Whynter Mini-Fridge Review: A Right Fit for Your Home or Business?

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Purchasing a mini-fridge is an excellent investment for your home, office, lunchroom, or dorm room. 

They are compact enough to fit in small spaces, don’t get into your way, won’t use a lot of electricity to operate, and adds a lot of conveniences to your life.

One company that has received a lot of attention lately for its innovation to refrigeration is Whynter.

Whynter began as a small manufacturing company that was founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in 2006. Though the business has humble beginnings, its growth is remarkable. Their recent growth and success are not only from the quality and performance of the products they sell but because of the popularity of their air comfort line. 

Whynter provides a broad collection of products, including portable air conditioners, ice cream makers, ice makers, coolers, wine refrigerators, freezers, air purifiers, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Whynter offers products that are compact, high-quality, and build to be portable.

In this post, Ice Maker Geeks are going to look at their mini-fridge line and review each fridge to discover if its a product that’s worth purchasing.

Okay, let’s begin.

Whynter MRF-310DB Review: A Fun & Creative Mini-Fridge

This 3.1 cubic fridge and freezer combo is a perfect choice for your home, breakroom, dorm room, or any entertainment space.


Whynter MRF-310DB Review

The Whynter MRF-310DB is compact and a perfect mini-fridge where space is at a premium. With the built-in freezer department, you can store fresh food as well as frozen.

Do you need a freezer? It depends on what the purpose of this fridge will be in your home or business. If you’re looking for a dorm room mini-fridge then I suggest getting a fridge with a small freezer so that you can store some freezer foods like TV dinners or make a small batch of ice.

One of the neat things about this fridge is that it’s designed to be used for business and play. It comes with a writeable surface (dry-erase doors), and a neon marker that can be used to write a whole host of messages. 

Write on the fridge door a grocery list, upcoming events, projects that are due, or a fun note. The door can easily be erased, and it’s a lot of fun overall to create, especially on your fridge. 

This fridge also has a flat back. What does this mean? It means that it can fit close to the wall or fit nicely in any corner. This unit doesn’t create a lot of noise and has an adjustable thermostat. 

The can or bottle compartment means that you’ll always have cold, refreshing beverages available for yourself or when someone comes over. 

Some more features of this mini fridge are its Energy Star Certification, a reversible door, and a powerful compressor for cooling. It also has manual defrost, one removable flat-wired shelf, 2-liter bottle storage, soft interior lighting, mechanical temperature control, and clear view vegetable crisper.

We believe that this is a great choice and rate it a 3.5 out of 5. This fridge checks off the right blanks and is priced right.

Whynter MRF-340DS Review: Most Efficient

This mini-fridge has been awarded the most efficient bar fridge of 2020. It’s has a beautiful stainless steel design, a reversible door and freezer, and fridge combo so you can store both fresh and frozen food.

This compact fridge also comes with a flat back, so it fits in any space. We believe that this is a perfect fridge for a dorm room because of its size and efficiency. 

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This fridge comes with a host of storage compartments. It has a place to store cans and also 2-liter bottle storage on the fridge door. 

With its powerful compressor that runs with very little noise, and sleek design this is a great choice for anyone looking for a small fridge for outside use. Another feature of this fridge that we liked was that it had an adjustable thermostat.

This small fridge doesn’t have many frills, but it’s a solid offering from Whynter and probably one of the best decisions that you can make when purchasing a mini-fridge. Whether you’re looking for a fridge for your den, bedroom, dorm room, basement, or business – this is a terrific choice for you.

Whynter BOR-326FS Review: Compact Fridge for Outside

The next mini-fridge from Whynter that I want to review takes outside beside a swimming pool or sitting on our patio. 

The Whynter BOR-326FS is an outside mini-fridge that triumphs in its design, performance, and ease of use. 

This mini-fridge has 3.2 cubic feet of space and features a complete stainless steel body. This unit would be perfect beside your pool, on your patio, or would be ideal in a full outside kitchen.

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The temperature range for this fridge is 35°F to 50°F with settings of Off, Cold, and Coldest. It has a reversible door, wired shelving, and can fit your cans and food securely inside. 

I think this fridge looks gorgeous. The design is incredible, and it’s going to fit any space inside or out. 

This fridge also is front vented. What does this mean? It means that it can be built-in your cabinets or, if you choose, can be free-standing on your patio, in your garage, by your pool, or anywhere you want. 

Whynter BOR-53024-SSW Review: A Larger Outdoor Mini-Fridge

Much like the Whynter mini-fridge above, this model has a larger compacity. At 5.3 cubic feet, this fridge is perfect for your outdoor paradise. 

This fridge also features a full-body stainless steel design, a luxurious, curved handlebar, caster wheels for easy transport and mobility, and can be locked for safety.

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This is a perfect mini-fridge if you’re looking for a compact fridge for use outside. Whynter delivers! 

This fridge comes with a powerful compressor and a robust fan system, which keeps the temperature consistent. 

My Conclusion 

If you are looking for a mini-fridge for your home or business, then I recommend one of these options from Whynter. They are a solid offering that gives you advantages for any situation or space. Whether you’re looking for a fridge for your dorm, basement, office breakroom, or outside kitchen, Whynter’s mini-fridges are a great choice. 

We have reviewed each of these products, and all of them performed well. Use the links provided to get the best price on these products. 

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