans, to be exact. This means you have plenty of space to host that birthday party, family get-together or any gathering, and it is spacious enough to store enough beverages for some friends to come to watch the game. 

The sleek stainless steel finish wasn’t the best quality stainless steel, but it did the trick. As far as mini-fridges go, this one is definitely on the top. 

NewAir Froster Mini Beer Fridge is compact and small

Did we like the NewAir Froster Mini Beer fridge? We thought it worked as intended. There was more than enough room to store all of our beverages, and it left our drinks extra frosty.

In most cases, this mini beer fridge is probably the perfect size, and the price is right as well. 


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Stores 46 cans
  • Chills fast


  • Not high-quality stainless steel

The NewAir 24″ Outdoor Beverage Fridge

Great things come in small packages! This 24” outdoor beverage fridge is an affordable beverage fridge for your home. It holds 46 cans, chills fast, and is compact. It’s perfect for a dorm room or rental room.

We also found that purchasing the beverage cooler with NewAir was a good idea because they offer a 30-day return policy, and their 1-year warranty gives peace of mind.

It’s a good find and a reliable mini beverage cooler for your home, bedroom, or dorm room.

Is mini-fridges safe in a bedroom? Find out here.


Depending on what your needs are, a NewAir Beverage Cooler is a good investment. World-leaders in compact household heating and cooling appliances, NewAir offers a reliable product with a great warranty. 

With a wide selection, there is always a NewAir product for your home. 

When purchasing these NewAir products, we found that the checkout process was seamless, and the delivery was as expected. Anytime we had an issue with one of the products we ordered, NewAir made it right. 

You have everything you need in this post to choose a NewAir beverage cooler for your home, business, office, or cottage.

If you have any questions or comments, you can use the comment section below. 


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