Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker Review

Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker Review

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We cannot get away for our constant need for ice. Whether we have a larger family or a small business, ice is something that we’re always going to want. Finding an ice maker that can keep up with the demand for ice is why we’re on this website right now.

I wanted to give you a review of the Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker that merges the portability and commercial power in one small, compact unit.

This commercial ice maker is small. I believe that it’s the smallest commercial ice maker that’s on the market today. I guess it’s barely a commercial ice maker but a lot larger than most portable ice maker.

The largest portable ice maker produces 50 pounds of ice each day. The Costway Commercial Ice Maker produces 88 pounds of ice every 24 hours.

  • Produces 88lbs of Ice Each Day
  • Has a 8.8lbs Storage Bin
  • Produces Clear Ice
  • Makes Ice in 12-18 Minutes
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Compact Design

It produces perfectly cubed, clear ice that is perfect for many small commercial needs or larger home use (Larger needs than a portable ice maker can provide).

This free-standing ice maker will allow you to place it almost anywhere you need it to be. It’s great for your cafe, restaurant, bar or your hotel. There are so many great applications for this commercial ice maker that I don’t know where to even start.


Let’s begin with all the great features that it offers you.

The Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker produces beautiful clear ice quickly. It makes 88lbs of ice every day in 12-18 minute cycles.

Costway 88lbs Ice Maker: The Best Small Commercial Ice Maker

This ice maker produces standard sized ice, but you can control the thickness of the ice to whatever you desire.

The operation of this ice maker is simple. You are given full-control with their digital control panel on the front of the unit. It will indicate to you when the water is low or the ice storage bin is full.

One of the best features available on the Costway 88lb Commercial Ice Maker is that it has a one-click cleaning feature. Keeping your ice maker clean helps kill bacterial and makes sure that your ice tastes great and is safe to eat.


The one question that you probably want to know concerning this ice maker is how difficult is it to install the Costway 88lbs Commerical ice maker.

I have good news for you! It’s not difficult at all.

Everything that you need to begin making ice is included with your purchase of this ice maker. You get a 5-6 foot drain hose that you’ll need to install in a sink or connect it to a main drain. The drain hose tells you something very important about this ice maker – this ice maker will not keep your ice frozen, it’s insulated but does not maintain a frozen temperature. It’s important to transport your ice to the freezer when it’s not being used.

Also, the ice maker needs a water line so that it can be feed water. This is a similar water line that attaches to a fridge. You can manually add water into this ice maker from the top hatch if you so desire.

This ice maker is straight-forward to install, and you should be up and running in no time at all.


The design is crucial to the use of this ice maker. It’s important to note that this is not a large ice maker at all.

Its overall dimensions are 13.5 “(L) x 13″(W) x 23.5 “(H) and it only weighs 40 lbs. This unit is made from stainless steel surface panel and is insulated with a thick thermal material.

This unit is made from <a href=stainless steel surface panel and is insulated with a thick thermal material.” class=”wp-image-2797″ width=”426″ height=”426″/>

This ice maker comes with in-box lighting so it’s easier to get ice at night and has a viewing window which allows you to see how much ice is available to you at any given time.

The grid that’s used for making ice is copper-nickel which prevents corrosion and allows you to make ice quickly.

When you purchase this product you’re going to receive one Costway 88lbs Commerical Ice Maker, one ice scoop, a drain hose and a water line. In other words, you’re going to get everything that you need to begin making ice right away.


Most people that purchase this ice maker is often surprised with its size. It’s smaller than a normal commercial ice maker unit. This is what makes this ice maker so great for so many uses.

This is a great commercial ice maker when a portable ice maker isn’t good enough. Most portable ice makers will produce anywhere from 28-48 lbs of ice each day. This compact commercial unit will produce 88 lbs of ice each and makes it perfect for large gatherings, a cafe, restaurant or bar.

The only feature that I’m not crazy over is the small storage bin at 8.8 lbs of ice. I find that an ice maker that produces 88 lbs of ice every 24 hours should have a larger storage bin.

The smaller storage bin isn’t a deal breaker for me, you just have to be aware that this unit is a compact design, and that’s one of the reasons this unit is so popular.

My Overall Assessment

I really like this small commercial ice maker.

This is really a hybrid unit that fills the gap between a portable ice maker, and the need for more ice.

The price for this unit is absolutely awesome! It costs under $500 to purchase this commercial ice maker. That’s fantastic!

The unit is built tough. It’s an elegant design and it’s made to last a while.

This ice maker has a high customer satisfaction rate everywhere on the internet. Most people that purchase this ice maker love it, and has nothing negative to say about it.

I recommend this ice maker for any home or small business, and I’m positive that you’re going to love it too.

If you have any comments or would like to share your experience of the Costway Commercial Ice Maker use the comment section below.

8.2 Total Score
Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker

The Costway 88lbs Commercial Ice Maker is a perfect ice maker for your small business or home. It makes 88 lbs of ice each day, and is built tough in an elegant design.

Reliability - Is It Made Well or High Quality?
Usability - Is It Easy to Use?
Affordability - Is It Worth the Price?
Capability - Are the Features Worth It?
Desirability - Is It Nice To Look At?
  • Produces 88lbs of Ice Each Day
  • Produces Clear Ice
  • Makes Ice in 12-18 Minutes
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Compact Design
  • A Small 8.8lbs Storage Bin
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