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The trend with men’s grooming keeps increasing as men focus more on their physical and mental well-being. Grooming downstairs isn’t just about style or even a man’s hygiene, but a movement of confident men who feel good about themselves, and are ready to take the world by storm.

One company that’s leading the way in men’s grooming is Happy Nuts. Happy Nuts specialize in men’s grooming below the belt, with a trimmer specifically for balls, soaps, body wash, and a comfort cream that’s designed for men.

I was able to get my hands on their products recently and I tested everything out for several days, and this article is my results.

Before I get deeper into this review, I just want to shout out to Happy Nuts for their involvement in men’s health overall. Every time someone purchases their trimmer, a portion of the sales goes to prostate cancer research and prevention. It’s a great cause, and so hats off to you Happy Nuts for your support.

My Happy Nuts Ballber Trimmer Review

Finding a trimmer for your balls is a difficult task. You can’t just grab the one you use for your face to do your basement trimming. You need one that won’t nick or cut you, it’s a sensitive place down there. The Ballber trimmer by Happy Nuts is the solution to your manscaping problem.

Finally, a trimmer that’s safe for your bell without the yell. It’s a trimmer made for that exact area – your groin. That’s why it’s called the Ballber – it’s a barber for your balls.

Over the last few days, I tested out several different trimmers on my dangling bits, and all of them worked well to a degree. They all had their PROS and their CONS like you’d expect with any product. The Ballber trimmer from Happy Nuts was by far the closest trim that I received when testing all of the trimmers.

All of the trimmers I tested could cut you if you weren’t careful, but the Ballber trimmer seemed to be the safest out of the bunch.

The Ballber has a head that moves forward (30 degree pivoting head) that helps protect against cuts and allows you to trim in both directions. I wish the surface of the trimmer had a rubberized handle to ensure that it doesn’t get dropped in the shower. Overall, it felt good in my hand.

This trimmer is extremely easy to operate. Just a single button on the front that’s used to turn it on and off. When the unit is operating it indicates it by displaying a solid green light, when the unit is charging a red light is shown (a green light when it’s fully charged).

To charge the unit you use a USB cord that plugs into the bottom of the trimmer. Most of the other groin trimmers use a dock for charging which is better because the cord can easily get lost. It’s best to plug it into the wall and keep it there for safekeeping.

Cord for the Happy Nuts trimmer the Ballber

The Ballber trimmer does have a lot of power with a motor that provides 7,000 rpm or revolutions per minute. When I was trimming, I didn’t have any issues at all cleaning up all the hair, it handled the task like a boss Its design allowed it to easily get to hard-to-reach places as well. It’s also waterproof which is really nice, especially for those who rather do their trimming in the shower.

I also let my wife use the Ballber, and even though it’s marketed to men, it worked well for her as well – no cuts or nicks.

The Ballber trimmer by Happy Nuts gives you a nice smooth trim, without the threat of nicks and cuts. Overall, I was extremely happy with the results of this trimmer and didn’t feel uncomfortable using it around the family jewels.

It’s recommended by me.

Happy Nuts Soap, Body Wash and Comfort Cream

Manscaping is far more than just the trimmer, and it is more than just personal hygiene. Having below the belt trimmed and moisturized will give you a swagger in your step, social confidence that helps you step out from the crowd.

This isn’t just fluff. When men were asked about this, almost all of them said that they feel more confident when things are trimmed up below.

The Happy Nuts Soaps, Body Wash, and their Comfort Cream help cleanse, treat and moisturize the groin area, leaving it more of a pleasant place. I’ve been one to suffer from chaffing, but after using the Comfort Cream, I’ve never had that issue again. I also would get red rashes and the Comfort Cream has cleared it all up. It’s a great product.

The natural soaps are divine. They smell so good and manly, and the cedar soap tray is not only practical but gives off an incredible aroma.

The Nut and Body Wash does exactly what you’d want it to do. It leaves a really nice refreshing clean feeling, and lathers really nice.

The Happy Nuts soap, body wash, and comfort cream are essential products for every man. If you’re considering the Ballber trimmer, then I would strongly suggest picking up a package with all of these items included so that you can do the job right.

My Overall Review

The Happy Nuts Ballber Trimmer, the Nut & Body Wash, Man Slab Soaps, and their Comfort Cream have become a part of my manscaping routine.

The aroma from the soaps and body wash takes your shower routine to the next level, and the relief that I get from the Comfort Cream is worth the investment.

The Ballber trimmer was the closest trim from all the trimmers that I tested, and even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as some of the other trimmers, it still works very well.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not the Happy Nuts products are right for you, I’d head over to their website and give them a try today.

I am sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Safe on Your Nuts
  • Close Trim
  • Easy to Operate
  • No Charging Dock
  • No Rubberized Grip

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